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Select Woodworks ( formerly A&J's WOODWORKS) - STILL A LOSER

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Tmbrwlf52, Nov 11, 2010.

  1. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    Remember him coming in here saying he was sorry and would like to make up for past issues and start new, NOT still a Loser. I had emailed him often from the day he posted this and he did email me back twice saying he would pay up soon. Well it's been several weeks since then and still no refund. I have emailed him weekly and now it's no email returns at all for about a month now. Just venting and warning anyone who might want to think twice if you have any ideas of dealing with him, as far as i am concerned he is still a LOSER , John.
  2. disabled

    disabled Active Member

    He did the same with me emailed me and said he was going to and emailed me back a few times and now nothing john

  3. Shawn73

    Shawn73 Active Member

    i had a sheriff call me from where ever he is and there investigating all of this and he said they are doing all they can to fix this. i have no idea how he got my number and he said that he had a bunch of numbers from people he screwed over. its been a couple months now but i hope he gets what he deserves.
  4. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    Yea I have been in contact as well with Sheriff and they say they are trying but he may have moved out of the county and can't get to him.
  5. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    Well that would fit with what I am seeing from a new seller on here I suspected of being Allen himself so I think he is still on the site. Maybe you should ask that sheriff if he wants to see how real detectives work...LOL
  6. disabled

    disabled Active Member

    He better watch out if "Patrick J" gets on the case he is a good tracker Down Boy Down He knows how to sniff him out!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Tmbrwlf52

    Tmbrwlf52 Member

    LOL, Please give me your number so I can have them contact you, lol. Maybe those of us who have been jerked around all these months can get some satisfaction already. I also see that he had not logged in and watched the site like he used to, last look was Oct15. I am guessing you are correct Patrick that he may be in under a new name.Keep and eye out if you will and go get em ,expose the Loser as well if it is infact him. Thanks for all you do here Pal, John.