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REVIEW: Rick Krane's Angler's Artistry Fish Painting DVD

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by UFD, Oct 27, 2010.

  1. Pescado

    Pescado Biggest in 2011

    I bet you could swap a Jet for one.
  2. [[/quote]
    who is this Rick Krane? amd how can I get one of his DVDs?

    He's some jack leg, that's good at photo shopping and stuffs fish in his basement and returns carts at Wal-Mart during the day. ;D

    Nah....he's by far one of the best fish taxidermists alive and has an awesome line of DVDs that show you step by step how to break down a fish into a paint system like you wouldn't believe. Besides the hospitality and the lacquer fumes you would think your sitting in his own shop when your watching these things. Plus when your watching the DVD's he can't take you out back and beat you like a red headed step child when you do something wrong. ;D Just kidding again!

  3. sherri gray

    sherri gray Office Manager

    I threaten to Kick his butt every day and I still he won't take me out back and beat my ass :) I happen to know that Mr Kenbadger is the the one and the only Ken whom owns Badger Airbrush company the greatest airbrush company in the world :) Ken and badger is one of the sponsors and supporters of Ricks New DVDs. Rick uses Badger Velocities other then his glossing airbrushes. I can't wait to show Rick the Travis post he'll get a good ROTFLHAO. Working for Rick is always interesting and some times very funny :) He is one of a kind and a warm and giving man and that is with out question too any one who has ever met him!

    Got to go to bed now, the slaver driver wants me in early tomorrow morning!

    Buy some DVDs Ken or even better sell some for him through Badger so I can keep my job! :)

    Sherri Gray
  4. agagne41

    agagne41 New Member

    Ken, just to show that supporting Rick's DVD's pays, I just purchased a velocity jet and love it. However, I'm having trouble finding a good source for a back-up .21mm needle. Please give me a source to contact. Al
  5. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I have to disagree...with the phrase "one of."
  6. Wildside

    Wildside Active Member

    Rick Crane? He is the one that invented the game where you control the arm and grab little trinkets. You see them at all the truck stops and arcades.
  7. sherri gray

    sherri gray Office Manager

    I disagree as well but he won't every let me say what I think and believe! Rick keeps it pretty real and doesn't let the horse get before the cart. I see you want to call have you yet? If not give me a call and we can hook you up with some DVDs!

    Sherri Gray
  8. kenbadger

    kenbadger New Member

    Dude, I was joking. I know who Rick is. I know Rick. I actually like to know my guest before they crash at my place. Rick is one half of the best pair of artists and people I have ever had the pleasure of working on a prodcut project with. That being Woods & Water paints, and Paul Borkowski (Pescado) being the other involved artist.

    I guess I should realize noone here knows me enough to know my goofy sense of humor.

    In any case - you all

    Take air,
    Ken of Badger Castle
  9. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    I thought Rick Crane invented the C.C. Crane Radio?
  10. warthog

    warthog Member of VVA and VFW

    You spelled his last name with a"C"...you spell his last name with a "K". Or are we trying to be funny again. HAR-HAR
  11. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Sorry, it was funnier in my head. Next time I'll try to leave it there.
  12. kenbadger

    kenbadger New Member

    Buy some DVDs Ken or even better sell some for him through Badger so I can keep my job! :)

    Sherri Gray

    Sherri, have him send me a copy and a quote for 60 pieces. (email the quote to [email protected]). We may be able to move some, but I'd like to check one out before I send samples to my distribution network (which is where most of the first 60 would go). Let's pick up this conversation by direct email. thanx Sherri.
  13. kenbadger

    kenbadger New Member

    He's some jack leg, that's good at photo shopping and stuffs fish in his basement and returns carts at Wal-Mart during the day. ;D

    And he told me he was only a greeter. Geez he's more talented than I thought.
  14. kenbadger

    kenbadger New Member

    There are a few of the distributors that should have parts (including WASCO). I'll give you other sources directly as I don't want to get spammy in here.

    I can be emailed directly at [email protected]
  15. sherri gray

    sherri gray Office Manager

    Badger Rocks! Ok back to work now before the boss finds out I'm prowling the T-net! LOL
  16. kenbadger

    kenbadger New Member

    That's OK Sherri stay on line and keep putting up informative post like this. I'll right you a note for the teacher.

    OK, I have to go now too. I only allow myself an hour a day in the forums while at the office, and I can't use it all up on the taxidermists. You know there's cake decorators, and morticians, and custom car painters, and fine scale modelers, and......too
  17. sherri gray

    sherri gray Office Manager

    Hey Ken,
    Seeing how were all in the office and working today..( the boss doesn't let us have a day off :) you can give a call and speak to Rick or I, Or both if you'd like! I'm guessing Rick knows more about fish and DVD's though so maybe you'll want him on the phone, Don't worry i understand. :)
    Talk soon,
  18. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Hey, Ken if you're still on here, I have an odd question for you. In addition to taxidermy, I also decorate cakes. Most of the wedding cakes don't really need painting unless there is an odd request (last year I had a snow white and 7 dwarfs wedding cake). Every so often I have to air brush a cake. I use food dye specifically for cakes but I always have to borrow a friend's airbrush because all the ones I have are for taxidermy and I don't want to use them for food grade material. If I have a new airbrush that I've never used for anything else, can I use it for cakes? I ask because I'm tired of borrowing one all the time, but I don't want to spend a couple of hundred for the ones at the cake store that are junk. I'd rather get a nice one. The ones for cakes use a lot less pressure because the paint is so thin.
  19. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Never mind. I called Rick to order his DVD's and he answered.
  20. blkbearklr

    blkbearklr Yep I am retired living off my sugar mama!!!

    I have all the DVD's they are a great asset and tool to be had in the shop.

    Can't wait for the next one to be out.

    And Sherri remember everyday just look over at Rick and tell him Joe said he needs a silver salmon DVD ;)