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Discussion in 'For Sale' started by ladueriver, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. ladueriver

    ladueriver New Member

    I just picked up a HUGE Alaskan Black wolf. I am skinning it tonight. I have caught well over 100 wolves in my trapping life and this is one of the biggest and nicest furred I have ever seen. It will go over 120 #'s and will stretch between 7' 6" and 8'. It was caught in a trap and has a little damage to two of the toes, but is is on the bottom of the foot. This wolf would make one hell of an impressive life sized mount. I will send pictures of the wolf live and with me holding it. I will take pictures of it tonight after it is skinned. $800 plus shipping and it is yours. Again, this is one of those rare "monster blacks" with great hair!

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  2. ladueriver

    ladueriver New Member

    Okay, here is the best picture I have of it until I skin it tonight. I am 6' 3" and the nose is on the ground while the back feet are over my head. I think you can get a picture of how big this guy really is. Thanks for messages sent, I will try my best to contact all.

  3. Trapper Dan

    Trapper Dan New Member

    That is awesome!
  4. Win-88

    Win-88 New Member

    Hi, Can you case skin it and will it be ready to go to the tannery
  5. Just frickin WOW!
  6. newhouse114

    newhouse114 New Member

    Dirtholeman, looks like the grandpappy of your black yote.
  7. PICH1

    PICH1 New Member

    now thats a wolf. nice catch...
  8. gbsoupir

    gbsoupir New Member

    Wow, I bet that made all the hard work trapping worth it. Great looking animal.
  9. elkmasterwyo

    elkmasterwyo New Member

  10. northernmontana

    northernmontana Active Member

    pm sent
  11. B-E-A-utiful!!!!


    6'3'' what do you weigh then that wolf is wider then you
  13. LOL newhouse I was thinking the same thing,
    This joker will be gone quick, toooooo nice !
  14. ladueriver

    ladueriver New Member

    It is case skinned. I will get it on the stretcher and turned in the next few days. I will take pictures of it then and then you all can decide if it is something you would like to buy. The pictures I have of it in the trap aren't good enough to make the sale, but when it is stretched you will see the size and realize that it is one of those special wolves.
  15. Win-88

    Win-88 New Member

    Hi, Please send pictures to shsz427@aol.com. Thank You
  16. ZEPS

    ZEPS Member

    Very Nice .
  17. trky

    trky New Member

    Cant wait to see more pics!! That is awesome!!!!!!
  18. Pm sent
  19. ladueriver

    ladueriver New Member

    Thank you for all who posted and sent messages. I feel I need to make sure I have enough pictures to "satisfy" a buyer of this wolf. I am putting it on a stretcher tonight and will have it turned on Monday. I will take all the pictures need for anyone interested in buying it so they can make the choice to buy or not. Sorry for the delay, but feel it is right to do as I don't want to mislead anyone here as I will have more stuff to sell here in the next couple of months.
  20. .