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First offering of the season: OTTER, BOBCAT, SKUNK

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by newhouse114, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. newhouse114

    newhouse114 Member

    Sorry, but no pics except for bobcat. Those that have done business with me in the past know that my descriptions are as good as a photo. Everything I offer is 100% ready to tan and mount. ALL prep work has been done on the faces, ie lips split, eyelids split, ears turned, nose cartilage split and skinned to the edge, feet skinned to nail, fully fleshed, and salted.
    I have two striped skunks, nothing fancy on the stripes, not narrow, not super wide, but nice looking animals. One is 17 inches to the butt and the other is 15 inches to the butt. The smaller one has a tiny split on the lower lip that probably won't even show when mounted. The larger one has a tooth hole through the edge of the lower lip but shouldn't be a proplem either. A couple tiny fleshing dings on both skins that probably won't require repair. Both skunks are DORSAL cut.

    The bobcat is a small male that goes 24 inches to the butt. It has a small cut on BOTH front feet. I have no idea how it got cut on the foot that wasn't trapped. Both cuts are minor and easy fixes. This is my son's cat and I have told him over and over to chest shoot or use the catch pole but he got excited and popped it 'tween the eyes with the .22. Case skinned.

    I have three otter ready to go, all are very dark coastal Oregon otter.
    #1, male, 41 inches overall, 25 inches to butt. This otter has a couple of "issues". He is missing a claw on a front foot and has a small (less than 1/2 inch) "x" shaped hole under his lower jaw maybe 1/2 to 3/4 inch from the end of the jaw. I have pushed the skin together and it appears that it will sew together without any problem. I am fairly certain that another otter chomped him in the face causing the hole.
    #2, female, 43 inches overall, 26 1/2 inches to the butt. A beautiful specimen. I honestly can't remember if it is on #1 or #2, but one of these has what I call a brain fart cut on the underside of one front wrist, just a slip of the knife and about a 3/4 inch straight slice, ooooooooooops!!
    #3 is a very large male of about 25 lbs.. 45 inches overall and 29 inches to the butt. I won't call this a "perfect" specimen, but pretty dang close!!
    All otter are case skinned.

    prices: skunks are $45/each to your door, Bobcat is $85 to your door, otter #1 is $75, #2 is $100, and #3 is $125 to your door.


    2006-2007 season
    Natures Reflections Taxidermy:
    I buy so much crap half the time I dont remember what it is when it arrives. Anyho I bought a CIVET spotted skunk for the old ladys first mount, it arrived today and was perfect. Nice skunk with an excellent prep job, thanks Chuck! Mark

    second deal with Natures Reflection:
    Once again very
    pleased, excellent prep job. This is going to be my mount for the state
    show. Thanks again. Mark

    Second transaction with Chuck and once again couldn't be more pleased. I purchased an otter from him and it was exactly as stated. I will always be willing to pay a little extra for good quality service. Thanks Chuck, Mark WWW.NATURES-REFLECTION.COM

    Nate Hart:
    Chuck is great to work with. I highly recommend! You'll be pleased.

    Alpine Wild Sheep:
    I agree,Chuck is good to work with.Made a purchase from him. The items and details were exactly as he said.Martin.

    Albert Fava III
    Hey Chuck:
    Package arrived today. You are the best at packing of all my puchases on the net.
    Tell me when your freezer starts to fill up again.

    Sea Wolf
    Received a civet from him. Was in better shape than I hoped. Bought sight unseen and I am very pleased. He means it when he says de-scented too (exept the dogs were VERY interested as to what was in the package) If I have more funds to play with next year I'd really like to get a nice, big, fluffy male to match it. Many thanks Chuck.

    Tim Bovard
    Thank you. Well I do feel somewhat guilty about taking so many of your good specimens. But once I find a supplier that provides quality I prefer to buy from that person. Your well prepped specimens are a joy to work with. As you say they go right into pickle and I do not have a concern about spoilage.

    Got the otters today. Of course with your good prep they went right into pickle. Boy that female is a big one. Thank you for your work. You have provided me with some good skins to play with this year.

    I certainly bought more than I planned to because of your excellent prep work. It not only gives me piece of mind on shipping, It also saves me prep time. Time of course is very valuable.

    Well you should have more clients than you can handle. I will spread the good word on your quality skins at the WTC in Reno. I thank you for providing Quality well prepped skins that I do not have to worry about. I believe most knowledgeable taxidermists will value what you provide. There are those that only will look for bargains and I believe that is not the market to go after. Take care

    Anna Dominguez (gravity kills)
    Got the bobcat this morning, looks GREAT! Thank you So much! I will post pictures when I get him mounted. -Anna

    Beth Moates
    Hi Chuck,
    I have the kitty, he is in the tan. He looks great!! You did a fantastic job with him. If you get anymore like him let me know. I'll buy them.
    Thank you , Beth

    2007-2008 season

    Steve Hoyt (yeah boy)
    The skunk looks great. thanks a bunch man great job skinning and turnning. i have never skinned that way but i think i like it. if you get any other capes, or hides of other types of animals feel free to let me know first. Thanks again
    Steve Hoyt

    Chuck. I have personally never bought any of your hides. Nor Blake's for that matter. However many of my students have. thus I have inspected quite a few, and have always been pleased, No, wait! impressed with what I have seen. Tenbears

    Just letting you know i got the skunks today they were great, very good prep work. Thanks . I also left good dealing post for you.

    received coyote yesterday very nice prep work, thank you for a great skin.


    2008-2009 season

    Eric Billings
    White Cloud Creek Taxidermy
    (two bobcats)
    Yes, they are great, have them in the tan. I really liked the excellent job you did in fleshing and turning. if you get anymore let me know! thanks
    (second purchase)
    Great cat as always! thanks so much, I like where you put the tags... No holes! I love being able to just throw it in the tan. let me know if you ever have anymore, I love buying from you!

    Elizabeth Osborne
    got the otter today, and I couldn’t be happier. thanks again

    James Christianson
    Checked out the Skunks this morning. Everything looks great. I left pos feed back.
  2. trm

    trm New Member

    PM sent

  3. Pm sent on the skunks thanks britny
  4. newhouse114

    newhouse114 Member

    Never recieved your pm about the skunks
  5. mermurb

    mermurb Member

    Interested in Bobcat, can you please call 517-467-4641. Thanks
  6. newhouse114

    newhouse114 Member