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Attn ALL Sellers- Must read!

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by PLTannery, Jan 20, 2011.

    PLEASE Include a "Bill of Sale" or "Invoice with your shipments! Going thru last years reciepts... And of ALLL the things I bought off this site, It seems The only one that sent me an Invoice/Bill of sale was Bob Wendt! All the rest are my handwritten notes scribbled on scraps of papers.... Me, like every other Buyer, NEEDS a paper trail to show to a warden or other official if ever inspected. And I don't thing my notes or a Paypal reciept with NO mention of what its for will suffice.

    Triplicate, Carbonless Reciept books are less than $7 at walmart for 50 invoices... One for You, one for your customer and One left in the book as a backup!

    PLEASE make a point to stick something in the box that says what you sold, How much, Buyer and Sellers Name/address and the date.


  2. RTF

    RTF Active Member

    I always include a computer print out of who what and when and sign it. Good points you bring up.

  3. Good to know
  4. chickenhawk


    Wish I would of asked for them before. Great Idea.
  5. Redeagle

    Redeagle New Member

    Thanks for the heads up. I am a new seller and did not know that information. I will definitely do as you suggest in the future.
  6. Barry

    Barry New Member

    I uusally send a Wildlife Resource Document with anything I give away or Sell From Texas Or at least try to!
  7. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.

    That is just good business practice
  8. TX Has the Resource Document, AK has the Fur Export Permit(for shipping outside the state)... But it is still VERY helpful to have all the info in one place... I hand write ALL my reciepts, and Stamp the top with a Self Inking Stamp($25) So I don't have to keep rewriting my name and addy. Quick, Easy and Efficent... And I don't have to worry about the printer jamming!

    And it will make your buyer's life easier... and more likely to buy from you again!
  9. THANKS Trails End Taxidermy/Kenny! Perfect Reciept and the Goat was Still Frozen! And he is a Great little guy!
  10. Trails End Taxidermy

    Trails End Taxidermy YOU GOTTA LUV IT !!!!

    Great Shelby I was going to call and make sure he got there okay. Glad he was still froze and that you liked him.
  11. NW IL

    NW IL ,

    another nice thing about using PayPal as a buyer or seller ,,nice record of all tranactions& easy to print and catorgeriize <<<<Chad
  12. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    everyone I sell to gets a dated and numbered receipt with my name address and what sold and my lisc no. I keep duplicate copys here for 3 years as the law requires I do. maybe I am the only one. just now saw this thread
  13. i send a business card and written reciept from the book w/ all info on every sale i do also, kevin
  14. And ya know something.... Since I posted this only 1 more person has started consistantly sending invoices with the things I've bought...
  15. jhits

    jhits Active Member

    I have always sent you an invoice for the items you have bought from me.
  16. Yep! Jhits! And its great! The Bobcat and Raccoon tails were great! Thanks!