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Anyone have any luck with Homemade Expressions lately?

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Doug Bridges, Feb 5, 2011.

  1. I know all about the previous posts, so no need to put those links up.

    I ordered first week of December, they charged my credit card first week of January and still nothing.

    You would think they would know better to rip off someone that lives within an hour from them.

    Homemade Expressions, if you read this, I am making the trip to Cass City on Tuesday to talk to your local police department and file a complaint/case against you. I am also contacting the prosecutor in Tuscola County.

    If anyone it even thinking of using these people, DON'T! They are crooks!
  2. Kevin Halle

    Kevin Halle Well-Known Member

    I guess I was pretty lucky to get my stuff a few months back. I have not been able to get in contact with them since though!

  3. obarr1977

    obarr1977 Active Member

    I still haven't recieved, nor heard anything.

    I'm 'on-board' Doug. Let me know if you need any of my info as well to take to the police department with you. Only $50, but it'll all add-up if everyone sends you the amount owed to them...

  4. BBB claim is at 30 days now so I will call them Monday....Credit card company is now going to try and get my money back. Doug if you need any info from my dealings with them to back up the type of people they are for your report I would be happy to provide any info. If I only lived an hour away I would have made a trip there also. I really just don't know how they think they are going to get away with what they have done to everyone. Let us know how it goes.
  5. duxznbucx

    duxznbucx Member

    Profile shows They were last logged in on this site 2-1-11 at 2:30pm
  6. josh s.

    josh s. Active Member

    The only stuff i have ever ordered from them I got. I placed two orders and they were both in 2010. One in April and the second in late summer. Now.....the last order did take a little longer but I just figured they needed to cure......I sent one message over taxi net and didnt get an answer but I got my order about a week later. I can say this for sure......it really sucks.....their stuff is pretty damn nice and at a great price too. Obviously the problem they have is that they are probley way over loaded with orders......as to why they would just stop all communications is beyond me......they seem(ed) like great people. Good luck to you guys getting your money back....and hey 50.00 is 50.00......I would be pretty mad......I live in New York but I would make an exception and probley drive out there......I am a stubborn sob though and my pride is worth way more than letting someone just take whats mine.
  7. BearB8

    BearB8 Active Member

    Talked to Ashley a few weeks ago. I called and she picked up. I couldnt believe it. And same ole same ole, been alot goin on in ours lives. Invited me to come to their place to see what they've got goin on. Give me a break ? Like I got nothin else to do but run around the country to see how bad you have it and how busy you are. She doesnt want deal with everyone here because their just gonna bash them. DUH ?? I said do you blame them and me. Yada Yada Yada all the problems we've had its been rough. She also said we're not going to rip anyone off. What do you call this ? I asked when I will be seeing my $200. She said I promise you it will be sent off this week for sure. Nothin!!!!! Rod calls the following week and says its my fault I forgot to send it. And tells me they've had some finicial problems. So I say How am I suppose to believe you. Rod says I will send it tomorrow. " I will call tomorrow with confirmation # for sure" . No Call. No Money.So I called for the next 5 days message after message and now Nothin. :mad:.

    Doug, Count me in if you need me to call there and file on them. I've been waiting for my stuff since OCTOBER. I'm done being patient !!!! ......Jeff
  8. Re: Re: Anyone have any luck with Homemade Expressions lately?

    With these replies, I will get the information for everyone that wants to take action and will post it. Enough is enough. If they are in financial troubles then don't use my credit card to steal my money to bail your ass out.

    When I talk to the prosecutor I will let him know there are a lot more poeple like me that they have scammed and ripped off. Stand by for news.

    Oh and Ashley, when you read this, don't call me crying. And yes you have my number from the many messages I have left on your phone.

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  9. matchbook454

    matchbook454 Member

    They actually had he balls to post a thread on herre just a couple of weeks ago on here advertising a sale for their turkey tail panels. I was shocked to see it after all the negative posts on here about them. Can't believe they're still trying to screw more people!
  10. j.sonnenfelt

    j.sonnenfelt New Member

    Good luck to all of you. It is a shame nice products and good price. Too good to last. I only placed one order and recieved everything, but it took some calls to get it.