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Best Time to list

Discussion in 'Forum Operations' started by benjerman10, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. benjerman10

    benjerman10 New Member

    Seems that this is a very popular and fast moving forum, especially in the for sale area. Front page list is usually gone within a few hours. Can anyone give me any advice to the best time of day and week to list for maximum viewing? Thank you very much. TF
  2. Patrick J

    Patrick J You've got me mistaken for someone else

    Good luck. My experience is that if I post at 2 or 3 am before I go to bed it will be up front the next morning............but ther's always a catch. The east coast people get a 2 to 3 hour jump on the west coast people so usually I end up shipping long distance. I pay the shipping on everything I sell as I don't have time to make shipping quotes so it costs a few extra bucks to ship.

  3. Nicolam

    Nicolam New Member


    I am completely agree with you. I love shipping. But traveling is pain.
    I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic. If possible, as you gain expertise, would you mind updating your blog with more information?
  4. mdupertuis

    mdupertuis Active Member

    I buy and sell here a lot. Being on the first page isn't that big of a deal. I go through several pages every time I get on. The longer I have been away, the farther I know to look back.