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Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by Lone Wolf Taxidermy, Feb 3, 2011.

  1. The West Virginia Taxidermy Association 25th Year Anniversary Convention and Competition will be held at the Days Inn Hotel and Conference Center in Flatwoods, WV on April 14 -17, 2011. This will be our 25th annual convention and we are very pleased to announce that the United Taxidermist Association will be holding their Annual Membership Meeting in conjunction with the WVTA convention.

    The WVTA will be having many great seminars. One of which will be a hands on Mammal Seminar sponsored by the UTA. This seminar will be on setting Bobcat Eyes. Participants will need their own modeling tools. A change-out Bobcat head and eyes will be donated by Van Dykes Supply Co. and instructors for this workshop will be Brenda Duvall, Jim Kimball, Pat Reed and Craig Lewis.

    Our Fish Seminar will be presented by Ken Bauman of Anadarko, Oklahoma. Ken is the 2009 National Champion - Warm Water Fish, among many other awards, and will be giving an A to Z class on Large Mouth Bass.

    We are extremely happy to have native son Cary Cochran presenting a class on White Tail Deer. In this seminar Cary will discuss Ear Butts - Size, Shape and Placement. Cary's accomplishments in the taxidermy industry are vast to say the least.

    We are also pleased to have an informative seminar presented by Brenda Duvall of Medford, Wisconsin. This Carl E Akeley Award winner among many other accomplishments will give a class on Concept and Design of Taxidermy Art in addition to the hands on workshop. This class will cover the many aspects of artfully designing your work. Brenda is the current Secretary of the UTA and was responsible for getting the donation from Van Dykes Supply for the hands on.

    Our Bird seminar will be presented by Jim Kimball of Medford, Wisconsin. This extremely accomplished award winner will give instruction on the Wiring of Bird Legs and Wings and Attachment Points. Jim will also be involved in the hands on workshop.

    We are very pleased to have with us Craig Lewis of Burbank, Washington. Craig is the Chairman of the UTA and will present a UTA sponsored Business Seminar. This class will cover many aspects of running a taxidermy business and will include Q&A throughout. Participants in this class will receive a Certificate of Completion from the UTA.

    We are fortunate to have as a WVTA member Mike Tanner of Gold Hill, North Carolina. Mike works in the medical field and will be presenting a seminar on the subject of Zoonotic. This class will cover diseases from animals that affect taxidermists and will have Q&A throughout.

    The WVTA is proud to provide our membership with these seven "Top Shelf" seminars presented by World and National Award winners and experts in their fields.

    The WVTA is also pleased to announce we are adding a "Flat Art" category to our competition this year. We had several folks inquire about it last year. It was presented to the Board of Directors and unanimously passed. We are very pleased to have Ms. Ella Haddix as our judge for this category. Ella is an accomplished art scholar and instructor of many years and we look forward to this new venture.

    Our judges for this years competition are as follows:


    Convention Schedule and all other pertinent information is currently being added to the WVTA web site www.wvtaxidermy.com

    Any questions can be PM'd to me here or to Denny Cutright ,[email protected] or contact Rick Dunlap at 304-473-0752

    The WVTA would like to invite and welcome everyone to join us in April for a great show and good times.
  2. planning on being there again

  3. Billy! I'm surprised! :eek: You didnt mention the catatonic caterwalling of a rag tag bunch of misfit musicians!! ;D
  4. aspenangler@hotmail.com

    [email protected] B+______><(((°>______><(((°>

    Im looking forward to attending again and listening to the "misfit musicians"......lol
  5. cyclone

    cyclone Posts: 400001

    Are you all going to hunt for the Flatwoods Monster?
  6. Cyclone we have already hunted, found, hog tied, tagged and bagged that critter. He is no longer a threat. Kinda like the abominable snowman on the Rudolph cartoon. LOL!!! He will be on display at the registration desk for all in attendance to see. (be sure to bring a camera for reference photos)
  7. Mac that will be a whole post all to itself. I think this year we will be entertained by MT and the Moonshine band..............I hear they are touring from out of North Carolina and other parts unknown. Hey we might end up with a jug band ..... someone needs to bring a wash board and some spoons.

    I will guarantee caterwauling and other such unmentionable sounds.

    As for the Flatwoods Monster.........Hmmmmmmmm......That gives me an idea for another new category.......That could get creative and draw a crowd....LOL
  8. skinner26

    skinner26 Active Member

    Thanks for posting Billy
  9. Derrin

    Derrin New Member

    This sounds to be a KICK BUTT SHOW!!!
  10. It is shaping up to be very good. We will be posting much more info here over the next 2 months and adding info to the WVTA website. Any chance you might make it Tommy? We would enjoy having you.
  11. dbess

    dbess New Member

    Great post Billy...another great show in store!!
  12. skinner26

    skinner26 Active Member

    Lone Wolf what day does the seminars start? I was looking at coming up on the 14 but that is the day y'all r setting up ant it? Could y'all use some extra help setting up?
  13. Mark we can always use good help. We start setting everything up around 1 pm Thursday. The seminars start Friday morning.
  14. Derrin

    Derrin New Member

    Thanks Billy.Right now,I'm not ruling it out. I have a full plate, as everyone else, but I'll try my best to make it!! It sure would be a great trip for sure!
  15. Your welcome guys. We will be posting much info over the next 2 months about the convention.

    Some of which will be about several great raffles we will be having again this year. One of which will be the $500 Wal-Mart Gift Card in which we will have contacts for anyone, anywhere to buy tickets. Last years winner was from Altoona ,PA so you don't have to be from here or at the show or even a taxidermist to win. Keep an eye out for that info.
  16. There have been a few new bits of info added to the web site concerning the show should you want to check it out.

  17. dbess

    dbess New Member

    This show and Competition has really grown over the years and the upcoming 25TH Anniversary show will truly be one to attend, great people to work with, great judges and seminars, one of WV premier facilities for the convention and anything you could imagine to eat within a 5min drive or if you choose to dine in check out ''Visions'' you wont be disappointed.
  18. There has been some new info added to website that everyone should check out. Especially for the ladies in your life. Some more of the giveaways have been listed. Also remember that we are now accepting Pre-Registration. So take advantage of the lower prices by April 1st to join a really exciting 25th Anniversary Show. It will be just as fun-filled and educational as last year. Hope to see everyone there.
  19. Billy and Denny, don't know if I can make it this year but I am not ruling it out yet. For anyone who has not attended a WV show you need to they do a great job and their show is growing quickly. Looks like a great lineup of seminars and judges keep up the great work you guys hope to see you all soon, maybe here in Ohio?
  20. Thanks Casey....Glad you enjoyed last years show. I do hope you can make it this year. As much hardware as you carried away from here last year I was thinking about putting a bounty on you and having the "Beat Casey Award" ... LOL.

    Anyways ... Hope to see you in April ... I'm going to try to make it over to Ohio this year if I possibly can. I have heard nothing but good things about the shows you folks put on.