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Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by obarr1977, Oct 9, 2010.

  1. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

    First off, I know Matt has allot of friends on this site, and I also know he's had some good dealings with allot of you. This post however, has nothing to do with that, so save your breath if you want to 'slam' or 'ridicule' me because YOU had good dealings with him. I didn't.

    There's obviously more to this story, but I'll sum it up:

    I was one of the many who purchased one of his Russian Boar capes back in early June for $80. I kept seeing post's from Matt stating that HE shipped 'so and so's' cape, every Monday for a couple of weeks. I WAS NEVER ON ANY LIST. I asked him mid-July(and yes, still have ALL THE PM'S) if mine was shipped, and he simply stated that's he's been working allot out of town, and he'll get to it in the order in which they were purchased. I said OK.
    Early August - same story
    Mid-August "I'll get it mailed out soon, still turning/salting"
    End of August - Yep, you guessed it, same story..

    Now here's the kicker: Got this on 9/9/10

    "According to the guy who prepped these capes..All capes were shipped back in mid and late July. I am fleshing and salting more this weekend and will ship them out and make it good. 2 customers never received their capes. You and one other"

    Then this: Now HE'S THE ONE WHO SHIPPED THE CAPES, not the 'imaginary guy'???

    "I let someone else flesh and box up and ship all of my capes due to my work schedule being changed. Since August, I...Ishipped them as he finished them when I was in from work. He was doing 2-3 each week. He said YOUR cape had been boxed and was one that I had already shipped."

    This was one of the last PM's

    "All Capes are test fitted on a McKenzie mannikin of the size they should fit and everything looked as if it would pull out. The great color of the cape should make up for any extra sewing that might need to be done."

    Don't think this will pull-out Matt...

    Again, there was MANY more conversations between Matt and I, but this is the short of it. So, Matt reluctantly sends me my cape, 3 MONTHS LATER, because it's somehow my fault that he 'forgot' about me, or this imaginary guy that suddenly appeared out of nowhere that was turning/salting capes for him, forgot about me.

    I took pic's of it salted to, just so this doesn't get blamed on my Krowtan. Was going to chalk it up as a loss, but this is FU%&ing ridiculous... and he told me that it's "repairable", and "I should feel good about getting a cape with such good color", LOL...

    If ANYONE can repair this, I'll send the GARBAGE to you for shipping costs..

    Lastly, I've already had my pissing match with Matt, so don't intend to get into another. This is just to let ALL OF YOU know that there's another side to him, and I'm done buying/selling on this site for a LONG while..

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  2. bill@hogheaven

    bill@hogheaven New Member

    Its not even fleshed well.

  3. roostinridge

    roostinridge Active Member

    He wanted a base from me, never recieved payment. After quite a period of time said payment was in the mail and actuaally there was a mix up and that payment was sent for the amount of two bases, his fault, just send him two bases. Well it's been about five months and still nothing. So many of these people say that a man's word is what shout be sacred, that is bs in todays way of life wake up! Hoguide ya know what our deal was--only I don't forget.
  4. ZMAN88

    ZMAN88 New Member

    thats too bad obarr done some business with ya in the past and hate to see this site lose a good person from this bad experience
  5. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    Orion, sorry to hear this, hope you get it worked out. Hate to see you say you will not be buying again. I got you on my good customer list.
  6. roostinridge

    roostinridge Active Member

    Orion, we did business and always worked it out, don't let one bad apple, ya know what i mean!
  7. Obarr..I/we shipped you a cape in July....You claimed to have never received it. Despite having a shipping receipt with your address/zipcode I shipped you another ON YOUR WORD that you never received it.One other shipped the same day claimed the same thing. I also sent them another cape...NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

    As with all my capes, if you don't like it, return and another will be shipped. If you don't take up the offer, it is your fault.

    BTW, Obarr...Why didn't you mention that you led em on for nearly a month about the first cape you tried to buy from me, eventually backing out of the deal? Despite that, and despite you telling me you never received a cape I know,and ave proof was shipped, I sent another one. That is my fault..and it wont happen again.

    Roostinridge...You are stretching the truth. I sent you a payment. You said it didn't make it. One month later the USPS returned it to me in a ripped up and muddy envelope. I sent you a pm with a link to the picture of the returned envelope proving I had shipped payment. I NEVER asked you to send me 2 bases. That is a lie. You also never replied to my request of a price w/ shipping on two bases.
    I have bought and sold HUNDREDS of items on this website over the last decade and can count on 3 fingers with the issues I have had with buyers/sellers.

    My capes stand for themselves, WASCO awards, NTA awards and taxidermy supply company catalog covers are proof enough. Heck, the boar pictured on the taxidermy logo above this forum is a cape I sold. I keep updates on delayed shipments on this forum and my PM box is always open.I have driven 2 hours and stood in the rain delivering capes to people.

    My integrity and honesty has never and will never be in question, except by those who attitudes and ability to use common sense are questionable. I can smell a bad deal usually during the first responses. I should have heeded bmy "gut feeling" and not done business with the 2-3 I have had trouble with.
  8. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

    Same old story... If you did in fact "send me a cape in July" then why all the way thru the end of August did you keep telling me, "I've been working out of town allot, I'm turning/salting more this week"????

    Kinda funny to turn/salt me ANOTHER cape when you had already shipped my cape July! Isn't it??

    And in September, all of a sudden this is "all my fault", and "I'm doing nothing more than scamming you".. YOU DID NOT SEND ME A CAPE IN JULY... You know it, I know it..

    Where's the copy of this shipping Label from July Matt?? Said it 20 times in the last 4 weeks, you show that to me, and I'll write it off as a USPS screw-up, BUT YOU NEVER HAVE.. Why? Let me tell you - again - YOU DID NOT SEND ME A CAPE!

    Return my cape? LOL.. Yeah, you offered that to me.. What a joke.. Will my new cape be done by 2012?

    I got an idea, why don't you send me the form that this boar will fit on in which all the fleshing holes are "pulled-off", and we'll call it even...?
  9. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    This is truly sad. obarr1977, I've never dealt with you, but I would and not have a second thought about doing so.
    Hogguide, I have dealt with you before and I would do so again without a second thought. I got exactly what I wanted.
    I really hope you guy's can work this out.
  10. Because, as I have stated numerous times to you, I just took for granted that you were one of the capes he had not already shipped out. When I questioned him as to what had actually be mailed out, he produced the receipt that had your address as one already being shipped out. How much more simple do I have to make it for you??


    And in September, all of a sudden this is "all my fault", and "I'm doing nothing more than scamming you".. YOU DID NOT SEND ME A CAPE IN JULY... You know it, I know it..
  11. Redwolf, This guys attitude, bad language, etc, should have been a red flag from the get go. Leading me on, then backing out on our first transaction and then still being a "#*$&%" after I shipped him another cape based strictly on his word alone, and then offering to ship another one is what i get for being a honest , decent person.

    My past history and competition quality capes and dealings speak for themselves. I guarantee you I wont lose an ounce of sleep over this ordeal. I don't know what else he wants. He got TWP cape shipped to him and an offer to send another. It rests on his shoulders.
  12. Its very easy to place the copy of the shipping receipt on this blog/thread

    Then everyone can see you sent it.

    Have had problems also about people telling me they never got something and wanting another. All of my items are sent with customer confirmation now... Keeps it all safe and good paper trail..

    Good luck both of you...
  13. I will be in the process of doing so shortly.

    Since this episode all of my packages are now sent with delivery confirmation unless the buyer PM's me saying not to and I keep the PM for reference, "just in case".
  14. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

    Yes, it is very easy to post a copy of the shipping label... VERY easy.. But he can't, why Matt? I've asked him to do so for weeks now!

    Red flag? Bad language? I was patient, understood your work schedule and time to get things done. 2 month later, you start blaming me, calling me a "scammer" because you hadn't sent me a cape yet. Yes, that pissed me off a bit, would anybody. Hence: the bad language..

    Yes, 1 1/2 years ago, I told you I wanted one of your Russian Boar capes. My wife had a car accident the next day, and we needed a $500 deductible, so I backed-out on the deal. I told you right then what was going on, and why I couldn't fallow through with the payment. Is that why you screwed me over?

    Matt, if i had got "two" capes, why the hell would I start a "bad dealings" post?

    Everyone's entitled to there own opinions. FACT's are: 1)You never sent me a cape in July, and because of that, you DON't have a shipping reciept. 2) YOU called ME out by stating I was scammer. 3) Your full of excuses 4) When you finally sent me a cape, it wasn't useable!

    Said before that I didn't want to get in a pissing match, I had already said everything I wanted to in our many PM's, but you sucked me in by trying to turn this around on me, once again. I'm done with you and this transaction. Hopefully, if nothing else, this will make your future deals go better..
  15. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

    Please do, can't wait..
  16. And again...You tell yet another lie.

    Red flag? Bad language? I was patient, understood your work schedule and time to get things done. 2 month later, you start blaming me, calling me a "scammer" because you hadn't sent me a cape yet. Yes, that pissed me off a bit, would anybody. Hence: the bad language..

    Another lie..This was jut a few months before the current deal you posted about.
  17. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

    Really? Lie's? This is what I posted on 9/9/10. I was VERY patient with you. Just post this "shipping label" number so we can squash your lie's, or figure out where the 'imaginary' 1st cape went.. Only lie's were the one's coming out of your mouth the last 4 months..

    You sell boar capes every year, and it was last year when that happened. You have issues with time, obviously.

  18. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

  19. All my receipts ar ein my work truck nI will psot a pci if the recviept tomorrow.

    If my memory serves me correct, I either read the receipt to you over the phone or gave you the number via a PM. Odd how I could have doen that and not had the receipt in my hand at the time.

    Again....I took your WORD and NOTHING ELSE that you never received a cape, shipped you another one and told you if you didnt like it I would replace it.

    If I wanted to beat you out of money why did I send TWO CAPES, PAY SHIPPING TWICE and OFFER TO SEND A 3rd CAPE??? Why did I even send a cape at all if that was my plan?? You arent making any sense at all.

    Do you not see what a whining, sniveling, classless piece of dog squeeze you have made yourself out to be??

    How much crow are you willing to eat when I post a pic of the receipt tomorrow?? For some reason I doubt you will admit any of the slander and lies you have told.
  20. TradHarvester

    TradHarvester New Member

    I think it is rediculous when grown men can not act like adults!!!