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Wrapped mounts only

Discussion in 'Lifesize Mammals' started by snowhare, Feb 24, 2011.

  1. Martin

    Martin roes, my obsession, my fate

    x2, beautiful Fox!
  2. capreolus

    capreolus New Member

    thanks guys ! danke Martin ;)

  3. redwolf

    redwolf Active Member

    Sweet mounts guys!!!!!
  4. heres 2 of mine again
    abert and southern fox squirrel

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  5. OHDave

    OHDave Member

    Here is an ermine I did recently with wrapped body and head carved with balsa wood. I am pretty happy with it and plan to do more and more wrapped forms. The photos on this topic in this forum are really inspirational.

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  6. nice ermine
  7. Museum Man

    Museum Man Well-Known Member

    very well done ermine
  8. mislynx

    mislynx Member

    That is the best ermine I have ever seen.
  9. snowhare

    snowhare New Member


    The best i have ever seen , fantastic work

    ps where are you from Europe , cause you say Ermine
  10. OHDave

    OHDave Member

    I am from USA--Ohio. The way I learned it--ermine refers to the white phase of the short-tailed weasel (Mustela erminea), although this weasel is a long-tailed weasel (Mustela frenata). The weasels don't turn white around here--I usually get them from further north in upper Michigan or New York.
  11. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Ok, I just ordered Snowy's/Kulis dvd for mounting small animals, and the wrapped mount dog dvd. I want to wrap red foxes, so I figured the dog dvd would help there, since a red fox is a bigger animal and doglike anyway LOL. I sell red fox mounts and most people seem to like them laying or sitting. Lucky me, I have a whole red fox in the freezer from last year too! No waiting till nov 2 for my first trap check to get a carcass.

    Now I need to trap a mouse and tan some weasels for the other video, maybe go shoot a couple grey squirrels LOL. I have game cam footage of a tree rat piflering my deer corn LOL. And some of those big rats on stilts, but the deer get a stay of execution for a bit.
  12. OHDave

    OHDave Member

    I would be interested in those DVDs--where can I find them?
  13. snowhare

    snowhare New Member

    Joe kullis Ohio , eazy to find he is on here as Kastaway
  14. Great mounts everyone of them. What a superb thread this is. Wishing you well, stargazer.
  15. RACE98




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  16. This is the most awesome thread ever! I have so much admiration for all your talents. Nancy, love your weasel. You've inspired me to try a fisher I've got. Snow will be getting your dvd's. Birdman, who the heck injects bird foot webbing lol!

  17. Red stag

    Red stag Active Member

    Old school wrapping. Squirrel for me today. Ollie

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  18. nice work
    beauty squirrel
  19. snowhare

    snowhare New Member


    But i prevere um winter coat Squirrels , i simply hate um summer ones , any way well dun
  20. trappersteph

    trappersteph now you can have it...

    Well I got the 2 dvd's today and watched the full mouse section. How many mice did snowy go through to get 1 right? LOL

    And after he said they rot in minutes and to use stop rot on the skin right away, I was wondering how much stop rot was used so that the final mouse had no slippage. Do you soak the skin in it for 5 minutes? LOL

    Now here's what I found amazing. Before I saw these videos ( I watched a bit on the squirrel and ermine too), I sort of picked up some stuff off this thread, and in some way my brain went into super recall mode. I could not find any of my taxidermy books that have wrapped body instructions for mammals, so my brain reverted to whatever it had stored in there, and whatever bits I picked up here. I was not far off base on what snowy shows. These videos just answered some questions and gave me that extra bit of info I needed. I don't know how I did this, except maybe snowy has ESP and has plugged into my brain in some way LOL. Of course the videos do not seem to be anything of a beginner's type, but seems more like something for those of us with some good taxidermy experience under our belts. It seems that this last summer I got some sort of taxidermy vibes going, and it's launching me into a higher level.