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32" Mule Deer Euro

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by PLTannery, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. This is a big boy. over 32" maximum outside width. VERY mature buck with heavy beams. 5 by 3 scorable, Brow tine is buck-broken. Awesome color on this set of antlers.

    No notable damage to skull. Might have slight damage around the jaw hinge where the customer removed the lower jaw.

    Fresh Frozen. Beetle Cleaning and Whitening available.

    Raw skull will not ship before Jan 3rd.

    Will Ship Oversized.

    $250 Plus Shipping.

    Pics to follow.



  2. What do you want for the kitty cat?
  3. LOL! The cat is a customers. I have one alot like it that I fleshed out today and one to do tomorrow. These 6-6.5' cats run $30 to $45 a Linear foot overall once they are Turned, Fleshed and Salted. If your interested Drop me a PM.
  4. Hotwheels

    Hotwheels New Member

    im interested in one of your cat skins.do you have any males , and whats the final price
  5. Hotwheels.. Send me a pm and I'm gonna have pics and prices before the end of today.
  6. Hotwheels

    Hotwheels New Member

    hello, im looking to replace a male in the 160 to 180 pound range for my wife.lets talk.thanks for the reply. jon
  7. I have NOTHING that big yet. Everything I have is 80 to 110 pounds tops.
  8. Hotwheels

    Hotwheels New Member

    what are the chances of getting one over 150 pounds, male only.i really need one. thanks jon
  9. I've had 4 in the shop in the last 2 years out of 10 cats(8 this year alone) so the chances are good for more coming in but I never know what my clients are gonna keep or sell.