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Now this is fast!

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by mike welch, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. james shipman

    james shipman New Member

    so if i take an hour to skin a deer does that mean i won't get cut.lol
  2. i wonder if those were kevlar gloves you wonder how many band aids he used to get that fast

  3. buckcrazy

    buckcrazy New Member

    that was incredibly fast!! it was dark and the deer was still limber probably hadnt been dead long more than likely why it wasnt gutted yet
  4. On a skinning machine my buddy and i can skin a deer from start to finish in about the same time without using a saw. But the deer is already gutted of course. When we worked at our processor we had to get 50 + deer done in the cooler in one night so you have to be quick. But that is pure skill with a kinfe there. no way we could do it that quick without the skinning machine.
  5. scandler

    scandler New Member

    question for the guys who were complaining about busting the gut? what should the processors do with a guy that has a gut shot deer? it has to be cleaned , the guts will get on the meat and possible contamination may acure. does he turn them away and risk loosing busness or take it in and clean it as good as possible and rinse it off good well ? i own a deer prosessing shop and people shot deer all to crap but we still take them in and let them know we will do as good as we can with what we got!
    who do you guys sell your hides to? did a good many deer this year and would like to get some kick back if possible?
  6. Mine are usually half frozen when I process them. It takes me a bit longer! LOL I'm not seeing where he cuts the bladder (he might , but I don't see it) and it looked like a clean gutting job to me. One slip with that knife, though, and he could be in a world of trouble. He is FAST! Groenwalds Fur and Wool from Forreston,Illinois buys deer hides. They have routes in other states, but I don't know if they come your way scandler. They have a website with more info.
  7. alan webfoot

    alan webfoot New Member

    jstady I'm with you ,after cutting meat and occasionaly me for 35 years plus a knife only stops AFTER the sting you feel ,then it's too late ,uhh the skin looked OK to me!!
  8. mohuntenfool

    mohuntenfool New Member

    I see a couple of problems with this. A deer that isn't allowed to age a little bit usually doesnt tast as good as one that hangs for atlleast a few days and if they are going to let it hang they will dry out real bad without the skin on.
    Got to hand it to him though it was very fast.