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Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by WTT03, Dec 4, 2010.

  1. I have a smaller colony housed in a 35gal. sterlite container and have had excellent success for the past 4 years with my beetles doing everything from pronghorn to bears to whitetails and all kinds of small game. I have someone that wants me to do a caribou for them. Here's my question: Do you think that I can get by with using the same container without a lid and putting alot of vaseline around the antlers to keep them from climbing out? Or maybe rigging up some kind of temporary cover to go around the antlers somehow?? (Help on this idea please). I have this container in a climate controlled area, indoors where I can keep the temperature controlled and keep other insects out. This is probably only going to be a one time deal for me to do something this big so if this is not going to work, what would you suggest for a very quick temporary housing unit to transfer the beetles into to do just the caribou then transfer back? I don't do enough skulls to keep a super large colony in a really large container so this would only be a temporary rig. Any suggestions/comments???? Thanx
  2. Bone Heads

    Bone Heads Kristen M. Armenia

    The antlers are going to stick out above the container, obviously. For a one time fix, try a flexible screen that you can drape over the antlers and extend down beyond the top edge of the container, then duct tape it all the way around. It won't be pretty, but it will work.

  3. Thanks for the reply BoneHeads. I think I may try that idea. Sounds like that may be the easiest and cheapest way...safest too! Thanks again.
  4. The screen works good, i have to do that with elk, tin foil on the bottom and i cut the screen to go around the antlers and then hot glue it around the tub, kind of a pain to take off but works well.