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New guy has questions

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by fl honky, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. fl honky

    fl honky New Member

    I recently shot a nice coyote and i have him skinned out to tan him. I would like to tan him myself and i think i have the basics of it figured out but i have a few questions about some of the process. 1st, do i need to do anything with to the ears and nose before the tanning process? Is a fur stretcher required for tanning if i am not going to sell the fur? i will probably "practice" on some raccoons first so i can get comfortable with everything and i dont mess up my beautiful coyote pelt. any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. skinner26

    skinner26 Active Member

    Yes u will need to turn the ears as far as u can to the edges and trim down the nose as much as u can. Never leave any meat. If not u will have hair fall out. The Stretcher will note be needed if u r trying to do a flat skin. U will have to work it a lot after it drys to break the skin fibers back lose. Look in Van Dykes they have some kits that will give u every thing u need to tan one with. And a paper tailing u what steps to do. Good luck.