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Discussion in 'Fish Taxidermy' started by huntnfish, Mar 20, 2011.

  1. huntnfish

    huntnfish Member

    I am looking for some help or advice on why I might be getting wrinkles on my northern mounts. I have mounted approximately 20 fish without any problems but the last 2 northerns I mounted have developed wrinkles (look like parallel lines bubbled up) in the area of the anal fins. The last one also had an area along the back as well. My forms seemed to be the correct size and I am using Derma Grip for paste. The areas do not seem to be noticeable until about 2 days after mounting. I tried to work the wrinkles out but the seam has dried to much to allow that so I am looking for suggestions on how to fix this. It was suggested to leave it dry and cut the area and fix with apoxy but if someone has a better idea I am all ears. Also if anyone has any ideas why this may be happening I would appreciate the input to avoid this in the future.
    Thanks a lot, Brian
  2. 3bears

    3bears Well-Known Member

    Is it possible to be oil from the skin? Maybe you didn't quite get it clean enough. I had one recently do something similar and that was what it appeared to be. I had no choice but to open that area up and clean the oil out as best I could. I rinsed it with thinner multiple times. That seemed to work. I was able to get that area glued down and fixed so that it wasn't noticeable. Hope this helps, 3bears

  3. huntnfish

    huntnfish Member

    Are northern skins more oily in the belly area than other warm water fish? I used the same techniques I have used on other fish but never had a problem like this before except for with these last 2 northerns.
  4. Clew

    Clew Help a child, Build our future

    York, SC
    Did you shot chalk into the anal area to fill it out?
  5. huntnfish

    huntnfish Member

    No I did not add any caulk. I guess I was never taught to do this but maybe that is why I am having problems. The wrinkles are not around the anal vent but more on the sides of the belly. Is there any way I can rehydrate the skin and try pulling it tighter or at this point am I better off making "relief cuts" and gluing the skin down and fixing with apoxie?
  6. pike have two rows of thicker flesh that normal scraping doesent take off..about in line with the bottom fins.. i use a razor blade to flesh this area.. tail to head direction. also vent needs to be thinned..

    also one more thing sometimes the hide paste gets too thick and wants to naturally go down and gets too much in the bottom areas.. when you slide your hand on the sides when mounting the paste gets pushed to the belly and top.
    and if the underneath isent solid the skin on top drys and you will get wrinkles..

    i have had better luck with no hidepast or just enough to taxi the skin on pike..
  7. Are you doing anything about the water that is trapped in the skin of the pike?? I use a roller(Mac Z Scaler) before and right after I mount the fish.
  8. huntnfish

    huntnfish Member

    I know I fleshed the vent area well but may have not scraped that belly area you were talking about well enough because that sounds exactly like the area I am having problems with. Is there anything you could suggest that I do at this point to make that area look better?