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How to use this category

Discussion in 'Deer & Gamehead Photos' started by Ken Edwards, Sep 27, 2006.

  1. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    This subcategory contains member-submitted reference photographs of live animals to aid in taxidermy for gamehead displays. In order to maximize the usefulness of these photos, we ask that you carefully follow the topic naming directions so that people will be able to find photos they are looking for.

    If a topic is named incorrectly, we reserve the right to re-name it to fit the format of this category.

    When submitting a photo, make sure the Subject of the topic is the species name, so it will be easy to locate by using the Alphabetical topic function.

    I am aware that some reference files include hundreds of photos of popular species (such as Whitetail Deer), so one large topic with hundreds of photos would be of little use to someone looking for a nose pad photo.

    Therefore, popular species will be subdivided into different anatomical categories. The topic name will start with the species, followed by a comma, and the anatomical point of interest. For instance, we would have the following different topics...

    Whitetail Deer, Eye Relaxed
    Whitetail Deer, Eye Rotated
    Whitetail Deer, Nictitating Membrane
    Whitetail Deer, Nose Pad
    Whitetail Deer, Nostril Detail

    ...and so on, as needed.

    Before submitting a reference photo, please see if a topic already exists for the species of the photo you wish to submit, and add your photos as a reply to that topic. This way, all of the photos for a species will stay together, and be easy to use. Please limit each topic to only ONE species. Do not place different species in the same thread.

    We ask that photos submitted are of live or recently deceased specimens only. Please do not post any photos of taxidermy work. Photos of taxidermy can be posted in the Deer and Gamehead Taxidermy category.

    This subcategory is for deer and gamehead reference only. Photos with face, head, neck and brisket details are welcome. Photos with full body reference, or hooves, feet, legs, and tails should be placed in the "Lifesize Mammal Reference Photos" category, coming soon.

    It is our hope that this area will become a popular and beneficial tool for the sharing of reference photos to improve the art of taxidermy.
  2. Ken Edwards

    Ken Edwards Taxidermy.Net Administrator Staff Member

    Make sure that you do not post a copyrighted photo without the consent of the copyright holder. Copyrighted photos placed in this category without permission will be removed. Use the "Report to moderator" link in any post to report any photos submitted without proper permission.

  3. jlwdvm

    jlwdvm Member

    Can pictures in this catagory be saved to a cd and reproduced for personal use? In other words, will Wal-Mart print them out for me?