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10th annual Whitetail Classic Sport Show/Antler/taxidermy Auction WITH PICS

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by circlemauctions, Oct 26, 2010.

  1. DR PT

    DR PT New Member

    Silent auctions are the way to go if you can't fit all the items in -however it does take away the profit from the auction house as they don't get to feed off the obsessed bidder who gets caught up in the action and bids beyond his means in other words the very reason for an auction in the first place! I for one am not going to an auction to be in competition with the hired help -unless you want me to be part of it and HELP YOU!!!!!
  2. TrophyAntlers

    TrophyAntlers New Member

    I have grown tired of beating a dead horse...I have already addressed the name issue several times, including in this thread...

    "Giving you my name will not provide any positive results for myself. You may be able to verify that your staff purchased my stuff, but you will not be able to prove it occured prior to the auction beginning, because time of purchases was not recorded. So what do I really gain? Yes the people on this forum will know whether your staff bought items of mine, but by giving you my name, all that does is single me out, and I'm sure will land me on some sort of black list. You have already admitted that your staff purchased antlers last year, so I think people can connect the dots."

    I find it interesting that you Steve, continue to make me the target of your calumnies, instead of addressing the issue.

    There is no way for you to determine whether staff purchased items early, we know your guys bought stuff at the auction, you are considering steps to resolve this situation...

    Steve, with regard to your suggestion "how about this ........ none of our people can participate in the buy it now until 2 hours past the alotted time ? is that fair ?" I believe that should include making sure all items make it out the tables. Your workers may be tempted to pull stuff to the side and hold it for 2 hours before purchasing. I also believe that any policy instituted should be made in writing and provided to all sellers.

    Also, I totally agree with CJN, the best solution probably is to prohibit all auction workers from purchasing auction items. Then if this happens again in the future you will know what worker bought an item, and they can be appropriately disciplined. If your workers want to buy things, then they either need to get someone to come to your auction to buy for them, or not work at the auction so they can buy things.

  3. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    I don't understand why auction workers shouldn't be able to buy items? Again, I'm sticking my nose in your business (I'm neither a buyer or seller at that auction), but everyone should be able to buy. The important thing is that everyone has an equal opportunity to buy. Silent auction WILL solve this problem. I'm not sure why you'd rather bicker than choose this fair solution.
  4. TrophyAntlers

    TrophyAntlers New Member

  5. CJN

    CJN Member

    Let me clarify my opinion, I do not have a problem with helpers/workers buying as long as they are not holding items back or getting first dibs before any other buyers, if they want items they can bid side by side with everyone else. This is a great sale and have confidence that steve will improve what needs to be improved upon.
  6. Thanks CJN
    so............. getting back to the original intent of this post
    here's more cool stuff for the auction
    a bunch of new mounts ............

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  7. anyone for a poker game ? :D

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  8. more

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  9. here's a neat item

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  10. more

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  11. more

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  12. as a lot of you know that have been to the sale in the past 10 years
    the pictures here & on our web site don't even come close to the amount of stuff at the auctiom
  13. A silent auction is a great idea when you only have a few items to sell, but with the huge amount of antlers at Steve's auction (hundreds) there would not be a way (or room) to keep everything straight. Let Steve work this out........come to the auction .................have fun!!!
    That's what I intend to do.
  14. here's a set of 201" wild found sheds with double drop tines for friday's sale

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  15. Gotta love this time of year!
  16. 234" record book mule deer for sundays auction

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  17. outstanding full body mount gator 10' long

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  18. expecting a big selection of vintage sporting goods again for this year
    here's a rare Herters take down bow

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  19. Anyone interested in becomming an oficial buckmasters scorer ?
    buckmasters will be offering a certification class saturday march 19th at our show
    if you are planning on attending the class please call ahead to pre register
    1800 240 3337 & ask for Mike Handley
  20. We had about 180 guns for last years auction
    here is a great group of rare winchester rifles & other guns

    Winchester 1873 44-40 octagon barrel

    Winchester 1873 44-40 un fired musket with a 30" barrel

    1876 Winchester 40-60 with octagon barrel & Marbles rear sight

    1886 Winchester 38-56 saddle ring carbine very good condition

    1887 Winchester lever action 12ga shotgun

    Winchester 1888 25-20 single shot rifle with a single set trigger & an octagon barrel

    2 Winchester model 1892 25-20 octagon barrel

    1892 .32 cal. Winchester Fancy Sporting Rifle
    this gun is a take down model with checkered stock & half octagon barrel

    Winchester model 1892 44-40 with octagon barrel

    early 1894 winchester 30-30

    1895 Winchester .30 cal U.S. Army

    model 1897 12 GA

    Winchester Low Wall Winder Musket .22 short

    Winchester model 36 9mm rimfire shotgun

    Winchester model 55 30-30 take down

    Winchester model 75 .22 long military trainer

    model 1857 Burnside 54 cal rifle

    1864 E.G. Lamson Ball Repeating Carbine ( Civil War Era )

    Iver Johnson .22 8 shot revolver like new in the box

    Marston 6 shot pepperbox pistol

    Mauser model 1910 .32 cal pistol

    Remington "Smoot" 32 short revolver

    VERY RARE Smith & Wesson .44 Russian Revolver

    Springfield 87a .22 semi auto

    Springfield model m1922m1 .22 cal bolt action military trainer

    Springfield model 1888 45-70 trap door rifle with bayonet ram rod

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