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Fleshing blades

Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Riddler, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Riddler

    Riddler Member

    Where is the best place to get a blade? Tried research and Van Dykes, but didn't like the big lip on them.
  2. Head Quarters Supply.

  3. Another place that has great turn around, service, product on blades is www.fleshingmachine.com USA
  4. Thanks Hudson. I'll sell them to you, I'm not shy. We're not the cheapest around, but we use a high quality stock and can give you whatever kind of lip you want. We grind for ourselves, other tanneries and taxidermists every day. Being a tanner and using blades ourselves we know how to grind. We can regrind blades down to about 10" diameter, depending on the size of the stones on the grinder. Feel free to give me a call with any questions.
  5. I have 28 years on the knife and have tried all types of blades. The ones from HQ come from a Raleigh supplier with a lower Rockwell hardness than the ones from Van Dykes. I prefer a harder steel since it holds an edge better.

    Just a consumer report of products. You will be happier purchasing a harder steel and you can have the regrind done to get a smaller lip.

    No offense DH Price, but the blades ya'll are supplied with are too soft. I switched from the supplier ya'll use 2 years ago.
  6. We have our blades made pretty hard, 44-48 rockwell, but the quality of stock they are made from, and the way they are made and hardened makes a big difference too.
  7. Agreed Keith. The guy I used from Raleigh would laser cut 25 blanks from a 4'x 8' piece of steel. No heat tempering. The new supplier heat tempers each blank after cutting them from the stock sheet. That makes a difference. A big difference.
  8. Man, just lasering from stock and not treating would make some hard and inconsistent edges, then once you got past that you wouldn't know what you get. Better blades will be ground to thickness and heat treated clear through, they won't be dark like raw stock with flame marks around the edges.
  9. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    David, are you SURE? I'm not a metallurgist but I ran a military machine shop for years. Why would you temper steel BEFORE you sharpen it. Grinding tempered steel is a great way to take the temper OUT of the metal.
  10. You just have to keep it cool while you grind it George, flooding it is the best way, but it can be done with the right choice of stones and feed rate. We went through a lot of stone/hardness combinations over the years to come up with something that works well. Unfortunately the stones that work the best aren't cheap!
  11. George

    George The older I get, the better I was.

    Thanx Keith
  12. George,
    I use a stone on the grinder that solves the heat issue you bring up. The wrong stone will blacken and warp a round knife. I get blades in that have lost that temper and they are a PITA to regrind and get them running true again. Some never recover and are trash. Which brings me to mention this: don't ever purchase a used blade from a supplier. The remaining blank will have very little or no temper left in it after going through 25 to 30 regrinds.
  13. kevin@raleighsaw

    kevin@raleighsaw New Member

    I love this forum for how people act and say things as if they were Facts and Truths and totally speak outside their realm of knowledge.

    I do sell blades made at 42-44 Rockwell. So I am 2 points on the Rockwell Scale softer then others. I do use a laser to cut Blanks from a sheet. That is also true. Please read. Blanks. Not finished products. Who here really thinks that you can cut a blade from a sheet raw and market and sell it as is. Blanks must be ground and finished to size. Each blade is finished to a 12 inch diameter with in a 2/1000 tolerance. Each blade is checked for hardness not only along the edge but to the hub to make sure you have the same hardness through and through. That makes for a much better edge and regrind. The blade is also check for run out and true. Meaning the plate is flat. The alloy used has been tested and is resistant to rust and pitting.

    Thank you Keith for recognizing the fallacies of David's statements. Keith you seem to have a good working knowledge of metals, alloys and hardening. Nice to know someone appreciates good steel.

    George is absolutely correct in that when you temper the edge for hardness, it is only a couple of thousands deep and is gone as soon as you grind no matter what kind of stone or how much water you use. If you temper to long or deeper you warp the blade. The steel must be tempered (hardened) through and through to specs before cutting or grinding. Grinding wears away metal. Period. So when metal is gone so is the hardness, unless the metal is hardened through and through.

    Does your current vendor take those blades back and harden them again? I would love to see the run out on a edge hardened blade and the cupping or warping. Maybe I can learn something new and find a different metal compound. I am all for it.

    I complete agree with Keith that personal preference in hardness is up to the end user. Too hard and you get crumbling when you grind, too soft and you cant hold an edge. Are you are a person who likes the harder edge, Keith sells a nice competitive product. I sell one a little softer. I would venture to say it is a personal preference which you like and which works better across the entire gambit of hides that you maybe fleshing.

    I also like "No offense DH Price, but your blades are not that good. I switched suppliers 2 years ago and left the blade guy in Raleigh." I think the truth was different from the story. I love the way you share advice and thoughts with a good helping of mud. Nice touch.

    Have a safe day.
    Love to get paid for blades on time.
    Raleigh Blade man
  14. Kevin,

    I found a supplier that makes a blade that I can use. Your blades require regrinding on a daily basis. The blades I get now go 2 months between grinds. The best I could get with yours was 3 days. It is a matter of preference. I went with a better blade. You sell 2 different thickness of blades. One to be marketed to the taxidermist and one to be used in the tannery commercially. The blades I use are consistent everytime I purchase.

    Jim Williams and I split the last order I got from you years ago. If you want to take a cheap shot at me for my payment of the 50 blades we ordered, go ahead. I waited to pay you cash because you charged my credit card twice on my first order for you and I had to go through a bunch of crap to get the second charge off my bill. You did get paid. How long ago was it anyway, 2006? I know Jim was away on a hunting trip at the time, but as soon as he returned, you got your money and I kept in contact with you the whole time. I can't believe you even brought up the wisecrack about "Love to get paid on time". If you hadn't of charged me twice for the first 5 blades I ordered from you on August 22, 2005, maybe you would have been paid with a credit card again, but I just didn't trust you to not do me dirty again.

    As far as sticking to my realm of knowledge, maybe you can tell me how these blades handle on the fleshing knife over the course of raw hides, pickled hides and tanned hides. It is a different cut for each type of chemically altered condition. I found one that I like and it is a lot better than what you offer. I apologize if I offended you, but I have 29 years of dealing with these fleshing blades and I call it like I see it.

    Hope you can understand that as a business owner. I preferred not to reveal the source of the blades and I refuse to reveal my current source. But now that you have let the proverbial cat out of the bag, expect some calls to go around your middle man taxidermy supplier in Raleigh. No other source does that here, but the economy is tough these days. I can see where you would want to cut your downstream merchants out of the deal.

    Your comment leaves out many facts that happened when we first began ordering from you many years back while I still was employed in Raleigh. You didn't have a clue about fur dressing knives when you first started and I had to send more than one batch back to you because of various issues that we can delve into here if you want. Your education in what the tannery needed came primarily from me and the feedback that I sent back upstream to you.

    I would love to sit down with you and discuss your product, but that would not help me since I have a top notch supplier now. But, my supplier isn't the best either.

    Without question, the best blades I have ever used are from Van Dykes. Maybe you could get your hands on one of those blades to improve your product?

    I never did ask for my money back even though I was stuck many times on your blades. I never did go into details about the customers that returned your blades time and time again for regrinding because they couldn't hold an edge. I am very surprised that you would take time from your business to even address this matter.

    Would you like to revisit the past couple years? I can go into specific detail about your product if you want me to.
  15. Hmmmm...he signed up, got his one and only post in and never came back. Imagine that! Obvious set-up post!
  16. I wonder what ever happened to the "blade guy in Raleigh"? I think he received a phone call, signed into Taxidermy.net, and made his post to try and belittle my comments about his product. He never had any intention of contributing to this site. His one and only objective was to take shots at me.

    It never ceases to amaze me how people will talk like they really know something when in fact they are complete idiots. I sure wish he had mentioned how much time I spent dragging him along and getting him educated on these fur dressing knives before he went spouting off about my "lack of knowledge".

    Amazing! Utterly amazing!

    And then to take a swipe at my paying him "on time" and never even mentioning that he double charged my credit card the first order I got from him.

    What a real piece of work this guy!
  17. redwolf

    redwolf New Member

    Really wish you guys would get over yourselves already. All the childish BS arguments and trying to make yourselves look better than "the other guy" and taking jabs at each other really does nothing but make you look bad.
  18. hounddoggy

    hounddoggy New Member

    glad to know im not the only grumpy s o b today. man........its this dang heat!
  19. Redwolf and Hounddoggy.....lol.......you two are a breath of FRESH air....... guess I'm a cranky b of a gal......... but good one at that........;))
  20. B Jones

    B Jones Memeber of - NTA,UTA,AIT.Proud Member of NZTA.