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Nevada law concern

Discussion in 'The Taxidermy Industry' started by AKAnatomyBob, Mar 22, 2007.

  1. Hi all, I'm new to public taxidermists scene and plan on driving to Reno from Alaska. I plan on bringing down my antlers and extra capes and LS hides with me. Are their any laws against me selling some Lynx, Wolverine, Fox, Wolf, Moose, Caribou, Mt Goat, Sitka Blacktail? I've checked in with the AK F&G and US Customs. I am checking with Canada also for the drive through. ANY Nevada laws to be concerned with?
  2. RoyalOaksRanch

    RoyalOaksRanch Royal Oaks Taxidermy- When Quality Counts...

    Id just call Nevada Fish and Game and talk to the person in charge of such matters. And make sure you write down their name phone number the whole nine yards.. Theyd be able to help you out IM sure...

  3. skinitall

    skinitall Member

    I'll go you one better than that. You had best make all of your correspondences in writing and keep a copy of ALL of it on your person at all times. DNR folks can develop selective amnesia. Don't trust anything they say and only half of what they write. Good luck!
  4. Great advice...Thanks I'll send them an email.