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Has anyone been to Western Pennsylvania School of Taxidermy?

Discussion in 'Training' started by killeminstrut, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. killeminstrut

    killeminstrut New Member

    Was looking into going here. Just wondering if anyone had been and what they thought
  2. wpst-taxidermy-school.com This is the school that I attended mark the owner will teach you in his two month course more than many school will try to in double or triple the time.
    many of his students are doing really well in the industry. He is very patient with his students and is very talented. Any questions regarding the school let me know. You won't regret it Good Luck

  3. mrwaterworld

    mrwaterworld New Member

    Well you would like an opinion or two? I can tell you this much. GO, GO, GO. Marc is a great instructor, person and friend.He will go the distance to find what ever it is you want to mount. Now I will not hold no punches, I am a straight shooter and to let you know he is a religous man not a bad thing, but do not tell dirty jokes, (if you see this Marc isn't that right?) ;D I graduated July 2006 the summer class. I really learned alot, I put in alot of class and over time hours. We had several feild trips, we met his brother who also is a skilled taxidermist in the turkey world. Marc has a great staff. If they are still there JAson and Shaun will do everything to help and assist Marc in making sure you understand everything he has taught and be able to look above and beyond any future problems you will have to challenge in this industry. I have i am almost sure that there is 35 or more taxidermist in a 100 mile radius of me. So I know I have competition. Some are good and well others are ok then a few shouldn't even call themselves taxidermist. However in my short 4 year career I am charging what those with more experience charge and I get it. When customers see my quality of work and my diploma from W.P.S.T They are assured they are getting the best quality that I have taught and can provide. In fact if you would like to know more feel free to call me at 260-927-3785 or email me at mr20pointer @aol.com
  4. db24pepsi

    db24pepsi New Member

    I again will respond to whoever is asking about WPST to let you know that you come out of here with more than you can ever expect. Marc runs a class A school and has a couple super guys to help him. If you want to put in the time to come out of his school with alot he sure will put his time in for you(more time than anyone should ever expect of him). I think you should at least go to the school and check it out and meet Marc and after that i'm sure your decision will be made. Marc has sure helped me out in more ways than one. He will be the first to tell you when you visit that he is a christian and will not tolerate some things and anyone should respect that. You will not be disappointed when you check this school out. Marc's students sure put out some pretty good work at the PA SHOW this past week. If you have any questions about this school give Marc a call or you can even email me at [email protected] or give me a call and i will give you any help i can. call 1-315-855-7691. Darren
  5. shinbone

    shinbone New Member

    youll have a hard time finding anyone who has been there that has anything bad to say about it.they are a class act.they'll teach you what you need to know....its up to you what you do with it.