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Unusual deer.

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by dsbragg, Dec 19, 2010.

  1. Had a customer drop this FL buck off just now. Beautiful markings on the face and has a funky ear on him. Looks like a deformity as there were no sings of injury new or old. It just grew that way. Cartilage will not allow the ear to be raised up, only front to back. Customer wants it as is so will be cool to work it out.



  2. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    that is interesting, will make a fun mount.

  3. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Love that coloration on the face! Dennis, what the heck do your deer rub on down there. Those antlers look like they have a few coats of danish walnut on them or something!(LOL) They have a really rich look to them.
  4. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Looks like someone already hit him with the Dan D Nozzler too! LOL

  5. Matt, we are the state of planted longleaf pines. Over half the rubs you will find are on the saplings. The pine has a heavy flow of sap and causes that rich red/brown color. They smell like a Christmas tree. LOL We don't get them very big here often, but they sure are pretty. ;)
  6. Joe Winsor

    Joe Winsor Active Member

    Also looks like someone took a hacksaw and cut a few points off....
  7. It does Joe, :D the brows were the only tines not broken off.
  8. backcountrychad

    backcountrychad Active Member

    I have never seen that. WOW!!
  9. Matt

    Matt Active Member

    Interesting Dennis, thanks for the info. I get in a few in that are darker in color with pine tar, but not that dark. Those are really cool though.
  10. where was this one taken?

    TIM DUNCAN surry county va

    thats cool

  12. Somewhere south of Orlando is all I know, said he was hunting on an invite from a friend of his.
  13. Cool deer for sure. I've never seen antlers break that clean and straight across. Love the color of that rack.
  14. Light Rail Coyote

    Light Rail Coyote Active Member

    Thing that caught my attention was those cut off tines. They don't look natural. Wonder what on earth happened to this guy???
  15. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    He was rubbing on a hacksaw.
  16. Mason

    Mason Active Member

    Almost looks like someone dubbed his antlers off, like they do at the petting zoo ;D
  17. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Dennis, did you per chance age him? He looks as if he's an old deer winding down. Their "points" tend to be stubby looking anyway. As for the ear, I've had one in the shop and seen one in the wild over the years. I always supposed that they'd broken the cartilage during fights with deer whose anters came through and back on to their heads.

    Does the customer want it mounted floppy eared? Mine didn't and we put them back up as if he were "normal".
  18. George I put him at least 6+, hard for me to age much past that once they are that old, don't get to many down here that make it. ::) He was run down, small neck, loose skin and was said to have gone 125lbs.....not gutted. The guy wanted it as is, ear and all. I noticed the folds it has will not come out or lay flat. The cartilage was thick causing it to fold and it is about 2" short of the other ear in length. He was pretty set on it just like it is. I offered to fix the broken, and they are broken :D, tines but he said he wanted it like he was, I respect that. I did tell him I was going to add a disclaimer on the ear, on the back. ::)
  19. redog76

    redog76 New Member

    someone cut those tines

  20. Yeah, someone chased down and caught a wild deer, cut all but two tines, then let it go so this guy could shoot it. ::)