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About lost my hunting buddy tonight!!

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by AOTaxi, Jan 14, 2011.

  1. AOTaxi

    AOTaxi She's a keeper!

    I know for a fact that Grandpa was watchin out for me tonight......... I miss you Grandpa!!

    WOW!!! That scared the livin HELL outta me!!!.... I ran out tonight 15 minutes before shootin hours ended, for a look to see if there were any ducks that had dropped in the pond by home, the lake was froze over except for in the inlet so I snuck over there and jumped 15 or 20 blackjack and 5 Canvasback...long story short I dropped 1 Bull Can and 1 black jack drake onto the ice 35 yards from shore. I sent BOO after them, and right before he got to the Can he broke through the ice....no vest on my dog (wont happen again while hunting ice) and no clue what to do. I started callin to him, but he couldnt get onto the ice .....after a few minutes I tried to walk out on the ice but I broke through 10 feet off shore.....SHIIITTTTTTTT!!!! I made a call to my good buddy Lance and told him to haul ass to the pond with a rope...I am goin in after my dog!!.. it had been about 15 minutes and it started gettin dark as I waited and Boo started whimpering and whinin..finaly!!! I saw head lights a half mile off, hoping it was Lance I started out. I dont know if it was the temperature that had dropped or that God just knows all to well that I aint leavin my dog to die, but after I broke through the ice out to 15 feet I was able to get on the ice and SLOWLY walk, I have not been scared like that for awhile. I had found a 20' length of rope in the truck so as I shimmied towards Boo I tied a loop and prayed that I could rope him from as far back as possible....throw #1 was unsuccessful, so I moved closer throw #2 the same...I inched closer til I felt the ice bowing under my feet, I was still 15 feet away and as I tossed the loop again Boo went under the water. I yelled and cussed thinkin he was gone..., then Boo was back up. I looked to shore and saw Lance was there with a rope, so I dove for Boo. I was able to grab the skin on his back and his collar and pull him onto the ice,,,... I am still thankin God that I wasnt submerged, the ice had bowed and filled with water but never let me through. I got Boo back to the truck and put him in the cab with the heater on and wrapped him in my duck coat to try to warm him. When I got him home I called my Veterinarian buddy to get some info for hypothermia.....after I dryed him off, I wrapped him in a heating pad and blanket. I hope we are outta the woods now that he has stopped shivvvvvvvering. We got ducks to kill in the morning, but I will have to get into the blind late in the mornin cuz I got a couple ducks to retrieve first thing.
    ..... I have been known for doin some dangerous things when hunting and retrieving game, but I think when my wife says " its a dog you dumbass what the hell are ya thinkin!!??!!!" this might be a topper... well........ close to it!!
    THANKS again to Lance, for always answering my SOS's, you are the true meaning of a PAL!!
  2. I would have done the same thing to save my lab. I train retreivers all year and my yellow lab means everything to me. She is my hunting partner. What we have to learn is not put our dogs in a dangerous situation as much as we want that retreive. I had the same scenario, but I knew the water was shallow. She broke through, but could touch the bottem. While I was franticly getting my hip boots on, she managed to get back onto the ice with the duck. I learned from that and will never put my dog in that position again, no matter what I shoot. Good to hear you and your dog are OK.

  3. 7-Point

    7-Point Active Member

    Wow. Glad to see you and the dog are OK, but I'd definitely get the vest for him now.
  4. Sea Duck

    Sea Duck New Member

    WOW, that could have gone from bad to worse really quick. I flew on many ice rescues when I lived in Michigan, they don't have good endings very often. Glad you and the dog are safe.
  5. AOTaxi

    AOTaxi She's a keeper!

    We got vests...just didnt put it on him tonight. He wont be hunting without one on ever again agian. Also makes me think to put a vest in the truck box for myself.....just in case ???
  6. DDavis

    DDavis Active Member

    Thank God it turned out for the good . That could have went from bad to worse real quick . yea that be a good idea putting a vest in the truck for you also .
  7. DropTine

    DropTine DSCN0137.JPG

    Adam, glad everything turned out ok for you and your dog. God was watching out for you. Mark
  8. scpol

    scpol Wholesale Bird Taxidermy....Fan of Mike & Harry

    Glad to hear everything worked out Adam...Thats one reason i wont take my dog when there's ice on the lake..
  9. You are lucky to say the lest. Winter pond hopping, I use a fishing rod and a set of grab hooks to retrieve my ducks from the ice.
  10. swifthunter

    swifthunter New Member

    What benefit would the vest have had in this situation, extra flotation?
  11. Glad you two are ok.
  12. Hoss0902

    Hoss0902 I drink to make other people seem more interesting

    Andy, glad you and BOO are alright!
  13. jjohnson3978

    jjohnson3978 Member

    Tears came to my eyes reading this!! I had almost the same story 3 years ago when my dog, and my dads, chased a wounded pheasant over a frozen pond. They both hit weak ice and fell in. I just wish my story had a happy ending like yours.....
    I am glad the two of your are ok!!
  14. spikebuck

    spikebuck New Member

    The bond between man and dog is unexplainable. The things we do for our dogs and the things they do for us is awesome. Thanks for sharing.