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This is REALLY fishy....

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Sashakittythegreat, Sep 29, 2010.

  1. I'll pm you with it.
  2. Eliea

    Eliea Proverbs 31:13

    So now you are being "bullied" into sending a camera. Nice. No thanks. Glad you gave us a heads up!
    I'd send a reply saying a gift is something you get for free not that you have to pay for. Since that's what you'd been asking for in the first place. and that any further e-mails will be documented as harassment and reporting to his e-mail host. I bet he'll leave you alone then.

  3. r2dn

    r2dn New Member

    Nah, reply with this:

    " I have purchased the digital camera, and have sent it this morning. Please let me know when it gets there."
  4. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    Joe, I want your job! Your always on the internet! LMAO
  5. eastcoastjoe

    eastcoastjoe Active Member

    hey everybody , bill was there when we were skinning out the 120+bears and he picked out the nicest smallest cub for himself , and if he keeps ripping me im gonna resell it on him .now im lmao :p
  6. BillFromPa

    BillFromPa Active Member

    Haha, Tell Eric Ill be up next week with some skins for him to split. He likes when I bring stuff for him to do. Ive got 3 hunters in Wyoming, 3 antelope and 3 elk down after 2 days of hunting and they are going to fill their deer tags tomorrow. :p
  7. burdman

    burdman New Member

    I like that idea, just tell him to ship the furs when the camera shows up.
  8. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else


    Here are some known scammer names:

    Jerry Scot [email protected] jones smith [email protected] jones smith [email protected] mark bride [email protected] deborah cute [email protected] Mayowa hussain [email protected] biodun abiola [email protected] Micheal craig [email protected] Helena schwab [email protected] diana smith [email protected] edward johnson [email protected] brown jo [email protected] brown johnson johnson [email protected] mariam kate mark [email protected] andrew miston [email protected] bayo adeoba [email protected] pauli gear [email protected] smith jones [email protected] smith jones [email protected] smith jones [email protected] agnes james [email protected] elizabeth sobowale [email protected] john goldassio [email protected] sandra william [email protected] jan hoffmanj [email protected] andrea thomas [email protected] tara kaufman [email protected] kirstin ward [email protected] steve williams [email protected] maber bolla [email protected] james lennon [email protected] thera finni [email protected] Dave Morgan [email protected] jones smith [email protected] jones smith [email protected] rosa miller [email protected] polink onlink [email protected] lade poli [email protected] loo pill [email protected] toomy warren [email protected] dada fafa [email protected] stephen luchios [email protected] recheal lucas [email protected] jones smith [email protected] alan castle [email protected] fisy fishy [email protected] jackson lim [email protected] chales rain [email protected] sue frederick [email protected] Kimberly Asinobi [email protected] fer wrwe [email protected] ngala Maria [email protected] Jenny Mia [email protected] Timothy Scaping [email protected] Ed Emrys [email protected] fiona secada [email protected] Stef Donato [email protected] john brown [email protected] mercy richards [email protected] john richards [email protected] stacy valley [email protected] stacy stacy [email protected] jones smith [email protected]
  9. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    I know these are long lists but I am hoping that if I post them here and someone does an email search on this it will lead back to this thread if it is a scammer

    Additional known 419 nigerian aupair scammer aliases (july 2009)
    tiffany blankenship [email protected]
    grace daniel [email protected]
    james smith [email protected]
    Ruth Harrison [email protected]
    margaret collins [email protected]
    debbie cole [email protected]
    chad giordano [email protected]
    charlene hunt [email protected]
    owen smith [email protected]
    don james [email protected]
    james dave [email protected]
    james davies [email protected]
    Kanelechi Kamah [email protected]
    mark donald [email protected]
    Mr John Sawers [email protected]
    fish nathan [email protected]
    robert sutton [email protected]
    rachel hamlin [email protected]
    sara mandy [email protected]
    aekfoaef akoefokea [email protected]
    Francis Cathy [email protected]
    Ann Asbury [email protected]
    hellen roger [email protected]
    roger powers [email protected]
    kenny garcia [email protected]
    john powell [email protected]
    kirk lau [email protected]
    denny bergodorf [email protected]
    matthew wood [email protected]
    walter norbis [email protected]
    rev paul [email protected]
    derek behan [email protected]
    allan smith [email protected]
    elizabeth fazley [email protected]
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    dr mayana [email protected]
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    nancy brown [email protected]
    mike cole [email protected]
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    Mary Lou [email protected]
    Paul Winter [email protected]
    Ben Lorry [email protected]
    Hellen Roger [email protected]
    Maria Distefano [email protected]
    Paul Paul [email protected]
    John jeffcott [email protected]
    michael rb [email protected]
    ERIC THOMAS [email protected]
    maggie kwan [email protected]
    maggie kwan [email protected]
    Rebecca Chandler [email protected]
    derrel cole [email protected]
    Rick Williams [email protected]
    maggie kwan [email protected]
    Pamela Leblanc [email protected]
    paul lampard [email protected]
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    Frank Disharoon [email protected]
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    partice spalding [email protected]
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    Larry timothy jackson [email protected]
    Mr. John Collins [email protected]
    michael caruso [email protected]
    carwin buck [email protected]
    Vimal Kannika [email protected]
    Regina cox [email protected]
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    bill miller [email protected]
    solomon andrew [email protected]
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    brown dully [email protected]
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    aurther Chan [email protected]
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    edward kenoly [email protected]
    Dr Mayana [email protected]
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    David Allen [email protected]
    Lisa collins [email protected]
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    ERICK CALCOTE [email protected]
    Chimbo Taye not provided to ensure its not listed on complaint page
    Alex Alexander, [email protected]
    Margret Kwan [email protected]
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  10. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    mercy enang [email protected]
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    Newest Scammer Names: April 1 2007
    Halis Moore [email protected]
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    Harris Jarvin Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Jim Geaorge Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Connie Maxwell Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Comment >> Posted: May 12 '08 by Aupair Scammers in Nevada, United States

    other known scammer aliases

    Penny Grimes Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Julian Lis Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Rose Fowler Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mairead Collins Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    James Pascale Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Joan Nichol Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Natalie Dean Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    cathrine michael Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    breanda grate Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Allen Cleveland Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    fred quin Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    sandra grey Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    GRACE OUT Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    martins albert Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Gerlad Smith Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    kathy Nothingham Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    martins alber Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Mike Owen Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Gods Gods Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Brown Micheal Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Brown Micheal Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Shlomo Zalman Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Donald Brown Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mary williams Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    nike williams Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    laura wiles Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Jorge Arguelles moran Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Alycia Morgan Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    beth leydon Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    sandra gray Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Monica bush Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Natalie Dean Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    David Birdwell Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mike james Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mike james Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mike james Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    lisa collins Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    frank terry Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    nicoile williams Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    debbie ipkiss Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    jim lewis Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    steven ross Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    kristin walter, Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    april shumps Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Kirsten hamilton Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    peter chong Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    amy james Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mariam mee Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    wande coal Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Hammed Moshood, Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Matt holland Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    derik williams Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    baba cool Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    paul smart Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    rose thomas Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    nat moore Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    michael Enright Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    candida Mashmoor Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    bolton marcus Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    bradley d tower Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    feyi nathyyyy Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    scott steve Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    kirsten ulich Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Rastislav Mazgut Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    lolly genero Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Barbara Michaels Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    adam cooper Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    kenny willi Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    mary millan Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Mark May Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    osaro asunne Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    sandra james Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Ron co Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    joan mill Nigerian Scammer aeroli[email protected]
    derik williams Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Jessica Williams Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Mary Dennis Nigerian Scammer [email protected]
    Lorenzo Aroyo Nigerian Scammer [email protected]

    Grace Gabriel Family [email protected] & [email protected]

    Ticket Booker Nigerian Agency Scammer [email protected]
    Aerolinx World Travel Nigerian Agency Scammer [email protected]

    Comment >> Posted: May 22 '08 by Aupair Scammers in Nevada, United States

    Additional known 419 Nigerian aupair scammer aliases: (June 2009)
    Matthew Louis [email protected]
    Timothy Veryioglou [email protected]
    Dr Mayana [email protected]
    doug meyer [email protected]
    sir smith brats [email protected]
    Aedis Bess [email protected]
    Aedis Bess [email protected]
    Tom Wolly [email protected]
    Tom Wolly [email protected]
    jerry williams [email protected]
    brian gardner [email protected]
    anthony logan [email protected]
    Lisa Marcotullio [email protected]
    eddy james [email protected]
    dave richards [email protected]
    Gary Ross [email protected]
    Smith Lee [email protected]
    Tristan Gramling [email protected]
    Craig courson [email protected]
    Henry Hufnagel [email protected]
    John Pollock [email protected]
    Matt smith [email protected]
    Dr. Mayana [email protected]
    Ken Cooper [email protected]
    Ralphael Wilscot [email protected]
    Tim Christenson [email protected]
    cesar garcia [email protected]
    robert cabral [email protected]
    maxwell clefferson [email protected]
    Radford Dreen [email protected]
    brianne Sandra [email protected]
    mary Miller [email protected]
    James Cage [email protected]
    Ronaldo Marcuz [email protected]
    John Karnish [email protected]
    Brandon Ireland [email protected]
    Magaret collins [email protected]
    Jason Scholefield [email protected]
    mike cool [email protected]
    Allen Collins [email protected]
    Princess V Oliver [email protected]
    Ben Richard [email protected]
    cann yomex [email protected]
    peters woe [email protected]
    ian master [email protected]
    Retail Gallo Group [email protected]
    young huber [email protected]
    young huber [email protected]
    young huber [email protected]
    marta rivera [email protected]
    harry loan [email protected]
    kate scott [email protected]
    tammy dorky [email protected]
    james faunce [email protected]
    Joan Phillips [email protected]
    michele decarr [email protected]
    Maria Butcher [email protected]
    bruce hilsen [email protected]
    youmi toure [email protected]
    Lee Cambel [email protected]
    Jennifer Roberts [email protected]
    mill stone [email protected]
    jessy willie [email protected]
    Paul Colson [email protected]
    jessy willy [email protected]
    Sondra MC [email protected]
    John Stodola [email protected]
    John Stodola [email protected]
    Thomas Chris [email protected]
    espinal erical [email protected]
    rose landers [email protected]
    hustonron ron [email protected]
    hustonron ron [email protected]
    martins joe [email protected]
    nancy dempsey [email protected]
    jerry don [email protected]
    aret Dominic [email protected]
    lauren smith [email protected]
    marie sanches [email protected]
    christian Dorffer [email protected]
    murphy cruz [email protected]
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    christina farguson [email protected]
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    tom ruble [email protected]
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    elisa walker [email protected]
    Ron Thom [email protected]
    Dunlap Cheryl [email protected]
    Ying Zhang [email protected]
    Dunlap Cheryl [email protected]
    Dunlap Cheryl [email protected]
    Henry Krall [email protected]
    Ron Thom [email protected]
    JSDHDJHS HAJHSJSAJ [email protected]
    Richard Smith [email protected]
    theres jackson [email protected]
    uuweywu eywueyw [email protected]
    jsdfi iwuw [email protected]
    Lianne berard [email protected]
    mary kovarad [email protected]
    buddy yandle [email protected]
    erwin castro [email protected]
    jone bakka [email protected]
    Roland lizzy [email protected]
    hellen roger [email protected]
    hellen jolly [email protected]
    hellen roger [email protected]
    Evan Hanson [email protected]
    yale east [email protected]
    garry rowland [email protected]
    Russell Garrett [email protected]
    Larry Smith [email protected]
    Mc Rick [email protected]
    stanley Howes [email protected]
    Nancy Seguine [email protected]
    Amy Brown [email protected]
    Matt John [email protected]
    Noel amed [email protected]
    Michelle Freedman [email protected]
    Christopher Dear [email protected]
    Teri Tavanello [email protected]
    Tracie Lee [email protected]
    Sue Welsch [email protected]
    deanna morgan [email protected]
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