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Wolf pup form?

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by Schrecken, Sep 26, 2006.

  1. Does any one know of any place that sells a LS wolf pup form? If not, what would be best to try and alter?
  2. Not to be a smart a$$ to this question. So don't take this wrong. But most new taxidermist/beginners try and rely too much on the suppliers giving them everything they want. It's not going to happen. A good taxidermist will have the imagination and creativity to either carve out a form, wrap a form or do carcass cast from the original body. Especially when it come to mounting life size mounts of baby or young of certain species.


  3. I have not seen a wolf pup form in any suppliers catalog. What you can do if you are shying away from making your own form is to order a fox form that comes the closest to your measurements, and then do some serious form alterations on it to make it fit your pup. Baby animals are never easy as Coyote mentioned. You will not get around to either do some extensive form alterations, or end up making your own form. :)
  4. That's kind of what I figured.... :p Reminds me of the time I had to turn a coyote form into a replica of a Tasmanian wolf - that took some serious alteration (I kinda underbid that job). I'm just trying to figure out what to quote a potential customer - obviously it will be more the more work I have to do!
  5. Depending on how much form alteration there is to be, I'd bid the job up at least $100 to $200 just for the alteration. Calculate your time and material that is going to be needed. :)