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Homemade Expressions Please pray for her.....

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ramaromain, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. ramaromain

    ramaromain New Member

    Hello everyone. I am posting this message for Rod and Ashley Romain with Homemade Expressions...As many of you know Ashley had an appointment Monday to get a tooth pulled out which was supposed to be a normal routine. However, she ended up having to get surgery to get it removed because her bone had grown around the tooth root. She came home Monday and was sore but ok. Tuesday and Wednesday consisted of a lot of pain medicine and sleeping for her. Thursday evening she woke in major pain and Rod took her to the hospital. She was admitted for a bone infection from the exposed socket from the tooth removal that was spreading into other parts of her lower jaw bone. It is now Saturday and they are keeping her until at least Monday. Please pray for her. She has 6 boys with me right now hoping to see their mommy before Christmas. I am not for sure how many customers are waiting for orders but please be assured that you will be recieving them. I am their new 'secretary' for the time being and I will be checking messages over the next couple days and I will answer any questions as best as I can. Rod is very worried about Ashley right now and is trying not to panic at the workload that he has waiting for him once he returns home. Please prayer for Ashley to have a fast recovery and I am sure one of them will be contacting all of you once everything has turned around. They will make sure that their customers are all taken care of, I know that this could not have happened at a worse time for them because they had just brought in extra help to get things done. Thank you and Happy Holidays...Tayler
  2. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member

    I work in the medical field, and this doesn't add-up. Many people have complications from oral surgery, which include infections of the oral mucosa, nerve synapse's, and "bone", however most, if not all, are pretty minor, and treated with antibiotics from home: zithromax, cillin's, whatever. If she was truly septic from it, it would make sense, but it generally takes much longer than 2-3 days to become septic from ANYTHING.

    If she's admitted to a hospital, I would be asking the Dr, WHY?

    Can't help being a little judgemental here, as I am one of the MANY waiting on plaques to, and was told they were to be shipped weeks ago..

    Again, if she's admitted for sepsis, I wish her my best, but someone needs to be asking questions... A minor oral infection ISN'T a reason to be an inpatient in a hospital setting... I'm pretty sure that NONE of the health insurance companies will cover/pay for that stay either.

  3. EA

    EA Well-Known Member

    I'll pray for her.The Man can sort it out.

    Prayers sent. Get well soon.
  4. redwolf

    redwolf New Member

    Wow. That sucks. I hope she heals up OK. Jaw bone infections are NOT minor. My wife is missing some bone from her jaw where they had to take it out because of an infection from getting a tooth pulled.
    And yes, she had to stay in the hospital for a while.
  5. Aktrpr

    Aktrpr New Member

    My mother several years ago had the same thing happen. They were pulling a tooth and the bone was attached or grown around the tooth root or whatever and they had to do surgury. She still ended up in the hospital for a few days in a lot of pain. Well at least she would have been without the morphine...
  6. skippy

    skippy Member

    thoughts and prayers go out to her and her family
  7. Kevin Halle

    Kevin Halle Active Member

    Prayers sent...
  8. Prayers sent and God Bless. Frank
  9. DDavis

    DDavis New Member

    hope she gets well soon
  10. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    Yes, lets hope for a speedy recovery!
    I hate when Linda is down and hurtin ! Wish I could take it for her!
  11. Prayers sent, and wishing she is soon well, stargazer.
  12. thefirlodge

    thefirlodge New Member

    My boy was in the hospital a few months ago when an abscessed root caused a case of cellulitis. IV antibiotics were needed.
    Best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.
  13. backcountrychad

    backcountrychad Active Member

    Get well soon girl.
  14. Prayers for you Ashley and Family. :p Hope your feelin better soon. ;D.........Jeff
  15. RTtaxidermy

    RTtaxidermy My Daughters Elk

    Prayers sent...Get well soon Ashley
  16. Tayler....since you are the interim secretary maybe you can help me. If you are answering messages, I have left four messages over the last four days and I have not received a reply. I also found it strange that all of the previous phone numbers such as Rod and Ashley's cell phones and one additional number I had were all no longer in service. I had just called them on these numbers only a day or two previously and no one made mention of this change. My base was supposed to be shipped on five different occasions, the first time it did not come when it was supposed to and no one would answers my calls for approx a week or longer, and when they did Rod told me the base rolled off of a table and broke and he was going to make another before I found out. The second time it was supposed to go out and I didn't get it when it was supposed to arrive, Rod told me he wasn't happy with how it looked and wanted to redo the veneer....no big deal just let me know what is going on, so I'm not expecting it. Then the third attempt I waited a week and nothing came, Rod said it was at FedEx and the label was damaged when I inquired. So he fixed the label and it was set to go out....another week went by and I finally got the tracking number from them and looked it up. A new label was created but FedEx never received it for shipment. I was told by Rod that it sat in the same FedEx drop off location and they hadn't done anything with it so I removed it and took it home. He then told me he would ship next day on Thursday 12/16/10 via UPS with next day shipping and that I would have it no later than Friday by noon.....well it's Monday the 20th and I still don't have it. Either these people have the worst luck possible or it is BS...I still want to believe them....I just want my base please Its been almost 3 months for a one week project.
  17. Prayers sent
  18. ramaromain

    ramaromain New Member

    Guess who just got home, me, and it is quite a joy to read some friendly comments from some people that we consider friends....
    Okay, to start with, thank you for all the prayers. Yes this really blows right now especially because I had to be away from my family and on top of that hear about some people on here leaving negative postings without Rod or I being able to reply.

    To start with, 'dylanthomas' you are Bob Sloan and I do not doubt this for 1 second. I have every single file from sales since this business has started and I have NEVER dealt with 'dylanthomas'. So here is a question for your dumbass: what did you buy? How much did you pay? How did we ship and to what address? What date did you purchase? Answer ALL of these questions and then I am sure I can call you out further. You have done everything to get to me including threatening my well being and my family. This is by far not a joke to me. As for you reporting me to the better business bureau, I am giving you 2 fingers pointing in your direction and I guess you can figure out which fingers those are. And here is also a clue for you: I am not the only one involved with this business but you choose to point your crooked finger at me, just me. Get a life Bob. Someday you will be in deep crap for all the threats to women that you do. Are you gonna be the next Charles Manson because you sure seem to be.?? I am not scared of you. I may be blonde and seem funny and ditzy, but mess with me and you will have a severe fight on your hands. Pretty cool over a Texas shaped plaque that you had no idea how to use in the first place. Right??

    As for you 'Obarr' you do not deserve our products and your transaction is going to be officially reversed by this evening. Yes it is done, yes it is packaged, it only needs a shipping label and it would be down the road. But now your plaque is up for sale. It really sucks that you are the type of person that has no sympathy for anyone especially because you are in the medical field yourself. I did not ask for this to happen and I can't exactly give the broken tooth a punishment for making me deal with being poked and prodded so much over the last week that I just wanted to be put into a coma so that I did not have to deal with the pain of feeling like someone took a hammer to my face. I was a real joy; maybe it will happen to you sometime and you will be able to experience what I did. Merry Christmas.

    Vince, you are a great guy. To say that we have the worse luck of anyone, you really have no idea. It is actually an ongoing joke between Rod and I as to when we are gonna get our break. If something is gonna happen, it will happen to us. That is just how it is. Rod freaked over your base from the beginning. He put sooooo much time into it because of what you are using it for. We have people in and out of here all the time and all the compliments that he has received on this particular item is unreal. Your base was ready to go out of here almost immediately once we got the piece in from the mill. But if Rod seen the smallest flaw that nobody else could see he took the time to either redo a whole complete section or stand there analyzing it for hours on end shining a light on it to make sure it could be fixed and that there was not anything major causing the 'flaw.' You have had discussions with both Rod and I and we believe that we were on more of a personal level with you. You do not live that far from Michigan. Come on up for a weekend and you can see exactly the type of people that we are. Then maybe you will see that we are no where near the type of people that bs or would steal or rip anyone off and our babies can break you in real quick as to how much time mommy and daddy spend in the shop making sure our products are PERFECT. Actually any one of our friends and family members could vouch for that one. As for the shipping mishaps, it was not only your package that got tossed around. FedEx, we are discovering, is not the most reliable shipping company and we are figuring out. However, they save everyone a lot of money and right now that seems to me that is what everyone wants. You choose to have it taken from FedEx and shipped UPS overnight. That was fine. But I have to admit that I freaked when I seen that it was going to be $172 just to get it to you that quickly. I chose for Rod to talk to you about that and let you know how much it was going to be and to see if it would be alright for us to just use UPS and ship it normally. Had this of happened you would have the base already. I was not willing to pay that kind of money without Rod discussing it with you first but Rod was insistent and I was insistent and it turned into a fight between us. Hey money is money and it is way to close to Christmas to pay that kind of money for an item to be shipped that is not needed until March from my understanding. It would have been cheaper for him to drive it to you. As for our phones, we go directly to Thumb Cell and pay for our service. We were not in the area, the bill did not get paid and the 2 numbers (989)551-2894 and (989)551-3419 were not in service. Cell phones are a luxury and sometimes other things have to come first. However, our business line (989)912-2048 is up and running. That line was only down a few days because of a snow storm that hit Michigan a week ago and literally closed local highways to a day. Our area was pretty much paralyzed so imaging telephone line and electrical lines. There were numerous outages in our area; and no this is not an excuse or a line of bs. I will gladly post our local paper for proof of what happened. ;)

    All and all, we love what we do and we wish that we could snap our fingers and produce our products. If we had to start this all over again we would definitely wait and do this when our children are older and we had a huge inventory ready to go. Actually, last night to be honest, Rod and I were discussing taking a few months this coming year and doing an inventory and only selling what is ready to go. The only bad thing to that is we sell so many different items that have different sizes, edging, shapes, etc. and there is not one particular item that stands our amongst everything else as a 'top' seller this year. We have sold a lot and the sales keep coming, despite the bashing from anyone that has nothing better to do than bring your frustrations out on us because your life's suck so bad. Come to our house and talk to us face to face and not on a computer. We gladly welcome anyone to come here. Our door is open. It would be great for one of our customers off of this forum to come for a visit; I know a few of you are from Michigan. It is the only way to get the 'true' effect of what really goes on here. To say that we are irresponsible or lazy or liars is just as it sounds: BS. We have a long following of satisfied customers from all over the US. If any of you choose not to be one of them then it is what it is and at least we can say that we tried and we greatly appreciate that you at least gave us a chance and if we failed miserably, we apologize. We are are a 2 person team with helpers here and there, but anyone that has their own business knows how hard it is to find help from someone who will treat someone's business as if it was their own. It just doesn't happen. Either Rod or Tayler will be personally contacting our customers shortly. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Lets all pray for a good one. Ashley
  19. thefirlodge

    thefirlodge New Member

    Glad you are doing better Ashely. Best wishes.
  20. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Member


    You weren't sick three weeks ago... I guess I don't deserve your plague then, but are you GOING TO REFUND MY MONEY? My job requires me to look at everything with a grain of salt, and find the underlying cause, if there is one. Generally takes longer than 2 days to develop an Osteo infection, but what do I know. I was also offering insight into talking with the Dr to find out if anything else was going on(the patient isn't always told everything)
    If you recall in my statement, I did say: If you were truly in the hospital, than I wish you my best... or something to that effect. Consider me heartless if you must, but I've heard HUNDREDS of stories and excuses from numerous individuals this year, and this transaction's been no different thus far.

    Sell the plaque's to someone else, I'm sure they'll get them within the next couple months. But you took payment out my bank account(even though you said you wouldn't until it was shipped). So when will I be seeing this refund?