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Budget Buck!!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by bigt46, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Uncle Harley

    Uncle Harley New Member

    Mabey he would slap him for ordering one through him instead of just getting one at cabellas Him self. I can hear it now " Hey I just saw this budget buck at Cabales will you go down there and get one for me so you can put my horns on it" LMAO!
  2. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I'd mount one up for somebody to put on the exterior of their cabin for $450

  3. That's is THE BIGGIST FRICKIN joke to the whole Taxidermy Industry ......I do Have Pride in What I do ...and that is not it
  4. dplais7124

    dplais7124 Active Member

    Did anyone else notice that the left turn photo has a "right turn" caption and the right turn photo has a "left turn" caption? What a joke. They do however look better than a deer mounted on a [email protected] [email protected] form...haha.

  5. Nick B

    Nick B New Member

    I have finally seen it all! LMAO
  6. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    Seriously, why get so upset about it...IT IS A NOVELTY! If a person gets upset over this they are taking themselves WAY too seriously :) I could see people hanging this thing outside a gate or on the side of a camphouse for fun......just like that stupid fish from years ago.

    Nobody who takes pride in their trophy would ever consider hanging that thing in their house so I REALLY doubt this would affect somebodys business......but I could see it as a fun item to stick in trees, pull pranks or as I said, to hang outside.

    We all really need to step back and THINK about what we are saying.....the damn thing is a NOVELTY item! LOL
  7. Jamie E

    Jamie E Member

    When it hits Wal Mart, all them poaching ''pillbillies'' and meth heads are gonna love that thing here in Ky ! ;) It will be very conveint for them, as they will already be in there stealiing ( OR trading in all the crap they have already stolen. for a gift card to buy cigarettes with !) I cant wait ! hahahaha !I can see them smiling ear to ear as they hang it up over the kitchen table of there school bus house,as there 8 dogs are barking there brains out at it ! (cause all they ever get fed is a deer leg now and then ) Then telling all there dopey buddies what a rip off a real mount would be as they are snorting pills and passing a joint,all agreeing at same time ! ::) :D Plus it could be another place to hide there stash at if the law comes ! 8) ;)
  8. Well put Mike !!!!!!!