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50 inch Redfish-deal gone very bad with Captain Bryan

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by michael p., Oct 3, 2010.

  1. DT10Sam

    DT10Sam No flow no go!

    I'm just an outsider looking in and reading all of this. I am hoping that Capt. Bryan does the right thing here and send Micheal P. his copy of the fish for his memories as well fishing with his friend. After all it is the right thing to do and maybe all of this will be laid to rest and everyone can continue in their ways getting ready to receive work for this hunting season etc.

    Hope this gets resolved quickly.

    Best regards,
  2. Capt. Bryan

    Capt. Bryan New Member

    Michael p will get his copy.....But the damage here is probably done. I have contributed to this forum for as long as its been on. I have helped people, emailed people to give them molding short cuts, and now this......Frankly I am sick of the poop slinging, That is why the defamation of character and internet libel response came from me. Why do people threaten and defame on a public forum? I guess they will find out its a bad idea....
    I have had many, many happy people who have bought fish repros from me, 2 idiots come on here and everybody jumps on the band wagon?
    I doubt most of the comments would never been made to my face....especially the physical threats.

    I am cleaning up a mess, like I should. I admit I deserve some calling out, but this has been ridiculous!
    The same people that ripped me, also ripped Bruce foster about the pheasant. Getting called a pos is very nice.......By people who do not know me or my circumstances.
    Let it stand as public record Michael will get his copy of the fish, OK?

  3. Capt. Bryan

    Capt. Bryan New Member

    So crab crazy , answer redwolfs question, because I'd like to know too.
  4. Cole

    Cole Amateur Taxidermist

    Now I'm confused? I thought you just said the person ripping you was Bruce Foster? Which is it? Are you and Bruce Foster victims, or is he the one victimizing you?
  5. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Ripped=Tore me a new one
    Ripped off=Got screwed over.
  6. trky

    trky New Member

    sounds like someone needs to go educate this guy Southern STYLE!! (JUST SAYING)
  7. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    Ah.... trky, Don't you mean Yankee Style ? You forgettin' about that last whoopin' ? :D ;)
  8. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Na, Texans will just shoot ya, or hang ya. That's too fast for us "Yankee's". We like to make them suffer first ;D Well, accept the mob. Concrete shoes and all. :D
  9. marshy creek

    marshy creek New Member

    Russell....your post is exactly what would be expected when one is found dishonest.....bottom line, I did not start this thread...I have no connection to crab crazy....and what transpired between another party and yourself becomes public knowledge once it is posted on any public message board....you can stuff your lawyer crap up your you know what Russell....you WERE advertising a charter service and had a deposit tab open until last week....yet you claim yourself you had no licence??????????????????......you had a no refund deposit clause only a date transfer.....bad business......why would you have a lawyer if you were honest? and Micheal...if you were so brite, you could easily see his Reg #'s right off his web site photo list....you brought this on yourself Russell, and when you take others for granted, break promisses and lie, it will catch up with you...what goes around comes around.....rip off a few more people, and use that money to hire a lawyer and get me with your BS crap....as I said before, you have the same infliction as Casey Anthony....get on some medication, and seek help..post whatever you want in retaliation....it is a classic example of an easily diagnosed mental condition......please Russell, send me your lawyers contact info.....I will call and back up anything I have posted, as well as running your hourly rate to him through the roof.....please continue to retaliate at will....I look forward to it
  10. Brian W

    Brian W Well-Known Member

  11. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I don't know Bryan and therefore have nothing bad to say about him, but Michael is a very honest and patient person. This whole thing shows that a little communication will go a long way to stop problems from getting worse.
  12. R.J. Meyer II

    R.J. Meyer II Member

    Somehow I can't help but think that Bush and Chaney were involved in this. ;D