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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Travis Jones, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. Gary I'm not ashamed of what I PM'd you. It was only concerning you so thats why it was PM'd. If you need everyone to read it so be it.
  2. MikeC

    MikeC Proud Conservative

    55 bucks still a lil pricey? More like a rip off I can buy a bag worms or any of the top water or swim baits that I use here and will catch as many or if not more than those 55 dollar baits will and that is a fact. Just like the screamin hen that HS Strut came out with last spring it's a gimmick. No one in their right mind is gonna lay down 55 bucks for a lure for any damn fish. They sure are purty though but as the age old saying purty don't catch fish!

  3. You know like I said earlier this was a side venture to make a little extra money using my taxidermy skills. I never pushed purchasing any of these baits on anyone. Some of you think they are pricey and that's fine. Some guys think its OK to spend X amount of dollars on high end automobiles, clothing, watches etc. that I think are over priced. Do i hound them for liking it? Of coarse not. There are bait made everyday that go for $100 or better and people buy them everyday. Are they over priced? To some. To some they are not. I'm sure there are lost of people on this site that have 30k to 50k dollar truck that wouldn't be willing to by a $55 bait. Its all preference. Like I also said earlier, in a tough economy its an easy way for me to make some extra cash and wanted to share with my friends on this site and possibly make a sale for my partner. I'm I mad if someone doesn't want one hell no. I understand. They are pricey to some. There are tons of things pricey to me that others think differently. End of discussion.

    Gary I like your reverse psychology. Your good at it. I never said anything to you that wasn't true. The only thing I should not have done is bring Rick into this who had absolutely nothing to do with the situation at all.
  4. Crab Crazy. True colors? You have no idea. Your just watching from the sidelines. Anyway enough is enough the horse is dead already!
  5. $55.00 DIVIDED by 4lbs = $13.75 per pound for bass.
  6. i don't do much bass fishing but i do a lot of saltwater fishing and i can tell you that $55 is not an uncommon price for trolling lures. I have seen my fair share of those things lost, and i keep buying more i guess its all in what you like to do. Anyway i don't have a dog in this hunt just wanted to say that if i was a hardcore bass fisherman i would give one a try,they are some pretty cool baits Travis
  7. BIGUN

    BIGUN Member

    Wow, guys! This board gets kinda heated these days! lol! I haven't read much on here in a while. So, what the heck? I'll throw in my two cents- he he!
    On the bait: 55.00 too much for a hand-made, hand-tuned, custom swimbait that looks and swims just like a rodent? No way! That would be a bargain. I have bought an obscene number of swimbaits that I paid alot more than that for. The RAGO tool sells for 250.00 each, and there are working swimbaits available for over 500 bucks each.
    The bad (or sad) news: these swimbaits are just not very great looking. I'm so sorry to say this! The sculpture is nothing like a rodent in a swimming position. Infact, it looks like it should have a wind-up key on top- very toy-like. The paint jobs are cool though! Having been a swimbait junkie for a long time, now, I'l bet anything that every bass that eats this bait would've eaten any similar-sized object of any shape, as long as the waking lip is there and the presentation the same. That includes the shape of sponge-bob, my blue-tooth, or a turnip.
    So, I would gladly pay 55.00 each, BUT, you have to show me that you put some blood, sweat and tears into it! No taking a toy rat and glueing on a piece of lexan for a diving lip and a senko for a tail. This is all from a guy who scratches out a living by making decoys here in the USA if that makes any difference.
    Bottom line: if these guys have made the very best swimbait they possibly can- if they've poured their heart into it 100%, then I say more power too'em and I hope somebody does catch a new world record on one of them! Now, go make a duckling before we do at DSD.
  8. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    I missed this one. Hope I'm not stirring up a sore subject.

    I've met the guys from Tru-Tungsten ,they're locals that we invited to our fishing club meeting when the swim bait craze hit a few years back..They showed us the proto-type swimbaits they now sell for $50..
    Some of us had the same reaction as on here. $50 !! WTH. Well guess what, they're getting $50 everyday of the week. BassPro , Cabelas , lots of shops selling their $50 lures. Lots of guys catching fish on these lures too.

    I'm just not one of them. I'll throw $20 LuckyCraft's and they make me nervous when I hang them up..I chose to spend my money on equipment rather than tackle. Personal choice. People say I'm crazy for buying a $400 Rod..I think it puts a few more fish in the boat during a day out..If a high dollar lure give you the confidence needed to load the boat , then I say go for it. I'm confident I can catch them on much cheaper lures just as well. Some days I Do , some days I get burned and go home skunked. Those could very well be the days that they wanted a $50 swimbait and I never threw it. I'm just not quite there yet , but It's coming. Look at the price of braided lines --$30 for a spool.They bring a tear to my eye , but I've paid it..

    Good Luck you guys.
  9. thirtyacre86

    thirtyacre86 Member

    i missed this thread originally too, so thanks for bumping it back up! im on this board constantly but usually stray away from commenting...

    if you think $55 for a bait like this is ridiculous, you really must not be a fishing enthusiast. i saw the bait, saw the price, and thought it was very reasonable. a custom painted, hand crafted, 7 inch lure with the hardware it has, thats a great price.

    i purchase expensive high end fishing gear and constantly hear the same things alot of you are saying "i can catch just as many on my ugly stick and a dollar spinnerbait from walmart" or "i got just as much stuff as i need". bottom line is, with everything in life, you get what you pay for. quality comes at a price, rods, reels, lures, everything. and i have much more confidence knowing ill have it in case i need it (tho maybe never will). and any smart fisherman knows that confidence is what breeds success in fishing. also, if you are willing to pay 55 bucks for a fishing lure, youre not concerned about old man willy catching a bunch of dinks on his twister tails, youre a trophy fisherman, as am i.

    the swimbait craze has been on for quite a few years now, but the rodents have only recently been getting popular. i like the bait, tho it does look a little awkward. so travis, the people who think the price is too high arent any of your concern. they arent familiar with the market for these types of baits. they wont pay that for a lure, but many people will. and since this was the first time ive seen the lure, you must not be getting the word out there enough cuz im always up to date on the newest thing out there...

    so hopefully its still going well for you and i wish you the best of luck. i shall be joining you on a venture like this in the near future!
  10. FishArt

    FishArt Well-Known Member

    The way I see it, IF you can get $55 bucks for these things then more power to you! I've got a buddy that has to have the best of everything (or at least the perceived "best") He's got a custom Loomis rod and some ridiculously expensive reel attached to it that he has $1200 bucks into ONE SET UP! And, that's just ONE of his rods. There's a market for this kind of stuff. But, it's certainly not for most TAXIDERMISTS - lol! I'm kinda with RDA on this one. A LOT of lures especially color combos are painted that way to catch FISHERMEN more than anything else. But, I won't tell anybody if you guys don't (well, IF you send me a FREE lure - mums the WORD - lol!) More power to ya!!!
  11. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    So let me see if I get this right. People bitch and complain when lead is banned and they have to pay more for weights made of other metals, but they go and pay $55 for lures ???

    I'm with RDA too. But then again, I'm a cheap a$$ :D
  12. Ahh... my old post has come alive again. ;D

    thirtyacre86, you said it well. I guess I should have worded my post differently to "Calling Bass Fishing Enthusiasts". Maybe that would have weeded out the canepole and cricket fishermen. LOL Its like you said its all in what you like to do and spend your money on. Someone could come on here bragging about a new $2,000 dollar rifle and people would swear up and down they could kill just as many deer with there $12 dollar sling shot.

    Exteme Angler, great points also.

    Hmm.....nevermind. :-X

    Thanks again guys. Bill's selling these things left and right if any of you are interested let me know or simply contact him at.
    I just hope I can keep them painted fast enough for him.

    There are a few new patterns that have been developed since this post was started. Tan, Black & Muskrat.
  13. thirtyacre86

    thirtyacre86 Member

    you should post this on tackle tour as well. people there will appreciate it a lot more...
  14. greener

    greener New Member

    First off, how did this get turned into a pissing match? Travis you need a chill pill man. People all have their own opinions on pricing. Unless you give it to them for free it is always way over priced. MAN UP AND DEAL WITH THE CRITACIZIM!
    Second off I think thing the are a cool bait. I know a guy that used real live mice for Musky fishing and had awesome luck. But I guess in Minnesota that is against the law. So these, I would think ,would kill the Musky. That being said, I would never pay that much cause I can hardly feed my family. SO if you need a hand painting them up send some my way, I could use the money too.
    Good luck to you and your friend. I wish you all the luck. And I mean that too!
  15. ????????? I.....need a chill pill. Dude you don't know me. So don't judge til you do. My last post had no ill feelings.

    Second off Greener, I'll send you some baits right over. Right after I take my chill pill. ::) LOL Be sure and hold your breathe. ;)

    thirtyacre86, I'm gonna leave the posting of these baits up to Bill. I only posted them here because I come on here from time to time and he asked me to do it. I'll be sure to tell him about it. He's waiting to advertise these on the serious fishing sites after he builds a large enough stock of them in his shop. I'm like you too with the expensive tackle and gear. I used to wouldn't buy it either until the better rods and baits like Lucky Craft, St.Croix, Shimano etc. started kicking my butt. Then I started try better equipment and better tackle.
  16. greener

    greener New Member

    Haha... thats just what I'm talking about. Easy turbo, no need to take everything so literaly. But thanks I'll keep my eye open for those free baits, I'm holding you to that!!!! LOL :) Have a good night and lets leave it at that!
  17. Hey boss I got nothing to be mad about. Maybe I appear that way to you. This is all funny to me.

    Besides no one said anything about free. Nothing's free!
  18. AA

    AA Member

    What's up Travis? I will be moving to Texas next month. You need to bring some of those bad boys down and we can jump in the Skeeter and do some damage. I must of missed this thread the first time around. Probably the wrong place to post a $55 anything LOL. Good luck with your venture and I hope you get it in the hands of one the flw or elites and they win just one tournament with it. You won't have to worry about money and you will be so tired of painting a mouse that you will be ready for something else. Thanks for posting this up it has been entertaining .

  19. Whats up Pat!!!!!! Good to hear from you. Man you'll be in big bass country down in Texas. Hey i'd love to make it down some day and see what these bait would do down there in your new neighborhood. Let me know how you like it down there when you get there. Take care man!
  20. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    Hey Pat, you can throw those 55.00 crankbaits, and ill flip jig&pig....And we WONT"go in" for any snagged baits!!! ;D ;) Yep ol man willy here but i dont catch DINKS..... :D ;)