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Trubond 1000

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by rasorbackq, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. What Ph level should the hide be after neutralization prior to applying Trubond?
  2. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy Member

    I cant answer that BUT i simply followed the directions OS sent with them. I went by time only. My results sold me on this product. Ive done 5 with it and will be doing 5 more Monday. They are pickling as i type. This tan will have you smiling trust me.

  3. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    Dont worry about it. Do like HD said, and neutralise per the instructions, and you will be fine.

    Razorbackq, I assume you bought your tan from Sirius Taxidermy Supply in Canada?
  4. I did neutralize to 4-5 ph This was the first paint on tan I used. What a mess I made I go lots on the fur . Will require a degrease salt bath as per instructions. Old Shave PM sent.
  5. OlDshaver check your emails. Looking for direction for 1000 and 1000B
  6. bluetaxi69

    bluetaxi69 New Member

  7. Hopefully OLDSHAVER sees this soon.
  8. brigham boy

    brigham boy "if it's horny, mount it"

    Call him ;D
  9. Rhino

    Rhino Too many irons in the fire will put the fire out!

    I see what the problem is now.

    I will get with Shiela at Sirius Taxidermy supply, and get them more complete instructions.

    I didnt get a pm from you, and I missed the e-mail you sent on Sunday.

    Next time, just call. I spend 2-3hrs on the phone every day, so what one more call? LOL