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skull still has grease?

Discussion in 'Skulls and Skeletons' started by hairy perch, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. I have been soaking a deer skull for over 3 weeks in dawn and 109 degree water with two bubble rs. after I let it dry in the sun 2 days I noticed it still had a little grease between the eyes and also on the top,back of the skull. I read in the other posts where you guys have soaked them in acetone. I just put mine down in the acetone. Will this take the rest of the grease out or will I still have to go back to the dawn and water to remove the grease totally
  2. Three weeks is not very long at 109 degrees. I am not surprised you still have grease. More time in the dawn/water would have probably taken care of it. But since you have it in acetone, it should help break down the remaining grease. But you will more than likely still need to put it back in dawn/water to get the grease out.

  3. The main reason I took it out was because the bone around the teeth had started to deteriorate ?. Is that caused by the the bubble action?
  4. I would not think having a bubbler running in dawn/water would ever cause bone to disintegrate.

    How did you clean the skull before degreasing?
  5. Simmering but not quite boiling water, also did not think to take eyes and brains out first.
  6. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    If you simmered with baking soda or sal soda, that is what has damaged your bone.
  7. Sea Wolf;
    I just used dawn this time. I already messed up two of my own skulls with sal soda and baking soda Da. Everyone coming in wants to have euros now, guess it's the economy. I need to learn euros from the ground up.
  8. Sea Wolf

    Sea Wolf Well-Known Member

    If the bone is deteriorating .. could also maybe be a young animal? Younger animals do not have the bone density of aged adults. Sounds like you are doing everything right though.
  9. Simmering could still be your culprit. It is easy to get too hot or be hot for too long. Just curious.....are the thin bones in the nasal cavity damaged? Those are usually the first ones to show damage.

    And simmering with the brain in as well as the eyes (there is a lot of fat under the eyes), really makes for a grease bath. When I first started cleaning skulls, I simmered some with the brain in and they took forever to get the grease out.....months.
  10. Nasal cavity is looking great. Everything seems to be just on one side. Maybe some kind of bone problem? All other bone seems to be good. I did simmer for quite some time ?
  11. Ya gotta get the brain out, my first couple of euros were greasy because i wasnt getting all the brain and not cleaning the back of the nasal cavity. I simmer all of my euros and get great results. The more meat and fat you can get off before you start your pot the whiter they get and less time degreasing.
  12. Thank you Sea Wolf, QBD, and Hill Country. Your help was greatly appreciated
  13. smallfish

    smallfish New Member

    I am not surprised you still have grease. More time in the dawn/water would have probably taken care of it.
  14. X2 to all these comments. I just had to reply because this is what i've been learning for the past year. I almost gave up on simmering all together for the same reasons you did. Had skulls in degreaser w/ dawn at 120 for 60 days. Bone began to deteriorate due to the combination of simmering too hot too long, using soda, and long degreasing time at 120. still grease. but, now i have reduced grease in bone dramatically by spending more time prepping the skull. removing all fat and meat possible w/ scapel. this takes me 30 min. at least. then keep simmering temp below 180 and only an hour or two. soda doesn't seem to cause any problems at this temp and length of time. I should have listened to all the pros to start with. BUt, i am happy i didn't give up on simmering and establish beetles. for me, the simmering is much easier and produces a great product.