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Discussion in 'Beginners' started by Sage, Mar 12, 2011.

  1. Sage

    Sage New Member

    Hey all!

    I can claim I got balls of steel now- just skinned a skunk that had been liquefying on the road. It case skinned amazingly well!

    So I'm about to salt it - what do I do for deodorizing it? Will mixing 50% baking soda and 50% salt work enough?

    Thanks guys. :D
  2. Thesteeleboy

    Thesteeleboy Member

    Hope you plan on tanning it at home. Good luck

  3. man i was goin 2 post the same Question. caught a skunk last nite and it sprayed. thought about mounting him but his tail was real ragged and he had just a small patc of white not to pretty so i think hes gonna get burryied. but he sure does smell. i was gonna soak him in sum cold water with dawn dish soap and baking soda. heard thats suppose to work. i heard of trappers submerging them in a stream for a couple days works well to. let me know how it works out. are you gonna mount him?
  4. Both of you guys need to do some research! Especially soaking in a stream? LMAO!
  5. hey sage just found this recipe 1 quart hydrogen peroxide 1/4 cup baking soda, 1 good squirt of dish soap mix in a 5 gal. pail of water. results are suppose to be instant and spectacular. i found this on trapperman.com u may want to go there and search there forums.
  6. Spraying it with StopRot helps some, and if you are looking for a tannery New Method will accept skunks.
  7. Sage

    Sage New Member

    Hey Rase! I used that and made a paste for it, then let it sit and dry within some salt overnight. I'm gonna check it out but once I rubbed the stuff in I did a smell test and man- no smell from the skin side!! :D

    @Jolt: I keep hearing raves about StopRot. I never actually used it, though. I'm planning on getting it next. And thanks for the info!

    Thanks again you guys. :)
  8. well i hope it works sage. i think the recipe i gave you. they said to wash with it very quick and maybe rinse after pulling out reason being so it does not sit in the skunky water or sumpin. well will be interested to hear how it works.gl.
  9. tractor suply sell some stuff called natures cure just tell the people there your dog got sprayed and they will take you strait to the stuff/ he will smell alittle even after the tan is done dont fret just mount him up set the monster out side in the open air to dry and the smell will completely go away when dry , been there done that mark c
  10. I used the peroxide baking soda and dawn soap when my dog got sprayed. rub it in real good, rinse and no smell. My niece and nephew also use this for skunks they trap, works great no smell at all.