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Big blue tom bobcat with all the bells and wistles

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by J. Ivy, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. J. Ivy

    J. Ivy New Member

    Caught him yesterday morning, in all my years of trapping I have never seen a blue one all spotted up like this.
    No trap damage or bullet holes.
    He is in the freezer whole but will skin however requested
    Super thick fur, look at his tail its about as big around as his feet.
    2 X 16.5 X 33
    Will be tagged this morning.
    Not much more to add - the pictures say it all !
    $440.00 plus shipping. Paypal, Check, or Postal money order

  2. cheapguy

    cheapguy New Member

    Pretty cat. Should sell fast

  3. I am new to this site and taxidermy, and was wondering when you trap them and say no bullet holes how was he killed?
  4. nice cat,should sell fast.........
  5. texascritter

    texascritter Cell 972-904-9516

    That is a NICE cat!!!!! Congrats on the catch
  6. Most cat trappers dispatch with a catch pole. They are ou tin 30 seconds and gone in 60 normally.
  7. Beautiful cat, wish I had the money.
  8. J. Ivy

    J. Ivy New Member

    Thanks for the compliments !!
    Like vikesbull said, I dispatch all my cats with a catch pole.
    They are unconscious in just a few seconds and dead in 45 seconds, no bullet holes or cat flopping around in its own blood.
    Its a quick CLEAN kill, only this cat was jumping as high as the trap chain would let him trying to get ahold of me- if you look in the pictures you can see the trap stakes are pulled up about an inch above the ground, and it is cross staked with two 24 inch stakes.
    Held still long enough for a few pictures then decides he wanted to get ahold of me, lol wasn't so easy to get the catch pole on.
  9. nice cat
  10. Thanks for the info, very nice looking cat.
  11. TWH TAXI

    TWH TAXI Member

    Now that is a nice cat!
  12. Please pm me pics. What did he weigh?
  13. Ok I see the pics! What did he weigh?
  14. J. Ivy

    J. Ivy New Member

    I didnt weigh him but I would guess between 25 and 30 lbs
  15. J. Ivy

    J. Ivy New Member

    I can take paypal payment also.
  16. team-hoyt

    team-hoyt breed and raise tegus

    gorgeous cat ...if u still have him at the end of the month id be interested