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Once again dissappointed in Joe Coombs

Discussion in 'Deer and Gameheads' started by batshouse, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    Sweet. They got my cabelas and chase at about the same time. Glad they caught the hacker.
  2. michael p.

    michael p. Getting better with age :)

    I love Joe Coombs products, but (and this is just my humble little opinion), I am sick of him, unlike other suppliers, not packing his trailer, hitting the road and bringing his supplies to the people that support him, his Taxidermy industry.

    He doesn't come to the Texas show anymore, he doesn't come to the world Show. Like I said, this is just my opinion....but if you are making a nice living off of the people in this industry, the least you can do when you grow that size is at least support the surrounding states that support you so much by coming to their shows so that they can see the newer products first hand, save on some shipping and as I said, show that they are supporting, on site the people who are supporting them.

    I love his products, I would give his customer support 8 out of 10 stars, but since he seems to think he doesn't need to support his bordering states associations by attending their shows, or all taxidermists by the very least attending the Worlds, I have decided I do not need to support him as much during my 2010-2011 season. I mean why give him gas money if he will not even use it.

    Out state associations are the future of this industry and I feel very strongly towards them. If in my view you are slighting them....I will slight you.

  3. shammy

    shammy New Member

    I have never had a problem with them either, however I agree with you all. If they aren't going to take care of their customers they will lose customers. And yes MP he should be supporting at least the close states next to him. Thats why we all go to the supply areas at a show to see the latest forms and new items. After all we are his bread and butter. If I do ever have a problem and am not satisfied with the answers I get from his employees I would ask to speak to Joe himself. If that doesnt work then I will write him a letter, I just think that Joe is not aware of the problems. Psycho that is correct, Coombs messed up big time with you, coombs should have replaced the eyes and ate the shipping, it has nothing to do with vandykes.
  4. Michelle_Nelson

    Michelle_Nelson Bring on the Bears!

    Someone has a bad attitude. No one is butt smooching. Just giving there opinion just like you were.
  5. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    I have used his forms once, bought about a dozen of them, and I can't believe the number of people that love them, the noses are twisted, eyes shifted, faces differ on every different style form, at least with McKenzie the faces are close to the same look on most any style you buy. The last Coombs form was so bad, they asked me to send it back, and they replaced it with the twin sister that was just as bad. I called and told them they could have that one too, it got returned on their dime. And that is the last time I ever thought about them until someone says how much they love them. Unbelievable. And some of these Coombs lovers are my good friends.
  6. Kyle Lakey

    Kyle Lakey Active Member

    I agree with them differing in faces. I've used a few different ones from them and some I like the look of and some I hate.
  7. batshouse

    batshouse Member

    The sizes are jacked up as well. I mounted two for a guy the same year. They were upright forms c076 and c089. These two forms were nowhere near each other however are advertised as such in the catalog. They need to revisit the c076 form for sure.
  8. kritter kreations

    kritter kreations New Member

    I mounted two today both of the noses are twisted just enough to make me crazy. I looked at them before I started and thought they look straight. Going to mount one of their 94 series wall pedestals tommorow after I fill all the air voids in the foam and try to get the eye orbits to match. Anyone else having this kind of fun?
  9. And his two Hummers use quite a lot of it.
  10. I was going to respond with my input, but Mr. T put the nail on the head.
    I tried one again this year and the symmetry still sucks.

    And for what Mp said, Anthony Eddy Supply is here in Missouri and hasnt been to support our show in years, so I quit
    supporting him. I love Matuska forms and we cant get them to come down either.
    I ordered some forms from Ohio supply to bring with them, (Now get busy sculpting more forms) ;D
  11. Steve

    Steve New Member

    kritter, I ordered three of their 9500 wall pedestals and whacked the heads off of all three. Twisted muzzles and and one eye a good 1/4 in. lower than the other. Not worth the time fixing them.
  12. psycho

    psycho 2011 WORLD CHAMPIONS!

    ;D I love this thread. ;D
  13. Steve W

    Steve W Member

    I have to agree with all of this. I have a customer deer still hanging on the wall that i wont let go. After it dried i noticed the face being alll twisted up. I'll have to eat this one and start over.
    Great looking forms at 20 ft, look any closer they'll scare ya!!! I'm sold on the Brian Eppley forms, so i hope he continues with different poses.
  14. I agree with both sides. As I have used both his whitetail forms(noses always need modifying) and his pig forms, which I believe are the best on the market. Now I to had an issue with Joe
    about two years ago as I had purchased his GLUE. I absolutely hated his glue. The damn stuff was drying out on me before I could finish mounting. It would literally turn into a dry crumble. I tried adding some water as I thought a little moisture would help, but seem to make it worse. So I called Coombs and talked directly to his staff and him a week later. Joe insisted that it wasn't the glue, so I shipped my unused portion back, and 3 days later had a new batch from him to try. Guess what, its still sitting in my shop only partially used, went back to Killer glue. Would care to hear if any of you guys use his glue, and to what affect. And I have to agree with Micheal on Joes attitude about his company, and artistry. I sent Joe some pictures of four Russian pigs I had finished mounting up on his forms. Was hoping to have a picture put in his catalog as I had spent good amount of $ in his company. Well this is when he called me back wanting to know how the glue was working for me, and one thing lead to another as he proceeded to tell what was wrong on my pigs and how their hair is suppose to stand straight up on the back when they open their mouths, and bla bla bla. It really burned me up cause these were some great looking hogs, and I had seen some bad ones he posted in his catalog. Needless to say he never posted my pictures in his catalog, but life goes on.
  15. I got an order in today 4 forms and a qt of fiberglass resin. dug through the paper shredding looking for the hardener to the resin. NONE
    called them . There reply just sorta surprised me. Hardener does not come with it. Are you kidding me, what use it resin without hardener.
    I know i can get a tube at wally world or some place, but i think that is nuts. I can see telling a customer his deer don't have eyes in cause they don't come with it.
  16. Way to many of Joes forms have twisted faces. Dont know if they are pulling them to quickly or they are poorly sculpted. I did an CAX 4 I think it is Axis and it was great. But then I am not cranking out two or three heads a day like you guys.

    If I am going to do a hog I will use Rick Carters forms.

    each company has certain forms that are the ones to use.