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shipping status--burried in snow/roads closed=delays/pics added

Discussion in 'Buyers and Sellers' started by donkmstr, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. folks who bought and have packages that were to go out today arent going to to recieve this week,ill send next monday, we got a terriable storm last night and lterly shut down everything around . and to top it all of,high winds and drifted ,parked the plow truck on end of pole barn last week and 2 days ago a warm up to 40's and not thinking,the plow truck is burried,and the tractor isnt starting, waiting to get plowed by another contracor but said it wouldnt be till later as hes swamped this morning. just wanted to put it out there and will pm each allso, thanks for understanding ,good ol' mother nature, kevin

    well, called several plowers and still noone showed up so started shoveling by hand to unburry the old plow truck, and my wife and kids since closed schools and she couldnt get to work either decided to take some pics and play around in the snow. my youngest daughter standing where the drive way is .was to tthe dirt 2 days ago,and now difted level with the banks which are 2-3 feet. and a pic of my daughter standing on the snow next to an apple tree on back lawn that the bottom branches are 6 feet off the groung usually, gotta take another break and warm up and get some coffee,maybe get it cleared yet today, only have another 300 feet to go.kevin
  2. Re: shipping status--burried in snow/roads closed=delays

    Where are you located,I am in the Adirondacks also.Isn't this sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  3. Re: shipping status--burried in snow/roads closed=delays

    im township of salisbury, foothills of the adirondack mtns,2 minutes east west or north and i can go for hours and never hit a road, but have a place in forestport also near old forge,i long line all over in the mtns.,speculaor area alot also, kevin
  4. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    Re: shipping status--burried in snow/roads closed=delays

    yoiu want me to hold off what I am shipping to you for a week?
  5. Re: shipping status--burried in snow/roads closed=delays

    sent a pm bob, sun shinning now ,but im still burried and the town plow just went threw a bit ago also and the news have reported roads oping back up, were getting a forcast for the week of no more snow and hitting the low 40's by end of week, so i can recieve them packages in ggod shape, if i could get the 300 feet of driveway cleared out within the next hour or so, i would of had a chance to get my packages out before the pick up at the post office, but thats never going to happen, one thing for sure,spring is comming sooner or later ,just hope we dont get 4 feet over night like a few years ago at end of march beginning of april. kevin
  6. bill@hogheaven

    [email protected] New Member

    Re: shipping status--burried in snow/roads closed=delays

    The transportation supervisor for the carthage NY area told me that over the years there were more weather related school cancellations in March that the rest of the winter months combined. So we arent done yet.
  7. c70mach1

    c70mach1 Let em grow.......

    I,ll 2nd the storm amount .
    I,m North of Kevin , almost on the Canadian boarder .
    We got over 2 ft. of snow in 24hrs .
    Clinton and Essex Counties declared a State of emergency this morning .
    Everything was closed , malls, Stores , DD. LOL.. never even got a paper or the mail ..
    What ever happend thru thick and thin ,, LOL...
  8. socalmountainman

    socalmountainman Northwestern School of Taxidermy - Class of '73

    Now that is some serious snow! We were so excited to get 2 inches here in Santa Barbara county last week, of course I've never lived in snow country so we thought it was fun to play in.
  9. ill tell,i dont love it,i do stay here,but for many reasons, the snow is alright to a point, a beautiful white christmass, snowmobile riding,skiing,snowshowing,heavily furred species for harvesting, playing with the kids and seeing there smiles, but as one gets older it seems the winters are just to long(even though there not,and no wheres as bad as they once where)gets old and tiring after awhile.

    and an up date,i had finally at 6.00pm last night gotten half plowed to only have the pump go to the plow, wifes outta work another day and have arranged for a comercial snowblower to come later and open me up(another almost 200 feet) with his 100 hp tractor mounted blower. thatll get the job done. called a few excavators but were contracted all to help w/ snow .my uncle is one but is way to busy with this payloader and at times the dozer even to break threw for folks in remote ares who want to get to there camps. storms like that cost money and its really going to hit me this time.
  10. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    this is why business is moving south and west. the n.e. and midwest just costs more to do everything, due to weather.
  11. Did you just say that? ::)
  12. bob,if i recall,i read or you stated on one of your vids(either on the cat line or dog line that thats one reason you packed up from trapping out on the east.the weather just is to much bull crap. once i heard that i remembered thinking thats what i need to do,but all my family is here and thats what stops me. and your right,weve lost alot of business that went south, weather and high taxes drove them out.thats like the elderly coulpe down the road,they contract out and its 3500 for a year to keep them plowed,and taxes of 4100 a year. never mind the 2000 or more fuel bill for heat(or 15 face cord wood and some fuel ) and on average of 250-300 a month electric bill. something has to change.
    and an update again, i have my driveway back as of 3 pm. kevin
  13. I'll take my one hurricane every 5-10 years over the Snow, Ice, Floods, &Tornadoes, every stinking year.
  14. bob wendt

    bob wendt indiana, wyoming and kansas

    evey stinking month. and then the summer drought when everything dies. the only place on earth where all the plants and grass and crops and trees can die of drought and then mold right during the drought for 90% humidity- or higher. need rain? set traps, guaranteed flood of biblical proportions.
  15. RTF

    RTF Active Member

    I'm an hour south of Kevin and I finally got finished shoveling yesterday morning. Looks like another 3 to 6 inches on the way for tonight followed ice and then rain.
  16. didnt your momma teach you that if you havent nothing nice to say then dont say it all all, kevin :mad: :( :-\ :-X :'( ;D ;D this sucks canal water my pappy would say
  17. RTF

    RTF Active Member

    LOL ! I think they just up'd the snow totals for your county !
  18. cliff,we didnt get crap,just a dusting then some freezing rain,alot of schools closed and delays of 2 hours but hey, no snow, love it, every time we get missed i think, one more down,still along ways till end of month so anything could happen, kevin
  19. I'm still getting snow right now but nothing heavy,raining in Plattsburgh right now,warming up !!!!!!!!!
  20. RTF

    RTF Active Member

    Ton of rain last night here. I know one for sure, when those bears wake up they are going to be hungry !