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A poor college student needs some help

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Fallofthewild, Dec 1, 2010.

  1. juniper

    juniper Active Member

    a. I thought you were done with this thread mr. fin and feather.

    b. you better get thicker skin if your going to be a fin and feather enforcement officer or you will need to bring several pairs of underwear to work daily...

    c. and if you are a fin and feather officer, you will not be welcome ,so to speak, here anyway...by many people...
  2. EJ

    EJ Proud Member of: Unaffiliated, Free Agent

    Hey I like your thread title! "A poor college student needs some help", Matter of fact I have been living that title for the past 2 years, but I don't need any advice...I need "MONEY" the larger the amount the better! Help a Student out! 8)

  3. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Thank you for validating most of my premises. You talk about ARROGANT, take a look in the mirror while your nose is still snotty. And Rage, PULEEZE, Your parents didn't take out a loan because it was CHEAP? You know, the more your generation talks the sadder the state of education in America seems. When your parents went to college, you could buy a hamburger, a fountain Coke and a banana split for $1. Was there, did it myself. Gas was running about 15 cents a gallon. HOWEVER, the minimum wage was $1 an hour. You try living on $40 a week today. They didn't GET college loans because the government wasn't into subsidizing whining kids at that time. If you needed help, you took out a loan at a local bank and you damned well would have to pay it off as you went instead of waiting till after graduation.

    Fall, I'm not through with you yet. You've already established the things that are "important" to you, so stick with them. Wait until taxidermy becomes one of them. You obviously have little imagination anyway. You can buy a card of acrylic buttons at Walmart that make better eyes that the crap you're using. Any kind of appliance or electronics today comes with some sort of foam that would carve quite easily. And grow a set and act like you're a man even if you're still a wannabe. STOP WHINING.

    Bangle, thanks for showing all college kids aren't the same. Hang in there. It'll pay off bigtime later on.

    E.J., you KNOW he doesn't want to hear YOUR story. That would mean that he'd have to suffer the hardship of losing his job and having to work to pay for college classes.
  4. RageofAnath

    RageofAnath Will make art for money or dead things.

    I'd say less "cheap" and more "affordable/reasonable." Neither of them had debt when they got out, and neither took out a loan from their local bank, or had their mommies and daddies paying their way. They were both able to pay in full from their own part time jobs. It's unreasonable now, again, due to the fact that college costs have increased at a rate higher than inflation. Your fast food meal is now proportional to a minimum wage job, but college isn't.

    And like I said, the government isn't giving me jack. I also don't think its the government's job to give me anything, its the college's job to make sure their prices are reasonable, which they are not doing on a national scale.
  5. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    here is a real hard fact of life. if you are majoring in fish and wildlife, there are no jobs available for you to ever be able to pay your loans off. REALITY CHECK TIME STUDENTS!!!! forestry, art, fish and wildlife, the humanitys, there have never been jobs commensurate with the cost to get the education. so get smart and switch degrees before it too late. to business or something you can get paid for and do your forestry/fish/wildlife as a hobby that you can AFFORD with the new accounting degree./ nope, life isn`t fair is it? but it is what it is and it will not change for you! this is the most valuable free education you will ever get if you take my advice. 40 years from now hopefully you will look back and think wish bob wendt was still alive so I could thank him for getting me out of the fairy land I waws living in.
  6. RageofAnath

    RageofAnath Will make art for money or dead things.

    Bob Wendt I wish you were immortal. Gonna miss you when I'm an old fart. ;D
  7. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    fwiw, I started out at purdue in wildlife managment and double in forestry. deans list traight "a`s" for 2 semesters. then looked at the senior job board and got a heck of a reality ck. I switched and got a degree that paid ,and now I can afford to trap and do forestry and wildlife management. it is hard to separate out hearts from our desires. like basketball players, how many of the thousands and thousands of young highschool boys ever end up in trhe nba? .000000001% maybe. so don`t let b-ball interfere with an education. but like wise don`t let your education interfere with your schooling either. rage, I am not that wise, I just learned a lot the hard way and wish to save others my degree in hard knocks. but like me, everyone mostly learns on their own. old folks are dumb anyway, everyone knows that.......
  8. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    And "arrogant". Don't forget that Bob.
  9. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

  10. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Bob your situation sounds alot similar to mine. I started college with a criminal justice major, but quickly realized that I would have nothing to fall back on and that you could be a cop or whatever with a degree in basket weaving so I switched to engineering. Best move I ever made, because while working 50+ hrs a week as a welder to put my self through school I developed asthma and when I went to take the PT test I couldn't pass it due to my severe asthma. It did take me 7 yrs to graduate since I worked my way through school, But I eventually got a job as an inspector in the building trade. Which led me to where I'm at now.
  11. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    This is EXACTLY why I chose to take the business direction. I took college level art classes all through highschool and even had a partial scholarship to an art school up north. However, getting a business degree is much more practical and with a degree like that, you can almost always find a job. There's comfort in knowing that lol.
  12. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    justr some old stories. I graduated from purdue in `72 with a dvm degree. I paid my own way thru from start to finish. worked in the cafeteria 60 cents and hour 40-60 hrs a week, same pay in the mouse and rat lab another 10 hrs a week and in the summer always held 3 jobs. not only paid my way thru, bought a brand new malibu forcash,for chasing the ladies . and actually banked money. so now when I hear some "minority" crabbing they can`t afford college, I think, uh huh..... I know better. you can be whatever you want and reach whatever level you want, if you really want it and not just talking about how poor you are.
  13. apwordsmith

    apwordsmith New Member

    Bangle, exactly. Bob, I'm sorry I wasn't frequenting here two years ago because I only woke up this fall and switched from English to Business. Couldn't agree more.
    I also know the reason I'm not currently employed is I'm not trying hard enough. There, I said it. And now I feel pathetic. Please excuse me while I spend the next few hours filling out every damn application I can get my hands on.
  14. RageofAnath

    RageofAnath Will make art for money or dead things.

    I've been avoiding the business/accounting route. You can get a job in a cubicle farm with any degree from some mushy liberal arts to mathematics anyway, its all about having a BA or BS on a piece of paper coupled with work experience. One of my roommates is getting an MBA but she's NEVER actually had a job so I have no idea what she intends to do...

    IMHO work experience and practical, marketable skills trump some b-s degree any day, and there's nothing you learn in college that you can't teach yourself.
  15. B.S.O'Hare

    B.S.O'Hare Member

    Bob, I worked in the mouse/rat lab at school too! I got my BS in Fisheries and Wildlife and used it for about 4 months right out of school, but that was a choice I made. I have friends that are still in the field, doing masters of PhD. I said you guys are ballsy, I couldn't handle much more school. They said it's either balls or stupidity, they haven't yet decided. They're still being told the same thing I was told 7 years ago when I started school, that the majority of the professionals in the field are getting older, and will be retiring soon. We'll see about that, most of them probably aren't retiring right now due to the economy. I think there are jobs out there, the students who are getting grades like you and I got in school (or better) will be getting them. It depends on how many you want to apply to. One summer I applied for about 40 jobs and had several offers. The top two were Alaska and Hawaii, I chose the latter. I couldn't say for sure, but I think there are jobs out there, probably just not as many jobs as people wanting those jobs...
  16. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    You are wrong. A professional place like a bank, would be a perfect example to show you how incorrect this statement is. Someone who has say 15 or more years of work experience can only move up so far no matter how long they work, while having a degree opens up many more doors for you in the line of promotions and pay raises. Professional business managers only allow people without a degree to move up so far, having a degree qualifies you for bigger and better opportunities that will not be available to someone that has nothing but a high school diploma and a lot of "experience".

    I know I am doing right by a business degree, and I know that was the smartest thing I could do rather then waist time and money at art school for the CHANCE I might have a high paying job. If someone is content paying back student loans for 40 years and working at a low paying job for the rest of their lives, and are simply happy in the fact they are doing a job they enjoy, that's fine. But, I'm not when I can kill 2 birds with one stone, be happy applying my leadership skills (which I enjoy and have developed in my business program) anywhere I would like, and have a job that is going to pay me well enough that I never have to tormoil over financial issues. That is just how I choose to live, and that is what I am working for in my business degree. And it's not like I don't enjoy my school either, I love it, and I love seeing and being able to break down how the working world works.
  17. RageofAnath

    RageofAnath Will make art for money or dead things.

    I didn't mean you shouldn't get a degree, I mean it doesn't matter which one you get. My boyfriend worked at State Street as a financial analyst for four years--he had an economics/accounting degree but he worked alongside art history (his manager) and physics majors who were doing the exact same job he was. So you can go to college, get a degree you enjoy getting, then go to the cubicle farms. Once you're there, its all about the office politics.

    That being said, he hated that environment and gave it all up -- the stability, the ensured promotions and growth (he was very well liked and respected), the career -- and went back to school to get a degree in a field he actually enjoyed. I know already I couldn't stand to work in a cubicle farm so I'm busting my butt never to go there.

    But hey, maybe that's the field for you, its just not for me.
  18. RumRunner

    RumRunner Nicholas Dugas, (337) 205-1269

    I have tried to ignore your post at large but WHAT?
    okay, get your art major and go try to get a job with an offshore drilling co. if you get one, IF, you better enjoy the lower rungs (which, at large, in no cubicle)

    My uncle has a nice job working with an offshore drilling co, but he has no degree. years ago, that was no problem. but he is not moving up the rungs anymore and kids with 4 year degrees in things like business, construction management, ect, are passing him up after a few years. Thats what Bangle is outlining.
  19. RageofAnath

    RageofAnath Will make art for money or dead things.

    I'm under the impression that's not a cubicle farm, which is what my comment was geared towards.

    On your uncle though, its probably more complicated than degree / no degree. I'd have to know more about the situation to pass judgement.
  20. Bangle

    Bangle New Member

    Getting a business degree does not mean you go work and sit at a cubicle all your life, that's a stereotype. You can do virtually anything with a business degree. If I wanted, I could manage and direct whatever art company that you will be working for. Because of my degree, I will be qualified to walk in and work over people with degrees in art, as an authority. I might not get to sit around and draw all day, but I would still be in the same field as you AND I would have higher pay. ;) I can also go be a hotel manager, or bank manager, I will be qualified to own a franchise, or start a small business, I would be way ahead of the game.

    With business, I can work in any field my little heart desires and be qualified to do so without having to slowly work up. I can go pretty much anywhere I want and bypass all entry level positions and be a leader or a manager...which better fits my personality type. I like to take charge and direct rather then work under someone at the bottom of a totem pole.