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dan rihnehart school?good training ?

Discussion in 'Training' started by paulb, Mar 21, 2007.

  1. paulb

    paulb ''Wolf is one of the greatest animal on earth''

    Is the Dan Rhineharts is a good school?
    planning to take the full course ?
    3950$ plus material ...is it expensive ?
    If anyone been there id like comments ...
    Thanks .
  2. paul,
    is this the one in edgerton wis.??
    brian mikkelson

  3. paulb

    paulb ''Wolf is one of the greatest animal on earth''

    Hi brian ,

    Yes believe it is .
  4. paul,
    i dont know how the class is but i know a couple people that went thru it and they really liked the class. i am looking at going thru the birds ans life size animals this fall also. what i do know is that if steve henthorn is helping teach the class, it will be a good one. i have been to his showroom, seen his work, and it is worth the price in my opinion. i dont know dan, but the reinhart name does superb work from what i know to look for. i grew up in edgerton, only to move to spencer about 4 years ago. no regrets either. from what i know about the teachers, worth it.hope this helps
    brian mikkelson
  5. shaneb

    shaneb New Member

    I dont believe steve is still with the school, as I dont see him mentioned on the web page any longer.


    John Rinehart School was very good.
  7. Why not get some one on one training? You know for that price you can get better lessons and more personal ones tailored to what you need.
  8. Wegner

    Wegner New Member

    Wegner's School of Taxidermy

    Wegner's School of Taxidermy in Milton Wis. is based on one on one. You can call 8)608-868-4022 for a school catalog that will give you all aspects of the school. I will be opening up my new and innovated school building in about one month that will have 1600 squaw feet of working area. all the most up to date equipment. If you are in the area you are wellcome to stop in and check this new facility, you will be impressed.
  9. shotgun

    shotgun New Member

    I have attended both rineharts and wegners, and I would suggest checking out Wegners before signing up at rineharts. While rineharts was a good learning experiance, Wegners took me to a level of skill, that I feel would of taken years of working to accomplish. I highly recomend Ron's teahing skills as well as his school.
  10. I attended some of Rineharts classes as my wife has also
    Very good class and you learn alot from him...the smaller the clas the easier and more personal it is
    Dan is a very good instructor
    I have seen Wegers work and if he teaches the way he does taxidermy I would also reccommed him as well....he does an awsome job in his work
    either way you will learn taxidermy and either way tio be good you have to take what you learn and go home and practice it and not wait months to keep your skills growing
  11. RAS

    RAS Member

    I attended the 1 week deerhead course; very informative. takes you through the whole process and you end up with a mount to take home. class a little to large (16 or 17) for a lot of one on one but well worth the time and money. the "trick" to it is get home and practice, practice, practice while it is still fresh in your mind.

    Good Luck
  12. Bighunter4x4

    Bighunter4x4 Member

    I was in dan rineharts deer head course and overall I learned hot to mount a deer. This is my only class but I felt that it was disorganized. There was a very rude older woman that gave us our orientation. Our supplies to forever to get there. You will not learn how to set eyes as you will be using his preset eye mannikans. In the deer head course you will NOT be airbrushing or sculpting your deer. He will send you on your way with a dvd and a catalog to order stuff from him. The things I ordered from him that were made in his shop took 1 month to get to me when it was understood that I would have them before leaving edgerton. I had a bad business experience with him as well as a few others in the class. If I order anything from him it might be a deer form because I liked using them but then again thats all I have used so he has the market on that with his students. I dont regret going to his school but it was a learning experience. From my bad experience of ordering stuff he missed out on a big big order from me. It felt to me like it was all about business.

    I hope this helps
  13. riverrat

    riverrat New Member

    I took a couple of Dan's classes, I would not buy anything before you go to the class and relay think about what you need. Dan is in the business of selling product, you will see his class is geared around what he sells. Their are more ways to skin a cat than what Dan teaches, do you need everything he sells? NOYou will learn, but remember to keep an open mind. Take your own Deer head and rack he is expensive
  14. Bighunter4x4

    Bighunter4x4 Member

    I will second what riverrat said he is in the business to make money and secondly he is a teacher.
  15. Jesse M

    Jesse M "it is what it is"

    I also went through Wegner's and highly recommend it. As far as the previous post, yes he does teach you the way he does taxidermy. Stop by and at least give it a look before you decide on anything. There is a new facility going up as well. It's well worth your time believe me.
  16. I heard that american institute of taxidermy in boulder junction wisconsin is better. I recomend it. Just finished and it was great
  17. Yotecaller

    Yotecaller New Member

    I took Dan's class this fall. It was alright, but you needed to have a somewhat idea of what to do before you got there. I do not suggest going here if you have no experience. The best part was after class and having a good time with the people you meet there. HINT: Do not go out and get obliviated and then plan on fleshing the whole next day!!!!
  18. uncle buck

    uncle buck New Member

    i trained there for deerhead only,great school,great teachers,great people period
  19. mk

    mk -30 below

    save your money and time go train under some one else
  20. Bighunter4x4

    Bighunter4x4 Member


    You didnt like fleshing that deer down after a night of partying? Come on you loved it!!!