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Homemade Expressions Scam Update (The latest details from Sheriff's Dept 2/23)

Discussion in 'For Sale' started by Doug Bridges, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. coop1212

    coop1212 Active Member

    i called him too.
  2. $350 put back on my credit card now it is between them and the card company. Good luck to everyone I hope you all get your money back.

  3. Vince, mines back on my card too, but it's "Pending". Meaning the bank needs the money in HE's account to pull. If it's not there, you/we may not get the funds. At least that's my understanding. Maybe it just goes back to the credit card company. I just don't know if it's a done deal with the refund from the bank. You may just want to call Det. Pine to let him know your loss and how you are handling it, just to get it on the record.
  4. Nice to hear the Troopers taking care of business up that way. Closing the door on me and cowering won't do much. That has been tried before. Hopefully you guys get paid. One more thing, IF you get reimbursed you are technically speaking no longer a "victim". It would now be on the bank or credit card company and their decision to prosecute...fyi Mark
  5. smallfish

    smallfish New Member

    I would suspect,, cant say for sure in their case, but most little garage businesses that fail tend to live off of deposits and material cost instead of the profit.