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10th annual Whitetail Classic Sport Show/Antler/taxidermy Auction WITH PICS

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by circlemauctions, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. TrophyAntlers

    TrophyAntlers New Member

    Yes, some of the helpers "purchased" some of the antlers before the auction began. I know because I watched a few of the workers pull a few of my sets out of my box as I checked in. I attended the entire auction, and the items they pulled out never made it to auction or out onto the tables for the buyitnow. Steve doesn't believe this happened but I witnessed it firsthand. I do not blame Steve for what happened, because he can not control everyone at once, however, I felt it needed to be said so that the problem could be addressed to avoid this type of thing in the future.
  2. TrophyAntlers , i am going to address this one more time , then i'm done talking about it .
    I think you are a regular on this site as well as a regular at our auction & you are trying to scare off people that might be competition for you at the sale
    The reason i say this is that looking at your stats , you have made 10 posts on this site & 8 of them are about this sale .
    The last time you were on was april 6th & then you just vanish until yesterday & post on my thread , then make a couple a couple of extra posts to cover your tracks & make it look like you were not here just to post on my thread .

    On one of your first posts you state & i quote
    " The reason I have only 4 posts is because after the auction, I went online to find a place to discuss it, and this message board is where I found it. "
    Really ?? You couldn't come up with anything better than that ?
    I think the truth is you are a regular on here that has created a new account , actually probably more than one , because you don't want people to know your real identity .


    Above is a link to your post history for the one account that anyone knows of
    As everyone can see you still wont tell me your name , if you would let me & only me know who you are i will look up the records from our 2010 sale & find out who bought your items .
    I can look up your sellers # then see what buyer purchased your item
    If i find that one of our employees purchased any of your items i will come back here & state it on this thread.
    Until you let me know who you are , in my opinion you have NO credibility & you are insulting the intelligence of everyone reading this thread
    Steve Morehead
    563 652 9780

  3. TrophyAntlers

    TrophyAntlers New Member


    I am not trying to scare off competition as you suggest. Like you said earlier this year, I got what I wanted for my antlers which is all I can ask for, so I am happy I sold my items, but I wanted to let potential attendees know that when they arrive to the event, there may not be the selection there could be because antlers had been removed earlier. I am trying to protect the people who have to pay to get in the door just to bid on antlers that are being sold.

    If I was trying to protect my interests, I never would have said a word about what I witnessed last year because like you said, I got my check so why should I care about anyone else. Why should I care about the person that pays to get in the door to bid on my items and everyone else's items in the auction? Because those are the people that keep me and every other antler dealer in business. The customer must come first, and if members of your staff want to buy antlers, they should be able to, but they should have to wait until the event opens and everyone has a fair shake at them. Getting to view everything as it comes in is an advantage in and of itself already, but being able to pull things as they are checked is a conflict of interest, and is not fair to other buyers. If I was worried about competition, I'd say that I got nothing near what my antlers are worth when I went there. I am a seller at the auction not a buyer.

    Last year was the first year I sold anything at auction, although I attended the year prior to see what it was like. Giving you my name will not provide any positive results for myself. You may be able to verify that your staff purchased my stuff, but you will not be able to prove it occured prior to the auction beginning, because time of purchases was not recorded. So what do I really gain? Yes the people on this forum will know whether your staff bought items of mine, but by giving you my name, all that does is single me out, and I'm sure will land me on some sort of black list. You have already admitted that your staff purchased antlers last year, so I think people can connect the dots.

    I am not looking to cause trouble, and I can assure you this is my only account on this site whether you believe it or not. My sole intention was to improve the auction for the buyers so that everyone knows that if they spend their money to go to the auction, that they will have an equal opportunity to buy some antlers as everyone else. What surprises me is that you have not come out and said your staff will not and is not allowed to buy items prior to the auction, and if they do there will be some sort of punishment. I would gladly accept that as a reasonable solution to this. There was no policy about that in the past (ie: last year), so perhaps it would be a good step in avoiding these type of things in the future. By implementing a policy that clearly states that no staff will be allowed to purchase consignment items prior to the start of the auction, it will eliminate this type of situation if this should happen again, people such as myself will be more willing to give you our names because your staff member will have broken policy and could be punished by you rather than us being singled-out.
  4. no name = no credibility
  5. anyway...... heres more stuff heading for the sale !

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  6. nice full body mount african nyala

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  7. I've said this before and I'll say it again. I've been a seller at Steve's auction for a bunch of years and have never had any problems.
  8. Nice Tuna repro

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  9. check us out at www.circlemauctions.com
  10. life size african kudu
    more comming soon

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  11. TrophyAntlers

    TrophyAntlers New Member

    I didn't have a problem, my items sold just like your's. However the original thread on this topic involved someone complaining about all the good deals being gone when they got there, and how 1 person had snuck in early and scooped them up. I was just reporting that I saw auction staff pulling out items as well.
  12. again no name = no credibility
  13. CJN

    CJN Member

    No full disclosure and acceptance of the problem = no credibility. I have been to the sale steve and enjoy it greatly. I was hoping to go again but this denial and "cloaking the issue" has left a sour taste in my mouth. I will not load up drive several hours and spend a couple of days spending money and bidding on items if it is not fair that everyone has a shot at all items. You have a great thing going thats just my take, nothing personal.
  14. CJN
    i do apreciate your business , but i am not cloaking the issue
    here is the link to the discussion that sparked this whole thing

    yes , some of our people bought items at the buy it now thing , but not before the alotted time
    I have put the info out for everyone , but trophy antlers still refuses to reveal his name so i can see if any of our people even purchased his items
    its easy to hide behind a computer & try to stir things up when you wont give a guy a chance to prove right or wrong

    Trophy antlers , if you would at least give me your name in a pm it will be just betwene us & at least give me the opportunity to see if our people even bought your items at all
    how can i correct a so called problem if i have no idea who you are & what your seller # was ?
  15. CJN

    CJN Member

    Steve I have followed the posts from when they were started so I am not going to re-read them. The problem has nothing to do with any seller or seller # or any name of a seller at your auction. The problem you need to deal with is your own people and your policies as I see it. As a buyer I think it is totally wrong that ANY of your people can do the buy it now thing, with them having first dibs behind the scenes so to speak, I see that as shady, again my opinion. That show you put on is more work than I can imagine and I beleive you said at one time you cant see everything but this issue is not some seller bitching about what he sold it is your workers and lack of a simple warranted policy. Thank you for your "ear" Steve and hope this years show is your best.

  16. i do see your point
    some of our people do travel a good distance to help us out & buy as well so i dont want to cut them out of buying completely
    how about this ........ none of our people can participate in the buy it now until 2 hours past the alotted time ? is that fair ?

    the ONLY reason we do the buy it now thing at all is because we get so much stuff that we would be there till midnight each night...... the buy it now thing just takes a big load from our shoulders

    with that being said i still have my suspicions about trophy antlers & the validity of his claim
    i hate to sound like a broken record here but until i get a name there is no way his accusations can be proved right or wrong

    Trophy antlers never did complain about what he got for his items so youre right.... it isnt about one seller bithcing about what his items brought....... Its a guy hiding behind a computer making un founded accusations that in my opinion are nothing more than a ploy to detour other buyers at the sale that could be his compettition
    Heck ..... for that matter with out a name there is NO WAY to even prove he sold anything at all

    Now back to your point CJN, it is well taken & i do admit that the buy it now thing being the first time had some hickups in it
    i said it before & i will say it again it was a learning experience & now we know what to look for as far as problems that can arise & we will do our best to correct them
  17. Jay

    Jay Active Member

    Hope the show goes well Steve. I know you work hard at this and it shows. Good Luck!
  18. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    Hi All,

    I should say that I simply cannot get to your auction, and have never been so, I really have no right to enter into this discussion. However, I have run a couple of auction type things (only for my charity - nothing as big as yours), and may have a solution that you might consider.

    Steve, I appreciate that you have so much stuff that you couldn't do a live auction for all of it. The buy-it-now offers one solution, but I think it is backfiring on you - clearly, some of your potential customers have been disappointed in how it worked, and so you have undercut your sales. No use denying it. (And stop trying to figure out who that one customer is - it will get you nowhere and is surely scaring away others who feel like you are attacking a customer. Never an advisable thing to do, even if you think you have been wronged it just isn't worth it! Again, just my opinion.) So here is what you really should consider:

    GET RID OF THE BUY IT NOW, AND DO A "SILENT AUCTION" INSTEAD. In other words, instead of setting a fixed BIN price or wasting your time with a live auction, put out ALL of the pieces, and put a piece of paper in front of them. On the top of that paper, write the item number and a starting bid (this can be the minimum that a customer would be happy with, or even the same price as your BIN prices, though I would go with the minimum reserve instead), and let everyone write in a public bid right under that. They just write their name (or anonymous customer number if people want more anonymity) and what they would be willing to pay. The next guy comes along and can decide to up it or pass. Leave the pieces out for as long as you want, and at the end of the specified time, the piece sells to the highest bidder unless it didn't meet reserve. You will almost certainly make MORE money this way (i.e., I'm guessing since so many people are pissed that your workers bought the items that they might have paid a bit more for those pieces) and you have wasted no more live auction time. Your workers can bid whenever they want too. This is fair and everyone wins!

    I'm sure you can figure out more details on how silent auctions work (maybe you have done them), but if you want more info, PM me.
  19. shammy

    shammy New Member

    Why make it a silent auction. To much involved . You might as well just auction them. JMO Shammy