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Preserving velvet antler ???

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by taxidermie.la.batture, Mar 10, 2007.

  1. Which is best the way of preserving velvet antler. To inject you with a seringe a liquid of the type preserv it or soak it to you in formol???
  2. riddlesx

    riddlesx Guest

    freeze dry them

  3. Inject with preseve it, and wrap them in a paper towel soaked in preserve-it. Good luck, Jared
  4. If i'm understand, sometime is worked and sometime it's does't work??
    Do you know, which factors can help you or harm to preserve fresh velvet antler ?
    Thanks for your help and soory for my english!
    Yan from Quebec, Canada
  5. Last year I got a 5 pointer in from a customer that was in full velvet(mid september). There was still some spots on the antler that was still soft, but most ares were pretty solid. I bought some Rittels Preserve-it and it worked awesome! What I did was took my smaller stout ruffer and tapped it all over the antlers to poke a bunch of small holes into the velvet. Then just get a syringe and start at the bases and just start pumping the fluid though the veins at the bases then go to the tips and so on, until the fluid goes from pinkish to clear. Take a paint brush and paint the outside of the antlers, Hang and let dry for about 2 to 3 weeks! Good luck.................Todd
  6. injecting is the worst thing you could do to preserve velvet, i have my own tanning solution and i do about 25 sets of caribou a year, never had any rot or start to smell..
  7. Rich, just curious, why is injecting the worst thing you can do? Thats what it said to do on the bottle of preseve it..The set my brother did came out fantastic with no smell. How would you recommend preserving velvet? thanks, Jared

    HOLMES Active Member

    Rich I hate to ask another question but I have one also. I have a set of small deer horns that have been in the deep freeze off of the skull for a couple of years not bagged. What do you think I should do to them before I mount the deer. They are full velvet not loose anywhere. Thanks
  9. Well...we have two solutions.
    1: inject in the vein with preserv it, or
    2: tan solution about Rich...

    So the question is, is t a secret your velvet tan solution??
    and another question, who have many succes with inject Preserv it ?
    Yan of Quebec, Canada
  10. Yan, The 5 ptr, my brother did was a late season bow kill.(sept.17) The directions on the bottle of preserve-it state to inject it. That kill is now two years old and there is no smell or rot. where Rich has done alot more, wait and see what he says to do. Jared
  11. Thank you so much jared, that a good information for me, and i think , i was go with Preserv it!!!
  12. well the thing about injecting is, you will never get that preseve-it through out the whole antler, i dont care how many people want to argue the fact but i know better, we have tried every thing under the sun on preserving and the injecting method is not recommended. you can poke holes in the antler and inject but all you are doing is maybe injecting a half inch around the needle or injecting hole...that does not get through out the antler and under the velvet to preserve it, some times you can get away with it and it wil not smell or rot but if you touch the velvet hair well fall out, i have seen hundreds of antlers injected and they have a smell to them. but like i said there is a chance you might get lucky....but i dont prefer to do business on luck...When i preserve velvet this is what i tell my customers, when its warm out side after you make the kill try to keep them cool and bugs off of them, i prefer to have the antlers with in 10 days of the kill and there is a 100% deposit made on all vevet preserving and there is no gaurantee on the preserving of antlers, thats because i dont know how long they have had them out in the sun, or how they were cared for..All the ones i have ever done, i have had about a 99% success rate

    my antlers soak for 3weeks submerged in my tanning solution. when they come out they get hung up and dont leave my shop untill they are totally dryed. depending on the caribou antlers this drying time can take a long time..

    Freezing also works to some degree..
  13. Wayne R

    Wayne R NRA and B&C Life Member

    I can see where Rich is coming from with this but Preseve-it does work pretty good. You should put lots of pin holes in the tips and try to force the preserve it into a vein at the burr to force the blood out of the velvet if you can. I took a small set of caribou antlers with the skull split and made a solution with the preseve it and placed them in it after puncturing all over the velvet. You can make a paddle with lots of small finish nails sticking through it to do this. After the required time I let them hang upside down so all the blood would drain out of it. This particular set had an odor to begin with and I had little faith that it could be saved, but it worked. It smelled while it was wet but was fine once it dry. If the tips are very soft versus starting to harden they may be better off being freezed dried.
  14. Rich, I appreciate you getting back. I to see where your coming from, and it's good to know. Sounds like your tann might be a family secret though. I'm not sure what Yan was preserving velvet on, bou or deer? By the looks of your work Rich you know what your talking about!!! Nice work. Jared
  15. well you never know, me tan might be for sale in the near future.......lol