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chest freezer ?

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by taxiboy24, Feb 28, 2011.

  1. taxiboy24

    taxiboy24 New Member

    Hey guys I'm looking into chest freezers for when I finally get into taxidermy and I was wondering what would u say is the best freezer and size for a taxidermy shop thanx again guys
  2. Bowman

    Bowman New Member

    Personally I'd never buy a new one. They are very over priced IMO... I watch the want ads for the used ones. I picked up two this past year for $50 each. I've only purchased one new one in past years due to I had to have it...THEN. Also, make sure you get a freezer alarm. Very inexpensive insurance.

  3. Get a chest freezer, not an upright. The cold stays in them when you open them so it doesn't lose temperature overtime you open it. And you will need a refrigerator. If you buy new you will make up the difference in $ in yourpower bill. I just have a regular size chest freezer (8ft) and it woks well for me, but I do skin everything and then flesh and turn and salt as soon as it comes in. I keep all my capes and hides salted until ready for tanning. All fish get measured for bodies and then skinned and fleshed then put in the fish pickle ( I do a good number of Muskie and Pike). The only thing that gets frozen whole are birds except turkeys they get skinned, fleshed then washed and put in the freezer wet. Having one freezer forces you to get a lot of work done and you can't put it off. Do your work up front and ASAP it saves the call to the customer " my freezer went out and I lost your deer" I know other taxidermist that buy a freezer every year just because they put off doing the work and have to put it some place. They have 7-8 freezers (crazy) and they are proud of it ? Ask if the appliance store has any scratched or dented freezers/refrigerates, you can save some cash.
  4. taxiboy24

    taxiboy24 New Member

    Hey jake what would I need a refrigerator for?
  5. keeping sodas and beer in! Seriously, thawing items safely and storing sodas and beer! LOL!
  6. taxiboy24

    taxiboy24 New Member

    Ohh ok I didn't what it was for but now I understand lol
  7. keep your hides and capes in when sweating or when I mount a deer I get the ears all finished and all my holes sewn up, then put the tanning oil on it, then let stand in refrigerate over night and mount the next AM. Also a safe way to thaw out anything you have frozen. Also a safe way to keep something over night when you get something in late in the day. Anytime that you stop working for a break (lunch/Dinner) put the hide in a plastic bag then into the refrigerator.
  8. tem

    tem Well-Known Member

    oh yea. its also a good place to put all your candy. then the wife don't don't know.
  9. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    You will make more money with empty freezers, than full ones.
  10. parkst

    parkst New Member

    How big of a freezer woiud you suggest buying?
  11. my freezer is about 8ft x 3ft if that helps, 90-100 cubic ft.
  12. kikkertinz

    kikkertinz Glass half full

    buy the biggest freezer you can get your hands on...i have 2 that were free just because people wanted to get rid of them..ask around sometimes people are just looking to get them the hell outta their basements
  13. JRose

    JRose New Member

    Craigslist =) I've gotten many great deals on chest freezers and industrial sized upright frostless freezers. I'm sure you will quickly learn what your capacity needs are when business picks up.