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*Does anyone who knows Whitetail Biology have an answer for this skull damage??

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by whitetailedvisions, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. I have this posted in gamehead too, just covering more ground.I took this in for a euro. mount and have never seen anything like it. There was no damage to the cape any where. The crater in the side of the face had a membrane over it and a chunk of fat on top of it between it and the cape. The growth plates are off on top of the head. The left antler base is pushed down into the eye. the Left eye is noticeably smaller than the right. Has almost no abnormalities in the nasal cavities, front or back. There are a lot of picts before and after. Please let me know what this is, definiate DORK, maybe inbred, or damage at young age????

    Thanks for any input.

    [br]I screwed with the brightness to try to better show it, so some pictures are tinted and or dark.[br]Before[br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br]After[br][br][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][​IMG][br][br]thanks
  2. AH7

    AH7 New Member

    Not sure what caused that abscess. Was it filled with puss? Could have been an infection?

    However, it is cool that the antler on the other side is deformed. That is what happens - any damage on one side (usually like a broken leg) causes the antler on the other side to grow deformed if at all. Cool specimen. Is it for sale?

  3. Very cool
  4. AH7/AUH12 doubt it, it is for a customer. I'll let you know if it is
  5. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    Neat-looking skull! Never seen that before. Doesn't look like a normal injury; this is the whole skull being affected by something, probably a disease or genetic issue. That gimpy antler also points to this being a genetic problem, though they do sometimes grow differently if a deer is injured early on. This is a tough one!
  6. almost looks like a genetic defect of some kind.. the one antler is messed up?? weird bone growth for sure.. LRC's right..
  7. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Old abscess....looks as if a poacher botched the shot.. entered from in front of the right eye and exited behind or below the left antler or vice versa..
  8. RF

    RF Member

    One of a kind, that's for sure. What is the white thing on the wall? Is that a skull hanger? If it is can you tell me where you got it?

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Bob

    Call Jerry 920-470-3280 www.woodcraftdisplay.com

    I think they are $10.00 available in multiple sizes
  10. Kurt27

    Kurt27 New Member

    Very cool looking skull. I killed a doe yesterday that had a large fluid filled sack on the front of its chest. We cut it open and there was a very small deer in it, like the size of a mouse! I assume it was twin.
  11. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    Holy crap! Did you take photos of it? That is AWESOME!
  12. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    Someone on here has a skull just like that. They posted a picture of it last year or so. Can't remember who. Looked to be some sort of abscess. I don't remember if Bot Flies were involved or not.