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OMG! Shipping cost rant!

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by PLTannery, Nov 17, 2010.

  1. Re: Oh MY Freaking GOD! McKenzie shipping rant!

    It's a problem that more and more people are experiencing. But it doesn't end there as I see it, because as you stated Mrs Chritton-Myers, you took your business elsewhere, which is the ideal way of registering your protest and saving yourself money. But if this practise of shock pricing you describe, becomes eventually a more far reaching problem, then surely we could find ourselves unable to opt for another supplier that hasn't adopted this same method of increasing profit. Just my thoughts, wishing you well, stargazer.
  2. Re: Oh MY Freaking GOD! McKenzie shipping rant!

    UPS shipping is increasing Jan 3 2011. I got an email from them about 2 weeks ago to that effect.

    Dear UPS Customer,

    We appreciate that you have chosen UPS as your trusted logistics provider, relying on us daily to help your business run more efficiently. Next year, the published rates for our services will be increasing; however, the value we offer through our innovative products and logistics know-how can help you be more competitive, serve your customers better, and grow your business.

    2011 Rates Information

    Effective January 3, 2011, UPS Daily Rates will increase as follows: UPS Ground services will increase a net 4.9% through a combination of a 5.9% increase in rates and a 1% reduction in the UPS Ground fuel surcharge; UPS Air and International services will increase a net 4.9% through a combination of a 6.9% increase in rates and a 2% reduction in the UPS Air and International services fuel surcharge.*

    Even with this change, Daily Rates for UPS Next Day Air® remain up to 6% lower than our largest U.S. private competitor for similar services.

    In addition, effective January 3, 2011, the dimensional weight divisor used to calculate dimensional weight will change from 194 to 166 for domestic U.S. UPS Ground and Air services shipments, and from 166 to 139 for U.S.-origin export shipments. To review these dimensional weight changes, as well as other accessorial changes taking effect on January 3, 2011, visit ups.com/rates on the following dates:

  3. JE

    JE Well-Known Member

    Re: Oh MY Freaking GOD! McKenzie shipping rant!

    Stargazer, I have found that with some of the smaller US companies shipping charges are not so bad, it pays to shop around. It just seems to be the "big boys" that charge completely hyped international charges. I don't even look at the big companies lists now. Even things like DVD's that weigh almost nothing, I was quoted well over $20 ( or was it 30 ?) from one big company and then less than half that from a smaller one.
    I get fish blanks sent over ( not the big company's) and the shipping charges are not that bad really, but then you have import duties and handling charges added .
    After reading these posts, I now realize that it is not just international rates that these big companies are charging through the roof for, and you guys are getting stung the same as ourselves. it must suck when your livelihood depends on it.
  4. Re: Oh MY Freaking GOD! McKenzie shipping rant!

    I can understand the frustration of shipping charges. If you operate a business and don't allow for these frequent increases you are DOOMED to fail. Yesterday I received ONE (1) wall ped manikin from Revolution and the shipping charge alone was $26.00 not counting the $56.00 for the manikin. If you want to stay in business you better make changes to your prices. But, the unfortunate thing is that you are going to have to pass these increases to the customer because if you don't you won't be able to stay in business for long. I sure wish we had Speedee service down here because these shipping fees are just outrageous. Oh, well life still goes on.....


    John Griffith
    Stearns, Ky
  5. dbess

    dbess New Member

    I feel your pain John.....1 Black Bear ped mannikin....shipping $19.....wasnt from Revolution tho.....
  6. Hi John, thanks for the advice concerning the shipping charges, and yes I shall check out things a bit more carefully from now on. You mention in your post something I hadn't really considered, the import duty and handling charges. These extras all count, and I am quite new to all this and hadn't really done my homework on purchasing abroad. But one thought comes to mind which your post has made me consider, and that is, the obvious difficulties applying our own postage method to goods we are purchasing. In a nut shell, I wonder if any supplier would allow us to use an alternative delivery service, in effect allowing the cheaper shipping cost and putting aside his own.
    Thanks again John and wishing you well, stargazer.
  7. What gets me is when I order something and they charge me $13 for shipping USPS and when I got the box the postage is printed at the top and says $3. I can see adding a little for the box but they are making an extra $10 off me. Add that to 20 orders a day and that's an extra $200 for doing nothing.
  8. Figured out the Deal... Which was even more backwater than I expected...

    I had acutally ordered 8 pairs of eyes, ONE pair was out of stock in Utah so it shipped out of WI... I HOWEVER was not told of this.... I was also NOT told that if an order ships from two locations you get charged DOUBLE shipping. Shipping Essentially from each location. Again I was NOT informed...

    Shipping would have been about $13 from each location. But since I was not told and not asked if I would perfer my shipment to come from one location they have credited my account the extra $13.

    I will DEFINATELY ask them to call me with the total with shipping before authorizing a charge from now on.
  9. cwt

    cwt Active Member

    well that explains it. I think I had that before andI called them and they ended up crediting me back.
  10. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    Since June, I still have not mastered this shipping thing yet. I usually dont charge enough. I am getting a little better though. I only lost $53.00 last month. :p
  11. I get that OS! Some days I'll get it all figured out and then I'll come in and a box will be $30 more than I quoted them...

    Whats worse is I had to buy some big (20 by 20 by 24)boxes cause I just couldn't get enough used ones locally and they were $10 each! I about freaked. But its the size that all of the bigger antlers, big salted skins and cape/antler sets ship in... So with insulation I'm into these boxes close to $15 without any shipping at all...
  12. pir^2h

    pir^2h Retrievers give you the bird

    I have seen a lot of talk about Speedee in recent times. If Speedee reaches a point where they capture a larger share of the U.S. shipping market, I will lay you odds that UPS will buy them out. Then everyone will basically be stuck with UPS, FedEx or USPS again and UPS will continue to jack up their prices because nobody will have a choice.

    Last summer I ordered a whitetail shoulder form from McKenzie. They told me it was in stock and would ship in the next 24 hours. OK, McKenzie is about maybe 150 miles from me. One, two days, right? About a week later it came...From Van Dykes in SD. I don't remember the exact shipping charges but I know next time when I order from them I will see it is in stock in NC before I order.
  13. Kerby Ross

    Kerby Ross KSU - Class of '83; U.S. Army - Infantry (83-92)

    That's what makes.......

    That's what makes buying stuff from your suppliers at taxidermy shows even better! No shipping, & most stuff is at a discount. And most states have an auction with great deals on mannikins. Just buy stuff that you will eventually use.

  14. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image Member

    McKenzie will ship usps. When I ordered the other day the gal said they have been having alot of complaints about shipping. They like to use bigger, and more boxes than they need to. Bringing the customers cost up.
  15. mike108

    mike108 New Member

    Just ordered 17 shoulder forms, couple panels, mounting stand- 6 boxes, shipping was $180.00.
  16. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    I got one for you.
    I have a client in Virginia who shipped me 3 frozen deer capes & 3 antlers. He shipped them overnight to me here in Ohio and the UPS Stored stuck him for $ 500.00 overnight shipping for the two boxes !!
    Now they were big boxes but that seems a little high to me !!
    Kinda makes you feel good about your work when a client is willing to pay an extra $ 500.00 (on top of what I charge him for the mounts) just to have me do them !!
  17. mike108

    mike108 New Member

  18. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    I know !! I could have driven to Virginia & back for a whole lot less money !! HAHA
  19. UPS store is a joke all in itself. $30 for a handful of peanuts and 14" of tape. ::)
  20. Heath Cline

    Heath Cline Well-Known Member

    Most of the UPS store might be a joke. But this one actually called me the day it was to be delivered to me to remind me it was going to be delivered that day & that I had to sign for the delivery.
    That is the first time I have had a shipper do that. Which was nice just incase I forgot or would be out of the shop.
    Oh & there was more like 10 gallons of peanuts and a whole lot more tape then that for these two boxes.