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what state can you sell wild life mounts from

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by benstaxidermy, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. benstaxidermy

    benstaxidermy New Member

    I want to practice mounting small mammals but i dont want a whole room of them i alredy have a bunch mounted
  2. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    you CANT from N.C. and several ebay'ers are soon to be busted. No one can,for personal gain, kill mount and sell wild animals for a profit. WHAT MOST dont realize is that if a customer doesnt pick up a mount and you sell it, you can only LEGALY sell it for the cost of materials. How do I know this? Went to court with a taxi friend and the game warden explained that to the judge and us! This law is designed to discourage taxidermist or anyone from killing wild animals and mounting / selling soley for the purpose of financial gain.

  3. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    To add to this i you live in huntersville, STATESVILLE, or Gastonia and you are one of these sellers(YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE) YALL HAVE BEEN TURNED IN.....its coming be ready!! NO I didnt turn you in but the "friend" of mine did cuz he got caught selling FAR less than you guys/GIRLS.........hint hint!~!
  4. benstaxidermy

    benstaxidermy New Member

    thanks hounddoggy same where im at i wanna go somewhere and hunt or trap i just want practice and a little money to get my shop going
  5. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Active Member

    Here in Ohio, the DNR gives us paperwork telling us what we can and cannot legally sell.
    But there is no limit on the amount I can sell items for.
    I am sure this varies from state to state.
    So my advice would be to ask someone from your DNR and get it in writing of some form. They might even have an official paper on selling items like Ohio does.
  6. benstaxidermy

    benstaxidermy New Member

    thanks i will check in to it it sucks because i can trap a coon and sell it for $6 green but i cant mount it and sell it but i will check ohio thanks again
  7. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    God....who would want a "friend" like that.....fk'ing internet cops, make mall cops look respectable!
  8. blacktailfever

    blacktailfever New Member

    fk'ing internet cops, make mall cops look respectable!

    thats funny
  9. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    thats funny

    Sad part is that yes, it is funny, but yet it is also true. Most folks like hounddoggy's "friend" (most likely his "friend" is as close to him as Marshall Mathers is to Slim Shady and Eminem ;) ) and they use these poor, uneducated people to rationalize and justify their crooked behavior was "normal" and/or "acceptable.

    They troll the internet to look for as many small time law violators as they can, and not in a way to show respect for the laws of this land in country ........no, they are looking for revenge for being dumb asses themselves.

    Seriously, how many would claim to have a "friend" the way hounddoggy describes his??? I damn sure wouldn't admit to being BFF's with a convicted, trolling, internet McGruff the crime dog. ::) I guess everybody needs somebody sometime ???
  10. We are coming nearer to the final passage of a WASHINGTON LAW that will make it illegal to buy, sell, trade or barter any and all wildlife, mounted, sheds or what have you.
  11. Not familiar with that coming out of Washington.

    Is the going to include unmounted items (Capes, antlers, hides...)?
  12. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    Need a little explaining on all this.

    "This law is designed to discourage taxidermist or anyone from killing wild animals and mounting / selling soley for the purpose of financial gain."

    That doesn't make sense. That would basically put any and all trappers out of buisness.
  13. rayray38821

    rayray38821 New Member

    We are not allowed to sell any game animal period here. We can sell the hide or senew of deer, but not the antlers. we can sell any predertory animal. If I have a deer that I mounted for a guy and he does not pick it up then im chit out of luck, only thing I can do is take the antlers off, try to sell the mount on ebay with out antlers and cut the antlers up for craft or make lamps out of them to sell.
  14. Thesteeleboy

    Thesteeleboy Member

    It looks to me like anyone that purchased a license for a specific game, or non-game animal, then harvests that animal should be able to do as they please with it. Wildlife officials throughout America have there hands full trying to stop poaching and I stand behind them 100%, but not at the cost of us loosing our personal freedom to sell something that belongs to me. As with a lot of Government and police issues the law abiding citizen is punished with laws due to the fact that law enforcement cant seem to do the job they were put in place to do.
  15. skippy

    skippy Member

    what if you " bought the mount at a rummage sale"? can you still sell it for what ever you want?
  16. Guerra

    Guerra New Member

    That's big government for ya. Thesteeleboy, you are absolutly correct. If someone buys the proper license to legally take an animal they should be able to do whatever they wish with it. There are bag limits in place to protect from over killing. Don't THEY profit from the killing of wild game every time THEY sell a hunting or trapping license or duck stamp?
  17. Where can I find these state laws at? I tried looking up the VA DNR and couldn't find any info on the site concerning selling wildlife. I'm definately curious now because I'd been saving deer legs and making stuff out of them to sell, but if I can't then it's pointless. Good practice but other than that what's the point.
  18. Hounddoggy

    I know Amy lives in Statesville and she has squirrels on eBay. So y don't u be a man and sind her a PM or go to her shop and teal her u want to get her busted?
    She is a very nice woman and a great taxidermist and has done some great things on this site.