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who wants to teach

Discussion in 'Training' started by kshunter, Mar 6, 2007.

  1. kshunter

    kshunter New Member

    I need to learn taxidermy. I live in wichita, kansas but im from the country and love to hunt and trap i know how to skin and thats about all the experence i have taxisdermy wisebut i want to learn how its done right before jumping in with both feet. Let me know if any one is interested in teaching.


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    You could start your learning by reading some of the various posts on this forum & by asking specific questions about things > ;D

  3. kshunter

    kshunter New Member

    ive been reading forums for about the past month and even ordered a video so that im not going into this blindly

    WILDLIFER " Damn Mini Flesher !"

    your on the right start....what do you plan on mounting for your first mount ?
  5. kshunter

    kshunter New Member

    i thinking of doing a few yote shoulder mounts then maybe a few full body yote before i try a bobcat i would like to throw in a deer head or two for extra practice before doing the cat
  6. Get the breakthrough manuals, the basics are just that the basics. Even with videos dvds etc you cannt see some of the fine details.

    Look at joining KAT, in the association links their meeting is in Wichita this year. You can get some great seminars. Thats where to start.
  7. www.secondcreation.com taxidermy school in kansas city kansas 913-422-3111
  8. oldterryr

    oldterryr Terry's in Heaven with no worries at all.

    will help you with the coyote shoulder mount

    WILDLIFER " Damn Mini Flesher !"

    Hey Oldterryr

    just got back from your site Very Informative!

    Will be a great help for kshunter (and others)
  10. michelle127

    michelle127 Michelle and Ron Ream-Life Mbr - NRA,NAHC,DAV, VFW

    So far you have gotten some great info to start. Videos are great, you can always rewind. Having an experienced taxidermist critique you is very important. If you can get in with a local taxidermist and start skinning and odd stuff for him/her that is also good, not impossible, but could be hard. If you can get in the door then that will teach you alot. Learn from more than one and use what works for you. I had about 5 different taxidermists teach me different things and then I went to school in COLO. It was all good. Getting into a shop was hard but I didn't give up.
  11. Blue Ribbon Taxidermy

    Blue Ribbon Taxidermy New Member

    Brian, I have study the art of taxidermy .. My teacher is the best in the world ..Frank Newmyer ..I also have my diploma.. I do teach the art of taxidermy..You do recieve a diploma.. There could be a good chance in working in my shop.. Bryan
  12. kshunter

    kshunter New Member

    Blue ribbin where are you located
  13. Blue Ribbon Taxidermy

    Blue Ribbon Taxidermy New Member

    Brian, We live in amarillo TX .. So give me a call 806-383-2859 or 806- 681-6251 .. I will give you my e-mail address at that time.. also talk about any questions that you might have. God bless you ... Bryan
  14. Blue Ribbon Taxidermy

    Blue Ribbon Taxidermy New Member

  15. Jesse M

    Jesse M "it is what it is"

    If you are willing to travel Wegner's School of Taxidermy is worth checking out. Small class sizes and advanced techniques will help you excel. I received my diploma a little over a year ago and will recommend the school to any wanting to learn or expand on what they already know. Check out www.wegnersschooloftaxidermy.com if at all interested.

    Jesse M.