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2nd duck mount and pin feather question

Discussion in 'Bird Taxidermy' started by pataxi, Mar 18, 2011.

  1. pataxi

    pataxi New Member

    I recently finished my second mount and it had what I thought were a bunch of pin feathers in it. I did not really loose that many during the mounting process though and was wondering if they would fall out as the mount dries? I have 2 teal that I would like to do that also have pin feathers and I was wondering if I should even bother to try and mount them since they have so many. I might try them anyway just to get some practice.

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  2. gadwig

    gadwig New Member

    If the pin feathers made it through the mounting process you're good to go. However, pin feathers ( depending on the extreme)always make the mount look a little rough since the feather has developed yet.

  3. make sure to spread the tail out real good and even. first thing ppl look at when they see a mount is head tail and wings.
  4. franchi612

    franchi612 New Member

    Yes, definately practice with them! Pinfeathers are just a fact of life. If I turned away birds for being pinny, I'd never do a bird. Lookhow good some of the "masters" are on here with really pinny birds. All it can do is make you better at handling birds, and if it doesn't look good, well just take it apart and save the parts!
  5. pataxi

    pataxi New Member

    Thanks for the info, I lost some feathers on the teal, but they did not turn out that bad. Most of the birds that I have from this year were shot in the early October season when there are more around my house than just Mallards like the later season. All of the early birds that I mounted so far have had alot of pin feathers in them. I have been trying new ways every time I mount one to see what I like best. I was having issues with the head/Neck connection when I inverted the head through a slit on the side of the for the first couple that I did. On the teal I skun the heads back from the bill and then rebuilt the skull, and reattached it, and I like that way that works much better. I also learned that you have to reshape the forms since not everything is that same size as you can get the forms in, and a form that is a little small is way better than one that is too big.

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  6. FurNFeathers

    FurNFeathers New Member

    Groom more and on the greenies the hens wings are too far forward just an FYI I did the same thing tried to fix after drying and busted the whole wing off.