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Wow never had this happen before

Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by Cecil, Mar 13, 2007.

  1. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Today was a first in 24 years of doing fish taxidermy. Had a customer actually bring his bass in and tell me he was going to "look around some more" after looking at the 10 lb. bass I had on display. I know I'm not God's gift to taxidermy but this is a first. And I know it shouldn't bother me but after years of people ranting and raving about my work, and easily winning blue ribbons at the state level -- this is an ego buster.

    Oh well I guess I just have to chalk it up as you can't please everybody, and I've got plenty of customers that keep coming back. I told him no problem that was his prerogative, I had plenty of work, and made no fuss about it.

    I should have asked him what he didn't like about it, but I didn't really want to push it. Maybe the big sign over the doorway that says 50 percent deposit required on all work had something to do with it. ;D

    Sorry just had to vent.

    And please if you choose this opportunity to attack me just for the sake of attacking me I'd prefer you didn't. Just some honest replies.
  2. Cecil..there's plenty of fish in the sea ! I think the %down scared him off ! maybe, he didn't have that much cash with him, and got scared, and "Balked"....Just my thought ! You do fine fish ! don't sweat it ! What's that...1 in a 1,000 ? He'll be back soon ! With some $.....

  3. PJK1944


    Cecil first of all after 24 years you said it yourself, you can't please everybody and don't even try. Stay true to "Your repeat customers" and let the fly by night guys go up the street. I bet he couldn't afford the 50% deposit and when you finished his fish if you were to have done it, the fish would have sat on your wall months after you called him to come and pick up his fish.. Don't lose any sleep over it, if you want to forget this happen write a little note of this on your hand. And then go wash you hands with soap and water and watch the ink go down the drain, dry your hands and make yourself a cup of coffee and go look a that 10lb. bass and say too yourself good job!!! Then get back to work..Stay Cool. Rick Kennair.
  4. Chad See

    Chad See Certified "Fish Head"


    Personally, I find it hard to believe that he didnt like the work. My guess it was more of dropping the cash that moved him along. Think of it like shopping for a ring for your girlfriend or your wife. You go to the jeweler with full intent to buy a ring, but after you get there and look around, see the prices, think about your bank account, suddenly you are "just looking." Dont take it to heart. It is tough to lose a customer, but 99% of the ones I dont get are because of price, and nothing more. He wanted a Mercedes, but decided to settle for a Geo Metro. His loss.

    Just my opinions.


    Just another thought, maybe he has his own idea of what the fish is supposed to look like and it is always a possibility that your mount didnt portray the bass in the way that he visualizes a bass. Nothing wrong with your work, it may just not have been what he "thought" he wanted.
  5. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    hey hey hey, easy on the geo metro comments, you seen gas prices lately? Seriously though Im sure it was the deposit that scared him, like posted above he probably would of left it on youre wall for a year anyway, youre better off.
  6. Wayne R

    Wayne R NRA and B&C Life Member

    If he did come back, I'm not too sure I would want him as a customer. It just sounds like there would be a problem one way or another. I'm guessing you are better off that he wants to look around, what ever the reason may be. More than likely it was a money issue.
  7. dougp

    dougp Active Member

    Cecil....just a thought, how big was his bass? Could it be that after looking at your 10lb.er he didn't think his fish really measured up and maybe it wasn't "big enough". I've had some customers intimidated by seeing some of the "bigger' fish in my showroom. I've actually had to tell them that it wasn't all about size...it was the sentiment, the memory...etc., etc.....I've tried to display average size fish so if a guy came in with a 5lb. bass he wasn't surrounded by "monster' fish. Buuutt I put my customer pickups in the showroom so sometimes cust. are seeing some pretty big fish. That guys fish may languish in his freezer and it may have nothing to do with "shopping around"....or your quality or price. ;D ;D ;D
  8. Monty Artrip

    Monty Artrip Active Member

    Cecil, I have been to your place and seen your work. If he did not like what he saw, he will not like anyones. I agree he did not have the deposit. I inform people they can leave the fish but they have 30 days to come up with the deposit and also include this on the contract.
  9. tracy

    tracy coon dogs

    just water under the bridge
    with out a doubt it was the $ down
  10. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Wow thanks for the kind words all! :'( :'( :'(

    I don't think I'll ever know for sure, but I really do hope he doesn't come back. I felt like the white guy on American Idol cut me down. LOL

    If he calles and says he wants to bring it over afterall I'll tell him I'll pass on it as I have too much work as it is and I need to get caught up. :D

    Doug P. Bass on the wall was Florida bass and a shade under 10 lbs. His bass was about 8 lbs. and also a Florida bass. You do have a good point but I don't think that was it as he was having it mounted for his father.
  11. duckfeathers

    duckfeathers New Member

    Cecil. I've had this happen with quite a few times. (Deer and birds too). My new customers are usually referred from old ones. I asked and was told my price was too low. Some people are all ego and feel they got the best because they paid the most.
  12. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    It wasn't price as I we never talked price. I recently raised my price and I'm probably the highest in the area.
  13. 1tigger

    1tigger Active Member

    sounds like the kind of person that wouldn't be pleased with anything .
    I'm thinking he would have been more of a pain in the a$$ to deal with than what it was worth .
    I'm sure you have see that kind before .... it's a little dark can you change that , that doesn't look like my fish did , why is it's tail curved so high .
    In this case you're probably better off without his business .
  14. rnviper3

    rnviper3 New Member

    i actually like it when a customer comes to look at my work, then goes looking around.. they usually come back. well all of those have so far. i actualy have business cards on my wall of other taxidermist in my area. its a real ego booster when those guys come back and tell me about the work of others. my fish are far from as good as what ive seen of yours. don't worry about this guy. like stated above, he probably didnt have or didnt want to spend the cash.
  15. M.T.

    M.T. Active Member

    hey cecil, maybe he had to come check out my work next.(LOL) Just joking! But really, I have found that doing taxidermy for 36 years now, that the industry has really got a much more higher standard. The fish I was doing 15 years ago are only average of what taxidermists are doing today. The customer, for the most part, knows this! These guys have all been around to the cabella stores and gander mountains. There is a higher standard now for taxidermy. Allthough you may be the very best in your area, or state as far as that goes, he really may still want to look around and make that decision himself. I think he'll be back, and if not, oh well! With all of the sport shows and association shows going on, there can be seen a lot of mounted fish, and most of these places dont hang up fish that suck! I myself have to stay just one step better than anyone around. I can do a lot better, but prefer not too. I do not agree with the guys that say that every fish should be like a competition mount. In five years, when the newer guys are better, I will step it up and be one step better then. There is no Arrival in taxidermy. We have really just begun to scratch the surface. We will NEVER be as good as or even close as our Creator. Thats my two cents worth!
  16. TrailsEnd

    TrailsEnd Don't forget the elderly, the young and disabled

    Truth of the matter is the guy probably wouldn't recognize great work if he saw it. He was probably interested in one thing. A CHEAP PRICE. And yes the 50 percent deposit probably irked him. Better off without customers like that. Let him take his 10 pound bass down the road and have it done at a real bargain price. He'll be calling later on asking you to fix it. I tell them it's too late now.
  17. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    Good points M.T. but at the risk of sounding crass I see more bad work out there (even at high end places) then good work. I know there are discriminating customers and most of my customers are, but for every discriminating one there seem to be five that look at price first and don't even see the things we see in a mount.

    Not complaining and if he does call again I will send him on his way. But it was just weird as I have never had that happen before.

    Now I did have a customer for the first time 2 years ago pick up his brown trout and was extatic with it. Two days later I get a letter that says he's not happy it doesn't look like his brown trout. He's happy as a clam and two days later he's not happy? Figure that one out.

    Thing is he is a firiend of another taxidermist (why he brought his fish to me I don't know) and I am almost positive his friend got a look at it and criticized it. It was an excellent mount and if I am guilty of anything I brightend up the colors a little compared to the dead fish picture he gave me of a brown that had been on ice all day.

    That guy I chalk up as an idiot, as I never could get ahold of him to discuss it. He didn't have the balls to call me. And like I said I think the other taxidermist had something to do with it as he is a horse's ass. Think's he's God's gift to taxidermy but hasn't competed in 20 years. He knows he wouldn't have a chance even in the amateur division. He goes the cheap route on his fish (one eye) and is quite the braggart.
  18. Muley 69

    Muley 69 Mule deer ROCK!!

    My guess is the guy didn't really want the fish mounted. I remember the first trophy I caught. A 6.5 lb. largemouth, not bad for the middle of Nebraska. I didn't care what it cost me I was going to get that fish mounted. I couldn't get that fish to the taxidermist fast enough. I didn't care what it was going to cost it was going on the wall. $249 and a year later when I picked it up was when I decided that I wanted to learn to do taxidermy. I thank him daily for the crapy job he did and love the fact that a rattle snake I did for one of 'his' customers is biting the ass of a bobcat that he mounted. I know he has seen the mount as his customer is his cousin. WOW! I feel better.
  19. The influence from friends and relatives of your customers can be huge. Most often in a good way but then sometimes , not so good. In a recent batch of over 50 walleyes, one was just exceptional. The fish had no scars and the skin held it's markings well so that mounting it was a breeze. The customer picked it up and seemed to be happy but I thought he would really show praise (must be cause I'm a legend in my own mind, LOL) a few days later he stops by unannounced and, pointing to the lateral line says, I ruined his fish and look at the cut mark in the side. I wanted to ask him if he was on acid or something but instead explained to him that ALL fish have a lateral line. He said,"not my friends mounted fish" I then explained that his friends fish most likely had inferior mounting techniques or poor painting and probably was over painted. He still was resistant and I was forced to take a fresh fish from the deep freeze and run some water on it to show him the LL. I honestly believe that there are those out there that can't see quality, good OR bad but, if their friends like it then,...hey, they must like it too! .
  20. Cecil

    Cecil Well-Known Member

    I had someone vist my shop once years ago when i still lived at home. It was two guys and the one that wasn't there to pick up a fish wanted to know why the hell i chopped off the spiny dorsal fin off of a northern pike I had hanging. I told him the pike has a soft dorsal fin near the tail but nothing that far foward. Oh but he was emphatic that I had cut the fin off. Finally his friend told him to shut the hell up he didn't know what he was talking about. ;D

    Had a guy call me up egging me on to bad mouth my closest competitor at the time. It was as obvious as the nose on my face that my competitor was up to this.

    And ever notice you can usually tell if one of your competitors is pretending to be a potential customer to see what your prices are. ;D