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hey thanks all heres my 1st deer head!

Discussion in 'Beginners' started by r.rase78, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. im not finished with nose painting and airbrushing but am gettin close. i am very pleased so far. i think it looks great! but am sure a few things r off. u guys have helped alot i appreciate every1s input so far. and i do not know how i could of done it w/out the rick carter a-z vid. dont know what made me purchase but after i did and came on here and heard everbody saying good things about it, made me happy i choose it. incredible thanks rick! any way after sum of u guys input last nite i went back home got cape out of fridge sanded down the mannikin a bit mounted face then brisket. and then from there it was alot of sewing i made sum bad jagged cuts. but i hid them well not even noticeable i realy had to pull and taxi hair as i went back. it was a nice tight fit and worked out great. and the deer was a very beutiful spicimen nice thick coat and good coloring just realy pretty. and i shot him my biggest so far. man when the mount came together it felt so good and so rewarding. it was alot of work. i prolly had atleat 25 hrs into it . i still have a few ? though i broke my disc 2 of rick carter so when do i add the fugacide and how do i apply? and i noticed after taxiing my briskit was a little different the mannikin has an offset shoulder it is left turn so i believe i got it right anway it looks good well here r sum pics thanks again all! i have to start lookin 4 a new project. critisism welcome.

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  2. few more pics

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  3. few more

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  4. Grats on getting one done. Bad photo's though, hard to see it. I thought my fist one was great to.... but it wasn't. :p The great thing is however what you personaly got from it, which is cool. ;)

    Are you talking about fungicidal sealer, before painting? If so just use a small paint brush and lightly seal what you intend to paint, but after it is dry.
  5. yeah fungacidal sealer thanks. yeah i am dissapointed in photos. i got an outdated cam phone. these pics do no justice. i will post more in a few days when i get it out of basement and get a better cam. i thought pics would b better guess not though,
  6. another pic

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  7. jorgy

    jorgy Member

    The pictures suck
  8. Bowman

    Bowman New Member

    Looks like the ear skin is not aligned....earliner may have been too big. Too much bottom lip showing....Looks like your ears are turned too forward. The tops should be pulled over just a bit. Of course the pics are really bad so it's almost impossible to be sure about anything.
  9. JRose

    JRose New Member

    It's hard to tell, but it almost looks like you've got some ripples in your fur, which would suggest that it wasn't taxied back far enough. I would say the bottom lip looks fine- I have seen many deer with lip that extends to the outer edges of the nose. I prefer the look. But that's my unprofessional opinion. Looks like you have a rip or a bit of glue on the lip- I'd get that cleaned/patched and painted. Can't really see the eyes to make any comments on those.