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blood and fat.

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by fawnter, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. fawnter

    fawnter Awesome Opossum!!

    i have a few frozen birds that i am planning to mount./ which some are pretty good, but some are just covered with blood. how can i get the blood out? after skinning them out an washing them. also what is a good way to get the fat out of a bird skin. i dont have a flesher and the wire brushes ive tried to use just dont work. i have no money right now also. is there a way i can get the fat off the bird skin without ripping it, and also what about the blood?
  2. Jake02

    Jake02 New Member

    Get the big chunks of fat off then, use some sharp scissors to get the rest of it off, then rise with cold water and use winks rust and stain remover that will get the blood off. -Jake

  3. Make your own "CHEAP" bird flesher , a cheap variable speed pistol drill , a small wire wheel , a solid piece of timber and a couple of hose clamps, any questions pm an email address and will send pics (havnt worked out how to upload pics yet , spose I should learn may help others ! )
  4. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Whinks is nasty stuff. Got the MSDS?