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Rick Carter ?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Thesteeleboy, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Thesteeleboy

    Thesteeleboy Member

    Is there a better instructional video for mule deer and elk than Rick Carter A-Z { white tail }, or should a person just buy ricks and incorporate his techniques into the animal your trying to mount.
  2. little fred

    little fred R.I.P all my fallen taxidermy brother's

    you can the way i see it an elk is a giant deer ,mully is a bigger white tail

    but if you insist. scoot brewer is a mully master you can find it a reaserch mann....

  3. Andrew L.

    Andrew L. Member

    Try learntaxidermy.com. I really like his.
  4. elkmasterwyo

    elkmasterwyo New Member

    Rick's video is the best i have seen to learn from, he is VERY easy to learn from and listen to.
  5. Rick is just another hack, he won a couple shows but he does have a hot wife.

    I mean tot say if you have doubts about Ricks video, then maybe its time you get out of taxidermy.
  6. hntr78

    hntr78 New Member

    I bought Rick's video and really liked how the video was done. It's called Ato Z for a reason it covers everything and very indepth. Buy it and you will be happy.
  7. Thesteeleboy

    Thesteeleboy Member

    John C. I didn't say I had doubts about Rick Carter or his video. I was simply asking if it was the best one to for me to learn from were I am interested in mainly Elk and Mule deer. Sorry my question has prompted you to tell me { maybe its time for me to get out of taxidermy }. If more people were as helpfull as you, this site may not be so popular.
  8. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    I am in fact just another hack. The wife part is true too. A deer is a deer, regardless of the color of the tail. A poor ole mulie is just a defunct excuse for a whitetail that eats cactus and tumbleweed. Elk are just screaming whitetails on steroids. Buy the video!
  9. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    WASCO should have gotten Nickie to do the video. We would have sold a lot more copies!
  10. RDA

    RDA Well-Known Member

    WORD! ;) :D But Rick you have it backwards, white tails are just mulies that whimped out to the flat lands and got all needle nosed! ;D
  11. elkmasterwyo

    elkmasterwyo New Member

    Lol, i just got my very first issue of taxidermy today and saw her article, FIRST THING i thought was, WOW, why couldn't i have watched her teach the video for 3hours :D jk rick, she is purdy though:)
  12. boarhunter67

    boarhunter67 Well-Known Member

    Rick's are the most indepth you'll find. I like watching several from different people so I see a variety of techniques so I've seen a lot and Rick's is definitely the most educational. A-Z is right. For elk, one I have that I like is the one by Calvin Farner. I will need to start selling some of my videos or put up some shelves soon to hold them all.
  13. Twisted.

    Twisted. Knowledge speaks, but wisdom listens.

  14. Thesteeleboy

    Thesteeleboy Member

    I just ordered my Rick Carter Whitail A-Z video from WASCO, and while I was at it I ordered Jan Van Hoesen's Bob Cat mounting video. Thanks for all the ;) great advise everyone. Sure hope my Rick Carter video comes with a picture of his wife LOL.
  15. One of the many good things about this video is if you have a question you can just ask!
  16. paul e

    paul e New Member

    guys Ricks seminar with the live deer is awesome also
    the lessons on deer anatomy and other tips are well Worth the price
    and are good additions to the DVD
    hey Rick get her to make a callender! lmao
  17. Rick Carter

    Rick Carter Administrator

    I got a 2011 calendar for Christmas.
  18. I certainly would watch it more often!!!!!
  19. RTF

    RTF Active Member

    After mounting deer heads for over a decade and reading every breakthrough article on the subject, not to mention all of tips and advice received from these forums, I still found it necessary to order this DVD. It will be here in a few days. Cant wait to watch it.
  20. Thesteeleboy

    Thesteeleboy Member

    Great video, extremely educational and Ive learned a lot from it already. My only disappointment was, no picture, napkin w/lipstick or anything else from his wife LOL. Thanks Rick, for a great video.