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Cape Snake/Enlarging deer cape/Wildthang65

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by wildthang65, Feb 27, 2011.

  1. wildthang65

    wildthang65 New Member

    To the guys who don't believe that you can enlarge a cape, that's fine. To the guys who want to learn that there are ways to get creative and do things outside the box and learn new things, that was why I made this post. Thanks for the positive responses. Joey P, you of all people should know about thinking outside the box. It wasn't that many years ago they were saying organ transplants weren't possible, but you have given an organ to a good cause. So we know that there are people who think outside the box and can make things happen. You would think you would be able to remain a little more open minded about things being possible when people say they aren't! Joey M, thanks for your response as you seem like you are willing to lean towards trying something new to achieve similar results. I would be willing to give you my contact information, if you want me to talk you through the process. To the guy with the Extenze comment, I understand your skepticism being that you might of had limited results with Extenze, instead of buying pills, maybe you should of bought the Cape Snake for your personal use, it might of gave you better results!!! Frank K. thanks for the positive response, your posts always seem to make alot of sense. And FINALLY to George Roof, you hit the nail on the head saying, you can take a raw cape and stretch the hell out of it. As that is basically what I did. You guys seem to think that a deer is suppose to grow new skin everytime it puts on weight. I took a mature deer cape and made it bigger. The results couldn't of been achieved with a juvenile deer. In my opinion, anyone on this site that puts on 50 lbs in their adult lifetime will not grow new skin or more hair. Thanks for all the responses from everyone on the site.
  2. bearrug48

    bearrug48 Active Member

    Why do we need this post in more than one place?

  3. Can you share with us your method? I`m always learning...
  4. Wild : On your other post,, you talked about posting pics. Did you get that deer done yet,,so we can see the results ? That may win more approval than just saying it works.

    Just sayin' !?!?

  5. Not worried about stretching or anything.....but this part of your post is quite wrong. Ever seen someone loose 50 lbs. Lot's of skin left over that wasn't there before the 50 lbs. You absolutely grow new skin daily and as any of our older peeps will attest to....some hairs we never used to have as well. :-\ ::)

    Just a bad analogy to use to get your point across. :)
  6. I agree Dennis that is a completely un educated analogy.